image of books, fall leaves and pumpkin with text of FLRSD Sunday Message, November 20, 2022

Good evening everyone within FLRSD

It is important to update you on the work that has been done over the last few days following the security breach and to inform everyone of the work that had begun prior to the events of the week.

On Friday afternoon you each should have received your student’s updated school protocol plan for visitors and I have included all 5 plans below. If you did not please contact your building Principal. The Principals and the Central office team collaborated to review and ensure that the protocols fit within the configuration of their individual school. Although there certainly were very specific protocols in place there clearly was an unacceptable opportunity to breach security and we have worked to prevent that from happening in the future with these changes. 

ARHS Safety Communication

FLMS Safety Communication

GRAIS Safety Communication

AES Safety Communication

FES Safety Communication

Over the years the Freetown-Lakeville Regional School Committee has spent a significant amount of resources updating building security including: cameras, upgraded buzzer systems for visitors and fobs for staff. We are thankful for their continued support and their focus on safety..

Prior to this week, FES was provided with a new vestibule security window and the second set of doors in the vestibule were given security bars to prevent access after a visitor is buzzed in by the office staff.  We also were able for the first time to secure a second police officer for the election on Nov 8 and thank the Freetown Police Department and Town Officials for their partnership and support, not only in this project but with our daily collaboration and partnership. It has been my focus since beginning a few months ago, to secure this vestibule project in every school. The Lakeville Police and our SRO  also work closely with us and we are thankful for their partnership, as well as the continued daily support of our Lakeville town officials.

Over the past two days we had lengthy phone calls with the Police Chiefs and various town officials and the meetings were collaborative and productive, in which we discussed everything from: 

  • The protocols you received

  • The vestibules needing to be secured, such as we did at FES 

  • No trespassing signs that must visible and clear 

  • The development of a regional safety committee that will meet quarterly. 

  • Securing a NO COST security assessment through our collaboration with Selectman Lopes from Freetown for all 5 schools.

  • Retraining of staff 

  • Consistent ALICE training, especially for all new staff

  • Purchasing a visitor ID program that will help secure validity of shown identification.

Our safety protocols and procedures are only as strong as the consistency and vigor we apply to them and we must do a better job moving forward. And we will. We appreciate every idea you have provided us and we hope as you visit your school or schools that you see the protocols in place. If you do not, immediately notify the school principal and myself.

We wish everyone a wonderful long holiday weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving, that is filled with fellowship and hopefully the comfort of being around those you love.


Alan Strauss, Superintendent 

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