photo of an apple on top of notebooks with text of FLRSD Sunday Message, October 16, 2022

Good Afternoon FLRSD, 

On Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity to: 1 - Share time with the faculty at FES during their monthly meeting, 2 - To be a cheerleader (yellow & blue pompoms, fistbumps and cheers included) with a remarkable number of parent volunteers, alongside the most enthusiastic and joyful staff I have ever seen, during the FES Annual Fun Run and 3 - Sit with a packed house of remarkable spectators watching our Unified Basketball players, partners and coaches share the court with Bourne HS. Our REMARKABLE student section was one of the thrills of my career. The number of PK-12+ staff who were able to attend the event, after a busy day, was empowering and deeply moving. The consistent message that permeated my thinking in all three situations was one of community. 

In fact, I received this email and 3 similar calls Friday about our students and who we ARE as a school community. I am so proud of our students, the PK-12+ staff who helped instill the habits of mind discussed and each of you:

 Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to say Thank you!  We made the trip from Bourne yesterday to watch our son play basketball.  I was shocked to see the turnout for the game!  Your kids were simply amazing!  They cheered almost as loudly for our team as they did for your team.  

I understand the life of a high school student is a busy one, for these kids to take 90 minutes out of their day and show up for our kids was heartwarming.  It speaks to their character, I am sure you are proud, their parents should be more proud. 

 I tried to thank as many of them as I could, but I hope you can share with them how special they made this day for our kids.  My son loves playing basketball!  He will never win a championship like his older sister in front of all her peers in a packed gym, but yesterday he got to feel the love and support from your kids! 

 Your kids made this possible and they did it with amazing spirit and class. Thank you to each and every one of them and congrats on the amazing culture that exists at Apponequet High School!!  

 Best Regards, 

Rick Westage (printed with permission)

Over the past few years, the term mindfulness has been used with its premise being that - if we stay present, let go of that which we cannot control, stay positive and in the moment - we can live a healthier and more productive life. Prior to that thinking, the idea that “karma” (what goes around comes around) will always show itself, either positively or negatively, lived in the forefront of many people’s minds. 

 Deeply rooted in the thinking of both beliefs is the idea that how we spend our years treating people will come back two fold to us, at a time we least expect it. If we are mean, rude, or lazy we eventually will be held accountable in ways we might not be ready for. If we spend our time pointing fingers at what others are doing wrong, we never reflect on what it must be like to do their job or have their experiences. Whether this is true is certainly not quantifiable, yet what studies have incessantly shown is that kindness returns kindness and happiness spreads. As beautiful as the reactions of our Unified Basketball players and families were when they were cheered on so loudly, the lessons of community, belonging and focusing on abilities rather than disabilities, which our Unified t-shirts proudly state, is one that our spectators will have for life. As each of you look at this story,  it is my hope that you find something that resonates and that as we give some kindness - it is “returned”. If not, that too is ok as we know the good we have done! Thank you to everyone within the FLRSD community who continues to spread kindness and goodness.

 The Boomerang Story

 As I was sitting outside this morning sipping my coffee and watching the sun climb over the horizon, I looked down and saw a curved stick on the ground that reminded me of a boomerang. Suddenly I was caught up in memories of me as a kid playing for hours on end in my grandfather's backyard with a small wooden boomerang he had given to me as a gift. You take this flat, curved piece of wood and throw it and then watch in amazement as it curves around in the air and comes right back to you.

As 'miraculous' as that seemed when we were kids, I've found that most of our life is like that. Whatever we throw out there, comes back to us.

We live in a boomerang world.

Let me explain:

If you smile at someone, in almost every case, they will smile back. Try it now with someone nearby and see if it works.

If you're kind toward someone, they will usually be kind in return. Of course, this also works in the other direction.

If you complain to someone, they will share their complaints with you. In fact, you may quickly find yourself in a subtle competition to see who is more miserable.

If you get angry at someone, they will usually get angry with you. And so on ...

The fact is, whatever you decide to throw out into the world will usually circle around and land right back at your feet, much like the boomerangs we played with as kids. 

Here's what struck me this morning.

I have a choice about what I decide to throw out into my world. I have a choice about what I want to land at my feet!  If I want more joy - throw it out there.

If I want more happiness - throw some happiness out there to someone else and watch it miraculously come back to you.

It even works with money. Need money?  Give some away. The spiritual leaders from the beginning of time have been telling us this, but most of us are afraid to believe it.

It works in just about every area of our life. When we give something away, when we throw it out there - it comes back to us.

But here's the good news and this is really the miraculous part, we actually get more back than what we throw out there. Plant a seed and you don't just get one seed back. You get hundreds - maybe even thousands!

So today and for as many days afterwards as you want, make a conscious choice about what you want to throw out into the world. By doing this, you will be making a choice about what is going to come back and land at your feet.

Remember the boomerang and that whatever you throw out there, will come back to you many times over.   

