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Good afternoon everyone,

 ARHS and FLMS winter sports have begun at both schools. I encourage you to come to the gym, the pool, the rink or maybe even take a drive to watch an indoor track meet. 

ARHS Honor Bowl Wins BIG! The honor bowl consists of 10 schools competing in a game show style of competition. Questions range from history, math, science, to pop culture. There are several rounds and teams are awarded points for how many questions are correct. At the recent competition, we scored almost 100 points over the other schools. TY to Advisor Mrs. Ferreira and congratulations to all our students and all teachers k-12 who have helped inspire our students. 

Congratulations to Senior Eoin Gallagher who on Thursday received the Francis W. Gallishaw Award for Academic Excellence in a wonderful ceremony at BSU. His resume is extensive, ranging from an incredible academic transcript to leadership positions within ARHS, a plethora of clubs, community work, three varsity sports and most importantly a wonderful human being. 

Congratulations to Senior Amirtha Santhosh for being named a National Merit Scholar and earning a PSAT score that placed her in the top 50,000 in the nation, which is the top 1% nationally and in the top 1% of all MA students. This is a remarkable achievement

GRAIS continues to lead the way with a wonderful hat, scarves, gloves and mittens drive that benefits so many people. Everyone  appreciates all of the wonderful donations and the spirit of giving that lives in GRAIS and throughout every school. GRAIS was treated to a theater presentation from students at Plymouth State University focused on kindness, social media kindness and working together for the good of everyone. 

 AES and FES are celebrating all holidays and the New Year with concerts and festivals in the spirit of belonging during the holidays.The concert at AES on Dec 14 was an uplifting multi modality all inclusive celebration of multiple holidays. It was a true gift to hear and watch our students and staff collaborate. For the upcoming week it will be Holiday Spirit Week at both  AES and FES and the FES concert is on Dec 21. 

ACROSS the district the week of December break, as is tradition, is a week of no homework. We hope our students of all ages can take some time and enjoy their vacation. Pleasure reading is always encouraged!

Please remember: Friday Dec 23rd is a half day!

I received an email from one of our wonderful music teachers, who despite being thrilled that we highlighted the arts this past Sunday, was concerned that without intention one name was left off the list of teachers who did so much during the FLMS holiday concert. So with applause to Mrs. Blell and all of her leadership within the music program I began thinking of the importance of “we” rather than “I” in regard to an organization or community thriving. With allowance for a necessary change in his words, “No (person) is an island unto thine self,” John Dunne brilliantly spoke of the need to be reminded that we must work together in order to thrive.  As a society, we individually and incessantly are looking and hoping to make change, be it in organic or inorganic ways, in order to improve our “situation”.  And, certainly that is a natural exercise that clearly is done for the right reasons.  Yet, we must remember that collectively and collaboratively far more powerful and lasting change can take place.  Individual change is the first step in the journey, and while needed and vitally important, is typically less likely to create a long lasting change if it  impacts others aspirations and is blind to the needs of others. The email I received to ensure that we recognize the excellence of both teachers is a testimony of the “we” vs “I” thinking. Thank you Mr Johnson for truly understanding what successful athletic teams, strong organizations and outstanding communities have permanently ingrained into their core- 1) we are in this together 2) one’s success is usually a manifestation of multiple people 3) never take credit alone when others are involved.  

Some believe individual needs are all that matter and we only focus on others if one can get something for themselves. Yet, we so often forget that together we can create incredible change if we spend our time on collaboration rather than confrontation. We must always remember that in positivity and in openness, we are more likely to increase our sphere of influence. This story below is not only simple and powerful, it is needed in a time of divisiveness. May it be a reminder for all of us.    

“An anthropologist was studying the culture of a remote group of villagers. He had concluded his studies and was waiting for transportation to take him to the airport. While waiting, the children he met had gathered around him as they had done many times before.

He decided to gather the candy he had collected from a town he had visited on his way to study with this group of wonderful people. Taking a basket, he put the sweets he had gathered in it and then placed it underneath a fairly large tree. He then walked about 100 or so yards from the tree and drew a line in the dirt. The children were told that when he said go, they were to run as fast as they could and that the first one to the basket would win all of the candy for themselves.

So, the anthropologist gave the signal and then something surprisingly happened. The children took each other’s hands and ran together to the tree. Once there, they sat in a circle and shared the candy.

The anthropologist was a bit shocked. He asked them why they all went together when one of them could have had all of the candy for themselves. One of the younger girls looked up at him and said, “How can we be happy if all the other ones are sad?”

This group uses the term “Ubuntu” to describe what this girl believes. Ubuntu simply means “I am, because we are.”

Teams that focus on the word and philosophy of Ubuntu are primarily concerned about each other. They are more focused on what they can do together than what they can do alone. Egos, money, and career aspirations take a back seat to the success of the entire team.

There is no such thing as a solitary individual. When one succeeds, it is the success of everyone, because everyone has a role in “it”.   Author unknown.

Everyday, in a multitude of  ways, I am blessed to see so many people in our beautiful communities come together with their own understanding of Ubuntu.  At FLRSD, our teachers, Paraprofessionals Principals, Assistant Principals, Staff, Nurses, Counselors, School Psychologists, Library Media and IT Staff, Coaches, Advisors, SRO, Maintenance, Custodial and Food Service staff along with Central Office Administration and Staff, School Committee, Town Officials, First Responders and all of our community partners are focused on the needs of ALL our students and their future rather than simply a select few or those they know. 

We have seen our students of all ages, guided by our remarkable staff, have very complex conversations working for the collective benefit of everyone rather than simply focusing on themselves. It is empowering and proof that our future is going to be guided by a “we”, rather than “I”, and for that, we all must celebrate. When we do not hear anything but our own voice, we truly go backwards as an individual and as a community.  I am proud to say that whatever comes our way FLRSD will continue to “show the way” and we look forward to our community coming together rather than fracturing apart. 

May your week be filled with togetherness and may you pass forward the idea of Ubuntu to others. It will be returned two fold! During this wonderful time of year, let us all give each other the gift of grace.

We will return with the Sunday message on January 8th. It is our hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful time whether celebrating the holidays or simply spending time together.

Happy Holidays


Alan Strauss, Superintendent 

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