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Good afternoon FLRSD,

 We hope that everyone is well and continuing to see the brightness and beauty in the skies and foliage that are surrounding us each day here in the Commonwealth. The dichotomy of the “outdoors”, which balances the beauty within nature and in the other ways we find our inner peace with the daily responsibilities and the world around us that often are not as peaceful, reminds me that  despite our best wishes, the only thing we truly can control is our reaction to any situation thrust in front of us.

As we cheered the much needed rain on Tuesday of last week, nothing could dampen the smiles, the anticipation and the joy that opening day of the first week brings. Our students throughout all buildings were excited, although some weary from the early morning wake up, and some anxious at what the year will bring, yet thankfully they were met by a staff that is so incredibly positive I was moved by their excitement. When our communities come together on behalf of our students and understand the interconnectedness we all have with each other great things will continue to happen as our history of excellence shows.

Incredibly, today is the 21st anniversary of 9/11, and knowing that other than a couple of our amazing adult transition students, not a single student in FLRSD was even born at the time of the horrifying attacks on our beautiful country, is sobering and we must never forget to teach some of the lessons learned.  And at the top of the list it is vital to remember that life is precious and joyful and that the day to day moments we respond to, might not be all they seem to be.

In our first Sunday Message I mentioned this communication is an opportunity to streamline messages that you might receive from multiple schools into a single source and it is also our weekly school communication to keep you updated on meetings, events, reminders and other school and community related activities. Please be sure to scroll to the end to see our newly added quick link section for your convenience.  We will always send this to everyone in Grades PK-Transition while keeping it as compartmentalized as possible for easier navigating. We will also continue to send  specific school based messages and notices when applicable. 

Beginning with today’s message, I will share a poem, story or proverb, weekly, that has been sent to me by a community member throughout my career or that I have encountered as a proud lifelong educator. This story was quietly given to me by a senior student, when I was a teacher of Psychology, who asked me to share it with her family. Its impact has stayed with me throughout my career and maybe more importantly in my life as a parent and a member of this global community. It is a lesson that we have heard, but sadly everyone of us - myself included - sometimes forgets: that we must take a step back and not react immediately until we have truly seen “the writing on the wall”. I hope its message resonates with you. The start of a new school year, that begins with incredible excitement and positivity, and which will certainly bring at least one moment of discomfort seems to be a perfect time for this reminder.

The Writing on the Wall

“A weary mother returned from the store, lugging groceries through the kitchen door.  Awaiting her arrival was her 8 year old son, anxious to relate what his younger brother had done.

"While I was out playing and Dad was on a call, T.J. took his crayons and wrote on the wall!  It's on the new wallpaper you just hung in the den. I told him you'd be mad at having to do it again."

She let out a moan and furrowed her brow, "Where is your little brother right now?"

She emptied her arms and with a purposeful stride, She marched to his closet where he had gone to hide.  She called his full name as she entered his room. He trembled with fear--he knew that meant doom!

For the next ten minutes, she ranted and raved about the expensive wallpaper and how she had saved for it.  Lamenting all the work it would take to repair,  She condemned his actions and total lack of care.  The more she scolded, the madder she got,  Then stomped from his room, totally distraught!

She headed for the den to confirm her fears. When she saw the wall, her eyes flooded with tears.  The message she read pierced her soul with a dart. It said, "I love Mommy," surrounded by a heart.

Well, the wallpaper remained, just as she found it, With an empty picture frame hung to surround it.  A reminder to her, and indeed to all; Take time to first read the handwriting on the wall.” author unknown

Thank you everyone here in our wonderful communities for taking the time to care, for reading the “handwriting on the wall” first before making decisions or reacting, and for helping our students experience the value of seeing and benefiting from understanding the whole story.  In a social media driven, instant gratification and reactionary world, this habit of mind, even for our youngest learners is vital for future success, healthy relationships and the support every child, parent and adult needs be it at home, in the workplace or in the community.  As I mentioned at our Opening Day for all staff, we must collaborate and remain interconnected in order to ensure that all our students, PK-adult transition, are being provided the absolute most relevant and high quality education available.

Everyone within FLRSD is here to take care of ALL of our students, while taking care of themselves and their loved ones. As I always will, I encourage you to thank our Principals, Associate Principals, Directors, Nurses, Faculty, Counselors, Staff, Paraprofessionals, Secretaries, IT and Library Staff, SRO, Food Service, Maintenance and Custodial Staffs, Coaches, Advisors as well as Central Office Administration and Staff and School Committee, while never forgetting both town councils, our first responders, town employees and community partners. The collaboration we have, and incessant belief that we must breathe before reacting, as the story showed us, is vital to a transparent, interconnected, successful, and vibrant school community for our students and staff and more importantly it is needed to keep our balance and our positivity. I deeply appreciate everyone who is trying to breathe, even when things are not easy. 

Be well, be joyful and most of all be … in peace.

Have a wonderful week everyone,



 Alan Strauss, Superintendent  -

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