Written by Tim Wright, Ph.D.

 I am deeply proud that our Principals, Assistant Principals, CL’s, Teachers,  Paraprofessionals, Counselors, School Psychologists, Liaisons, Secretaries, Payroll Personnel, Schedulers, Nurses, Librarians, IT Staff, SRO, Coaches, Advisors, Security, Food Service, Maintenance, Custodial Staff, as well as Central Office Administration and Staff, School Committee, Town Officials, First Responders and all of our Community Partners consistently “throw out” to our students throughout FLRSD: effort, kindness, compliments, support and those vitally positive behaviors that all people deeply need and appreciate. I hear daily in conversations with students that an adult in their building helped them and how appreciative they were for this support. Those who work in a school in ANY and EVERY capacity have chosen an incredibly noble profession. I hope we all understand that these talented caring adults deserve goodness coming back to them, not because of a title but rather because of who they are - how much passion and care they bring into our school community each day. 

 May you have a peaceful, mindful week and may everything good you THROW OUT to others come back to you two fold - you deserve nothing less.

 Be safe, be healthy and always be …. In peace

 FLRSD Inclement Weather Decision-Making Process

The decision as to whether or not the schools will be closed or delayed is made by the Superintendent of Schools after consideration of available local weather reports and consultation with our Director of Facilities Greg Goodwin, other area school superintendents, and appropriate town officials. Clearly we want our students in school, however student/staff/family safety is paramount to all we do!

These decisions are based on the practical considerations of the safe transportation of students and the safety of our staff who are driving from various areas, including Rhode Island.  The accessibility of the schools (parking lots etc) to staff and students is also taken into account. IF I can, a decision will be made the evening prior in order to provide everyone (families and staff) as much time as possible to adjust schedules. When that is not feasible, which is often the case, we will make the decision before 5:15 a.m. and is based on the assessment of road conditions, assessment of the safety of buildings and facilities, communications with DPW, and predictions of general weather conditions at the time students are scheduled to be transported and arrive. The decision will then be relayed to communication and media sources by 5:30 am. Anyone living in the area knows that those predictions are often unreliable. Therefore, parents are ALWAYS encouraged to use their own judgment in deciding whether to send their child to school based on the actual conditions in their area of town at the time their child/children would be leaving for school. 

All decisions for an Early Release will be made as early as possible when it is clear that keeping students and staff for a full day will potentially be detrimental to getting everyone home safe. 

School Cancellation/Delay Notifications

Cancellations or delays will be broadcast on TV stations WFXT FOX 25, WBZ TV38, WCVB CH5, WHDH CH 7 and posted on their websites. Several stations offer phone, text and email notification and weather apps for parents who enroll. 

FLRSD will also post it on our website at and on social media Twitter@FLRSDsuper & Instagram@FLRSDsuper .  In addition, you will receive a thrillshare text and email. If you are not currently receiving text messages on Sunday evenings at 5 for our weekly schools community message, please contact so we can add you to the list. You may download the app for Android here and iPhone here\

On occasion (and because of volume), it may be difficult to reach certain stations by phone. Parents and students should, therefore, check with more than one station to determine if school is canceled or delayed. Individuals are asked not to call the schools as staff will not be available until working hours if school is delayed. The number of lines is limited and staff may not be able to answer before school hours.

Please Do Not Call Police or Fire Departments

Parents and students are urged not to call 911, the Police Station, or the Fire Department for information about the operation of the schools. These agencies are not the proper sources of information and numerous phone calls may impede communications over phone lines which are designed for emergencies.

First Student (Bus Transportation) Communication 

First Student (our transportation provider) is typically available to answer questions but will not have any more information about the delay or closing of schools than what is sent out to all families.

 During delayed schedules and inclement weather school bus drivers will be patient, but we ask that students are waiting (in heated cars or at their door prepared to leave). Buses will operate on an adjusted arrival schedule that aligns with the 1 hour or 2 hours delay after their regularly scheduled arrival, based on the length of the delay. 

 Before and After Program and PreK Plus      

Please be aware that in the event of a FLRSD cancellation, the Before and After School Program and PreK-Plus Program will also be canceled.

In the event of a delayed opening, there will be No Before School Program.  The After School Program will continue as usual and close at 5:30pm.

  1. In the event of a delayed opening, the PreK (AM) and PreK Plus Programs will be canceled and the PreK (PM) Program will run on a normal schedule. 

In the event of an early dismissal due to winter storms, all students who attend the After School Program will go home on their assigned bus unless they are a ‘parent pick up’. 

  1. All students in the PreK-Plus Program need to be picked up by dismissal time. 

Athletics and after school activities 

If there is No School, there are no after school programs/practices/games. If there is inclement weather during vacation the Athletic Director will work with the Director of Facilities to make a day-by-day determination. On the occasion that a Club event, field trip, etc was scheduled during the vacation, that decision will be made by a Building Principal in conjunction with the Superintendent.

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