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Good afternoon everyone

Over the past two weeks the sound of music has permeated the halls and the auditoriums of all of our schools. As always music and and all the arts brings joy to all of us but more importantly to our student performers. ARHS Concert Choir and members of the Select Choir, led by Mr. Ledwith were asked to sing the National Anthem for the Governor and Lt.Governor at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Freetown Commuter Train Station. They were fantastic. Please click here to view:

ARHS Choir - National Anthem for Freetown Train Stop Ribbon Cutting


  • The ARHS Holiday concert is scheduled for Dec. 15 @ 7:00 pm, directed by Mr. Ledwith.

  • The FLMS Holiday concert was a rousing success directed by Mr. Johnson.

  • The GRAIS concert for grades 4 and 5 with 140 students led by Mr. Duff was spectacular.

  • The AES concert is scheduled for Dec. 14 at 10:00 am and we know Mrs. Eacobacci and her students will be amazing.

  • The FES Chorus concert is scheduled for Dec. 21 @ 7:00 pm, led by Mr. Morriera and after what we saw from the students at the Thanksgiving feast this concert is sure to be fantastic.

  • Congratulations to our students of the month throughout the district and to our 54 John and Abigail Adams Scholarships winners at ARHS.These seniors had have a combined ELA, Math and Biology MCAS score and be in the top 25 percent of their class 

  • Please be sure to check your student’s school link for upcoming events below


Music and all THE ARTS bring a plethora of emotion: when we think of a favorite song, a drawing from one of our children, a concert or art show or a memory of a time gone by. It is important that we fully celebrate the arts and thank all of our FLRSD music and arts educators that tirelessly work to make sure as many kids are exposed to the arts as possible. We as a district will continue to stay focused on the need for a robust arts program.  


It is said that the arts, with the internal hugs and smiles they bring, are truly THE universal language and it is obvious that people of all ages have an appreciation for the arts. From infants who naturally bop their heads to a beat, toddlers who play the ‘pots ‘n pans’ and draw on everything they find, any of us who hum or sing to our favorite songs maybe when no one is looking, and even our great grandparents who sing songs that rocked their generation, music sets the background theme to the chapters of our lives. Studies have proven that children who participate in (or should I say “enjoy”) music and the arts from a young age:


Boost their brain power-Improve their memory-Thrive socially-Build confidence-Learn patience-Build connection skills with others-Better express themselves-Learn discipline-Are more creative!


Although I usually send out stories of inspiration, thanks or hope,  I felt it was important to share this editorial that sums up why music and the arts is so important to our children and their future:


(Editorial from Anne Fitzgibbon)

 “What’s that sound, Mom? Is that an orchestra?”  It was Saturday morning, and Angelo and his mother had just walked into a Brooklyn YMCA and heard the sounds of a youth orchestra rehearsing.  “As soon as my son heard the music, he started to smile, so I found the conductor and asked if he could join,” his mother recalled.  Angelo said “Let’s do it! I want to learn the violin!”  Recently emigrated from Haiti, Angelo was studious, reserved, and still adjusting to his new home in New York City.  Four years later, he was an accomplished musician, selected as Concertmaster of his school orchestra, winning a scholarship to a prestigious summer music camp, auditioning for conservatories, and becoming the first person in his family to play a musical instrument.


Music has the capacity to change young lives in powerfully positive ways and we must remember NO STUDENT needs to be as talented as Angelo, just as not all athletes need to excel on the field to learn lessons for life. The complex process of making music and creating art requires and strengthens in young people a critical life skill known popularly as “grit,” a concept linked to stronger student outcomes. Through the study and performance of music, Angelo developed “grit,” or the ability to focus and persist toward a long-term goal.  We know that practice leads to improvement, and research continues to show that music and art students apply that discipline in the work force and outperform their peers academically. While music cannot and should not replace standard course work like reading and math, the study of music can support academic development and at the same time it offers struggling students something to look forward to in school, just as athletics and even vocational education does.  The goal of music education is to foster in children a belief in their capacities to succeed, not just in music but in life. Given music and the arts ability to unlock students’ potential and prepare them for success, we have an obligation to make the study of the arts more widely and equitably available. Failing to do so is unfair at best, and at worst, a profound disservice to our youth. The question then becomes how we can work together, as parents, educators, and policy makers, to put music where it belongs --- as a fundamental component within a well-rounded education for all of our children”


Everyone here within FLRSD realizes the lessons of grit being taught daily, remain with our students forever. In a time when the education world has correctly focused on learning gaps from the past few years, we must absolutely prioritize the social emotional roller coaster of change, negativity and uncertainty that this generation continues to face. The arts, like athletics, have helped so many students get through these times and we must AND WILL continue to support these programs. Personally, although my musical ability is non existent, although I sing when no one is around, I have seen the impact on my own son who cannot hold a pencil to write his name, yet has found peace, joy, confidence and some academic growth by fluently and passionately playing the drums.The arts and his teachers and paraprofessionals have changed his life just as they changes the lives of so many. 


We are very fortunate here in our wonderful district to have a robust arts program, offering as many courses and programs as we do, with the arts entrenched as a priority.  We are also fortunate to have an outstanding Special Education program, state and nationally recognized academic programs and a robust athletic and extra-curricular program.  All of these are led by outstanding Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Principals, Curriculum Leaders, Staff, Nurses, Coaches, Advisors, Guidance/Adjustment Counselors, School Psychologists, Library Media Specialists, IT Department, SRO, Food Service, Maintenance and Custodial Staff, along with Central Office Administration and Staff, School Committee,Town Officials and wonderful community partnerships all of whom have always supported and embraced the necessity of robust arts program.  This circle of care has created a harmonious school district that is helping students find their niche - one course and one opportunity at a time beginning in our Primary Schools. Sing their praises, draw them thank you notes or simply let them know how special they are.


Have a great week everyone! When you get the chance, play some music, draw or doodle and see how much you smile, then pass it on and let others share what makes your heart sing. 



Alan Strauss, Superintendent 

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