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Congratulations to the ARHS 2023 HONOR BOWL CHAMPIONS who took home the High Schools first championship. Just as we traditionally celebrate the success of any championship athletic program with a ‘raising of the banner’, at FLRSD we celebrate academic championships with just as much enthusiasm so we will be creating the first academic championship banner which will hang proudly in FLRSD. Banners provide memories and also the opportunity for others to say “I want to be part of that!”. WELL DONE EVERYONE! Thank you for once again making academics “cool”!

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to spend time with Kathy Nash’s class at AES as we all walked to the Sampson ceremony and removed American flags placed at the headstones of our veterans and replaced them with new flags. The beauty and importance of students working with our community, to remember our veterans on Memorial Day and every day, was on center stage for every student. Their understanding of the impact and freedoms our veterans gave us is a lesson that we must ensure is never forgotten. We’d like to thank Mr. Will Corey, who is the Veteran Service Officer, and Veterans Agent for the Town of Lakeville for helping arrange this wonderful opportunity for our students.

Next Monday we remember those lost in service to our country and I ask that we help our students understand why we have the day off, why it is important to acknowledge the service of others who fought to help us have the opportunities we do. It is also important to take a moment to understand Memorial Day is difficult for the many who have lost loved ones throughout the years or even for those who have loved ones deployed currently. 

If you know someone in this situation, call, visit, FaceTime and check to see how they are! It will matter! Yes, it is the unofficial start of summer activities, but it must mean a whole lot more.

The AES grade 2 Disney Concert and the GRAIS Art and Music Show took place this week and the love and importance of the arts was never more clear. I thank all of our wonderful students who participated with joy and pride and our teachers who every day instill a love in learning and show the power of the arts in all mediums. The arts in FLRSD will continue to thrive and be a priority.

Over the last two weeks I have had the great opportunity to visit two grade 8 civics classes as part of their civic action project. The depth of questions - ranging from environmental concerns, school budget concerns, school library budget concerns, capital planning questions, starting a book drive, safety questions, and mental health awareness concerns all were wonderful opportunities to hear the voices of our students. Poised, well researched and deliberate our future is bright and I applaud the Civics projects and the staff who implement them.

On Friday, at Dartmouth HS, the Special Olympics for grades 6-12 took place (grades K-5 is scheduled for May 25th at Dartmouth Memorial Field) and it was, as always, a remarkably positive and empowering moment for athletes, student buddies, coaches, staff and parents. I vividly recall many years ago, long before my son was born, a parent stating to me that they never thought they would see their child who loved sports ever compete on any team, as a special ability angel and those words allowed me to refocus on what inclusivity is all about.

“The theme for the 2023 Special Olympics  is Go All In(clusive): This theme is action-oriented—a motivational rallying cry that doubles down on the belief that everyone is the goal. We are calling on our youth, our Special Olympics athletes and ambassadors to share their stories of courage, dedication, and engagement for inclusion. They are encouraged to share when the last time was that they went all in(clusive)—totally committed to the belief that everyone matters, bet everything on a hand, stood up for something they believed in. In a call to action, each individual message is encouraged to end with a personal commitment on how they plan to “go all in” to take their own action for inclusion.Go all in(clusive) also means speaking up against the wrong and demeaning use of the R-word in conversations. It is part of an education effort that showcases how language informs attitudes and attitudes impact actions. ~ Special Olympics International

“For all the festivities and events surrounding the Special Olympics World Games, it's still first and foremost about the athletes. In addition to athletic competition, the Special Olympics is dedicated to increasing the awareness surrounding the treatment and lifestyles of people with disabilities. It is about ensuring opportunities for ALL. One attendee, Ryan Atkinson from Anchorage, Alaska, was even able to tell the audience about the difficulties of being a teen with a disability attending a public high school. "I've been teased from elementary school all the way to high school," he shared. "Getting teased is not cool. Ryan then stated, in what was one of the most powerful statements of the games, “People with bad attitudes have the real disability, not me.”  Powerful!

Those athletes, coaches, volunteers, family, friends and staff of the Special Olympics know first-hand the lifelong friendships and rewards of immeasurable value that come from participating. Special Olympics has become a global movement that is providing special needs athletes an opportunity to experience the excitement, joy and personal fulfillment associated with sport training and competition. And teaches all of us the truest meaning of happiness, competing, teamwork and kindness.” ~ Special Olympics Newsletter 

I want to thank our Special Education families, Special Education Teachers, Liaisons, Team Chairs, Paraprofessionals, Unified Sports Coaches and Volunteers and everyone in the Special Education Office for their dedicated and daily work to support our students. Yet, they cannot do this work in a silo and with both the lens of a parent with a special needs angel and a daughter who teaches Special Education in CT as well as the Proud Superintendent of FLRSD, I am incredibly moved by the work and support of our school community in its focus on inclusion for all.  As I stated recently- “inclusion for all is not a buffet- we cannot pick what items on the table we like and push away those we do not care for”.

Our Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, Counselors, Paraprofessionals, Nurses, IT and Library Staff, Advisors, Coaches, SRO, Security, Food Service, Maintenance and Custodial Staffs, Bus/Van Drivers as well as Central Office, School Committee, Town Officials, First Responders, and our wonderful Community Partners ALL have have collaborated in the best interests of students.We always have work to do and need to grow, but the incessant desire to support all students permeates through the majority of everyone listed above.We proudly have seen, and will  continue to see FLRSD and our two communities come together through Unified Sports, Inclusion Art, PE, and hopefully soon, Unified Theater and Music as well as our Special Olympics Celebrations, such as last week and this week in Dartmouth! 

As Ryan from Alaska reminded us, we must all continue to stay positive, stay kind and model kindness, acceptance and empathy - that is the foundation to a world we want for future generations.

It is my hope that you Go all in(clusive) this week and every week, and that each of us understand that we can improve one’s mental health during Mental Health awareness month (and beyond) simply by being kind and reaching out. One never knows, despite the outward appearance of someone, what they are going through. 

May your week be filled with connection, inclusion, kindness and smiles.

Alan Strauss, Superintendent of School

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