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Early Dismissal at 12:15 a.m. – April 1st

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         April 2 



April 3 and 4 - ELA     May 8 and 9 - Math

Opt-in Eclipse Viewing — April 8th

No School – April 12th

Spring Vacation –  April 15th  through the 19th

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                                                               Please see the following Easter Egg Hunt Flyer 

                                                                            by the Lakeville Lyons Club.                             

              Flyer Here:  Hunt 2024.pdf


Thank you to Mrs. Spano, Mrs. Bellar, Mrs. Sousa, and Mrs. Ng for all their help with Artapalooza on Saturday. A great time was had by all!


K:This week we learned a song about a bunny and played not only instruments but pool noodles! 

1st: Thank you to the volunteers who helped to tie-dye with the kids this week for our big performance! 

2nd: This week the second graders did a fantastic job working on their music for their big performance coming up in May! 

3rd: 3rd graders learned a new letter on the recorder this week…letter A! 


This week in PE we are continuing our floor hockey unit in all grades. In grade 1 and K we warmed up with stick handling drills, and then practiced offensive and defensive skills playing a game called Pirate Hockey.  

In grades 2 and 3 students are playing Pirate Hockey. And then finishing with a Hockey game where students are learning about playing different positions in invasion games. Students are playing goalie, offense, and defense attempting to score (or stop) as many goals as possible. 


This week in library students in grades K-2  are building circuits using Little Bits. Students are putting together circuits that make lights turn on and off, buzzers buzz loudly and quietly and turning on and off fans. Little Bits  are a great way to get students thinking about circuits. 

Students in 3rd grade are continuing to work on their Scratch project of creating a chase game. They are doing great and having fun while advancing their coding skills. 


This week in Kindergarten we had fun reading about pets! In The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick, we read about a boy who was really wishing for a turtle as a pet. Did his wish come true? We have been discussing the question: “How do you take care of different kinds of pets?” To answer this question we talked about reading books, looking up information on the internet, going to a pet store and talking to people we know that are experienced with a certain type of animal. In math, we introduced number bonds as a way to represent teen numbers. Our new sight words were of and they. We hope everyone has a lovely long weekend!


What a busy week! Students in first grade have been working with the essential question, How do people work with animals? It has sparked their interest and they enjoy reading about the various ways people and animals interact. They really enjoyed the story about guide dogs and have been having insightful conversations on different careers working with animals. In math the students are continuing to work on word problems, adding 3 numbers, making a ten or a doubles fact to add and are progressing to learning about place value. The students are getting very excited for their field trip next week to the Lloyd Center!


This week in 2nd grade the children continued to learn about r controlled syllables, and we practiced reading and spelling words with ar and or.  Our essential question was “ How does the Earth Change?” and we read and discussed the expository text “Into the Sea”.  This weeks’ story and essential question pairs well with our unit in science on changes to land.  Ask your child to share with you some things they have learned about weathering, erosion and deposition.  In math we continued to work on strategies for subtracting 2 digit numbers. 

Happy Easter!


Grade 3 is gearing up for ELA MCAS; we will be testing Wednesday and Thursday, April 3rd and 4th. On those days, please be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before, and eats a good breakfast before coming to school. Adding protein to breakfast helps it last longer! Breakfast will also be available at school, as it is daily. The kids are well prepared! Remind them that they can do hard things and that they’ve been preparing for this all year!


 Physical Activity and Mental Health

AES celebrated STEM night last week with plenty of fun activities, one of which was creating name tags with yoga letter positions.  The purpose of this activity was to encourage students to exercise in an effort to manage emotions varying from feeling anxious or overwhelmed to building confidence and pride.  Here are a few benefits (beside the physical benefits) of exercise:

  • Improved mood, concentration and attention

  • Less anxiety and depression, especially if children take part in team-based sports

  • Better classroom behavior and academic achievement

  • Higher self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Stronger sense of self

For exercise to have an impact, activities should take place daily and total about 60 minutes per day, either in one activity or several throughout the day.  Some children participate in structured activities such as sports, dance, martial arts or gymnastics.  However, there are also family activities that can include games in the yard or driveway such as frisbee, catch, tag or hopscotch, going for a hike or walk (with your dog if you have one), bike riding or going to a playground.  The important thing is that your child enjoys the activity, and if they don’t, try another one and have fun!

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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