image of green cutout clovers with text of FLRSD sunday message, March 12, 2023

Good afternoon everyone,

Some important dates coming up- please be sure to check your students calendar as well

  • School Committee Budget Meeting - Wednesday March 15,2023 6:30pm

  • ARHS -Music in our schools Concert March 16th - 7-9pm

  • Apponocon- March 17th from 5-10 pm -ARHS

  • Artapalooza- March 18 from 12-2pm AES Gym and cafeteria

  • DESE site Visit for Special Education -March 20-24th 

  • GRAIS Family Curriculum Night- 5:45-7:15pm

  • MS Play beginning 3/24 at 7pm and 3/25 at 3 & 7pm

  • FES Rainbow Kindness challenge begins soon

  • Senior Breakfast March 30th at FLMS at 8:30am

At the end of the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, the final award - PEOPLE'S CHAMPION - was announced and the recipient was Dwayne Johnson, aka "the Rock."   But this was not a typical Hollywood moment - it was a golden, special moment that touched millions of hearts.   

In case you missed it, Mr. Johnson not only accepted graciously and with humility, acknowledging that he owes everything to the people and that being a people’s champion means to treat people well, to treat people kind, and to be inclusive of all people.

He then spontaneously asked a Make-A-Wish guest, whom he had met earlier in the evening, to stand. Unplanned by him and clearly to the total surprise of his teenage guest, he asked her to join him onstage where he told her that as a survivor of some monumental medical challenges she has inspired him and everyone around her!   "You represent everything that it means to be a Champion,” he told her,  then he handed her his Award and said, “I want to give you this because you are everything that it means to be People’s Champion so This is for you.

He concluded his speech with two quotes.  The first was a quote from Muhammed Ali -  “The service to others is the rent you pay for the room you have here on earth.”   He then finished with something he first heard at the age of 15 and it stuck with him:  “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” 

Over the last two weeks we have seen our students, throughout the district, practice random acts of kindness and give notes of gratitude throughout their buildings. It is another testament to not only our students and their appreciation for what the adults within FLRSD are doing daily but to the work done by so many of our staff. Everyday I am reminded by so many of our Faculty, Staff, Paraprofessionals, Nurses, Counselors, Principals, Associate Principals, Coaches, Advisors, SRO, Maintenance, Custodial and Food Service Staff, Library and IT that they come to work and provide our students and community with opportunities to grow, to blossom and to find their path. I thank each of them for the efforts they individually and collectively put forth to see the positives, embrace the joy and work to improve on anything we have control over and I admire their kindness and empathy when others simply demand consequences or are unable to see the whole picture. These adults are role models and people’s champions without question and our students recognize this in beautiful ways. I certainly encourage you during the next few weeks to thank someone who has worked diligently to teach your student a lesson, to support them, to see the forest through the trees and realize with kindness that a behavior or a test score does not determine someone’s value.  

May your week overflow with kindness and gratitude towards others and it equally be filled with others being kind to you.

 Be safe and most of all be… in kindness,


Alan Strauss, Superintendent 

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Everyone with Medicaid and CHIP health insurance will need to renew their coverage in the coming year. 

You should take action now to make sure that the state Medicaid agency has the correct contact information for every member of your family that is on Medicaid and CHIP. 

You can update your information by calling 1-800-318-2596.

It is also important to open and respond to all mail from Medicaid and CHIP over the next year to avoid losing your healthcare coverage. 

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