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Good afternoon,

Best of Luck to our Honor Bowl Participants who travel to Fairhaven High School on May 18th. These 9 scholars will be competing for the championship as they have moved through their competition with ease. 

Elizabeth Ashley, Jocelyn Carvalho, Brian Emerson, Eoin Gallagher, Morgan Hayward,  Mason Macuuch, Lucas Quinn, Kaiya Rego, Amirtha Santosh

We are all so proud of you! And thank you to the Honor Bowl Advisor Mrs. Ferriera.

We want  to thank  the Town of Lakeville, our budget was approved and we look forward to the Freetown Vote on June 5th. Our overall budget this year is the lowest in over 10 years.

Special Olympics takes place in Dartmouth at DHS for grades 6-12 Friday May19th. Grades k-5 will be May 25th at DHS.

SEPAC, School PTO’s and The Special Education department hosted our first community forum entitled: "Anxiety and Defiance.” It was a wonderful evening hosted by Dr. Atkins. We thank ALL of the parents who attended and look forward to hosting more forums. If you have an idea for a forum please forward it.

There are so many exciting events coming up throughout the district that I encourage you to visit each school’s link below.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today (and in many cases grandmothers, aunts, sisters, step-mothers, advocates, supporters  or any of the other amazing women who take care of our children), as well as Nurses Appreciation Week this past week, I am reminded that we owe so much gratitude to those who do so much for us, for our kids and for our World.  A high school student on the news was quoted as saying, when asked, what she recommends we all do for Mother’s Day; “Why do we celebrate only one day for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.?  Everyday we should treat those who care for us and who sacrifice daily because one day they will not be here to celebrate. I would be sad if we didn’t learn that.”  We have been given so many messages throughout our lives that continue to allow us to live in harmony and within peace and that student provided another great one.

I was fully prepared to share a story surrounding mothers day, yet as  I listened to a podcast on my way home Thursday evening I realized I needed to rethink sharing the story. Not that it was negative, in fact it was an ode to the amazing lessons, moments and joy mothers everywhere bring to their families. Rather, I was thankfully reminded in the podcast that in our messages sometimes we must think beyond the moment (in this case telling a story of mothers day) and realize the personal side to this day and the wide range of emotions that mothers day brings. 

To many, Mothers Day will be spent with loved ones, yet we must not forget that for others Mother's Day is different. Some are hoping for time to themselves, others are wishing their mom was with them in person rather than watching with pride from above, others are anxiously awaiting to become a mom, or grasping with sadness that at the moment they cannot and others are grieving from the loss of a child and this day, like so many others, is incredibly painful. 

So I ask that we remember to heed the words of the astute senior and try to show all moms (step moms, foster moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, soon to be moms who have taken on the role for whatever reason, even those who choose or not choose  to not be moms but love the children in their extended family as if they were their own) that they are appreciated and loved. Call, text, reach out and see how someone is doing on thisday. That is the this weeks takeaway

In working daily with our Principals, Assistant Principals, Nurses, Teachers, Counselors, Staff, Paraprofessionals, IT and Library Media Specialists,  Directors, Bus & Van Drivers, Food workers Custodial and Maintenance Staff, Schedulers, School Psychologists,First responders, town officials as well as Central Office Administration and Staff I am moved by the responsibility these wonderful role models take on to ensure that our students flourish and that the daily lessons taught reach far beyond the four walls of a classroom. Yet we must remember that so many of them are feeling the range of emotions shared above and so I thank them for their focus and their commitment to our students everyday!

Living daily, the lessons that so many of our mothers, step-mothers, foster-mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and others who took on the role,ingrained into us: be kind, work hard, love who you are, try your best, cherish moments and people not things and so many more, is the best way to celebrate even when it is hard, the beautiful gifts our mothers brought us.

I wish you all a week of embracing either the present or the past and living a lesson that each of us was taught, and to always do it with kindness.

Alan Strauss, Superintendent of School

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