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May 14th - PTO Meeting 7:00 p.m. 

May 27 - NO SCHOOL

A HUGE should out to the AES staff as we celebrated Staff Appreciation Week!  The AES PTO has been more than generous with all the surprises each day, including inspiration sayings in chalk at the doors to greet staff.  Thank you for all you do AES….. your hard work and dedication are seen on a daily basis.  THANK YOU!!!

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The Assawompsett PTO presents Ready Set, Glow!  "Someone Special" dance 2024 For all students and one parent or someone special (adult) to attend. Free admission, Refreshments served, Saturday June 1st, Assawompset Gymnasium, 1:00-3:00 PM - Kindergarten & 1st grade, 5:00-7:00 -2nd grade & 3rd grade



 Our June Spring Dance Flyer 


Sign up for volunteering at the dance: 

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Sign up to donate snacks:

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As we gear up for a busy few weeks, please consider volunteering. We can't put events on without your help! On Saturday May 17th, we will be joining some members of the Lakeville community to spruce up our gardens and really need some help so just swing on by. This is a family friendly event. On June 1st we need volunteers to help with both dances, valid CORI and fingerprints needed for this event. Snack and water donations are also needed. Sign up here to volunteer and sign up here for snack donations. 

Shop at Hannaford's? Purchase items with the BoxTops logo? Check this out to help us earn money when you grocery shop! 

Upcoming events: 

May 17th (Tentative date) AES Beautification Garden Spruce Up Day  1-5pm Details coming soon!!!

May 26 AES Family Outing at the New England Knockouts baseball game at Campanelli Stadium -Details coming soon!!

June 1 Ready Set Glow Someone Special Dance K/1st grade-1-3pm  and 2nd/3rd grade 5-7pm VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! 

Next PTO meeting May 14th 7pm 

GRADE 2 Contest for Agenda Books:  please see instruction here:


Need some inspiration?  Here is last year’s winner:

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2024 CP Storytelling Summer Camp.pdf


Kindergarten students used sponges and paint to create texture.

First graders used the rubbing plates to make textures, too!

Second graders added finishing touches to their “Jiji in a Hot Tub”.

Third graders have finally begun their tiles!


K: This week we worked on piano and forte and played instruments to a play along. 

1st: The 1st graders worked on presto and largo and participated in some activities to help them learn how it feels to play fast and slow! 

2nd: If you have not done so yet, please send in a RED shirt for our performance ASAP! 

3rd: This week we continued using Jumps Bands to keep the beat with our bodies to the music!


Students are playing Coding with Awbie! Students in all grades are learning to code using Coding withAwbie. Students are learning about sequence, patters and basic coding skills in small groups of 3 or 4.


This week during Physical Education, our outdoor activity features an exciting Lacrosse game, with students competing as they strive to gain possession of the ball through raking or scooping techniques. 

When indoors, our grade 2 and 3 students are enjoying a modified version of Lacrosse called 4 Goal Lacrosse, using larger soft balls for added safety and fun. For our younger students in kindergarten and grade 1, indoor sessions focus on honing passing skills and mastering ball pickup, with a variety of engaging drills and games designed to enhance their abilities.


This week in Kindergarten we read the story Peter’s Chair and discussed how we can help at home.  Students will work on sight words where & good. In math, students explored sorting objects into categories and counted and compared the number of objects in each category.  Students were asked to explain their thinking by using math vocabulary such as equal to, same as, less than, greater than, etc.


Our question this week was “How do things get built?”  We learned how ships are made and the different materials used to construct them.  In addition, we discovered some fascinating bridges located all around the world.  These bridges are also constructed utilizing various materials.  One bridge that we learned about actually curls up into a circle so boats can pass by!  Also, we are wrapping up our unit on suffix endings -ed/-ing and vowel teams.  The children will be assessed before moving on to the next unit.  Happy Mother’s Day to all and enjoy your weekend! 🙂


Second grade students have been working hard this week. They are working on geometry skills during math and continue to read various stories from our Wonders reading program like, “A Call to Compost.”. This week we are preparing for our big second grade Disney concert by rehearsing together. We can’t wait to perform for you next week!  Enjoy this beautiful spring weather!  


Extremely proud of our third graders for their perseverance through math MCAS this week.  We could not be more proud!  

Counselor’s Corner:

Sharing Smiles Day

Free Dental Care for Families

Sharing Smiles Day is an annual event which will take place Sunday, May 19th.   It is an opportunity for families to obtain free dental services from cleanings to routine dental care.  One local office, Cortland Dental and Braces located at 137 Hathaway Road, New Bedford, will be open 9:00 am - 1:00 pm to provide services.  All services provided by participating dental offices are on a first come, first serve basis, therefore, it is recommended that you register your family at an office ahead of time.  You can find local, participating dental offices at to register your family at an office that is convenient for you. 

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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