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What a GREAT week here at AES!  We held our very first Curriculum Night - STEM Night - since COVID and it was a HUGE success.  Thank you for joining us and we hope you and your family enjoyed the event.  We also held our Open House last Saturday with our clothing drive.  Thank you to all who donated and a special thanks to the AES Kid’s Cabinet, our superintendent, Mr. Strauss, our facilities director, Greg Goodwin, the AES PTO and school staff:  Mrs. Beckman, Mrs. Graber, Mr. Ahlander and Mrs. McKenna.  

AES Kid’s Cabinet

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A total solar eclipse will be visible from many parts of the US on April 8, 2024. While no location in Massachusetts will experience totality, some parts of the state will see over 95% coverage of the sun, if weather permits. The eclipse will begin shortly after 2 PM ET and we are providing the opportunity for students to view the Eclipse.  Please see the attached permission slips which outlines the event and opportunity.

Solar Eclipse - Executed TF 3.6.2024.pdf 

NO CHILD will be permitted to view the eclipse without a signed permission slip. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember:colorful drawn image of a paintbrush painting a rainbow with text of Art Show

SATURDAY - March 23 - 2:00 - 4:00

March - Women’s History Month!                                                                                     


 April 3 and 4 - ELA     May 8 and 9 - Math

Early Dismissal at 12:15 a.m. – April 1st

Opt-in Eclipse Viewing — April 8th

No School – April 12th

Spring Vacation –  April 15th  through the 19th

Please see the AFTER THE BELL FLYER for the spring session:  AftertheBell-Spring24.pdf


ARTAPALOOZA is SATURDAY at noon!! If you have not registered, you may do so at the door. Don’t miss this popular event for AES families!


All classes K-3 spent some more time learning about Women’s History Month! This week we focused on Aretha Franklin, learning so many amazing facts about her life and what an inspiration she was.

1st: We are busy getting ready for our big day on April 10, 2024!! All classes worked on their performance pieces where they will be using instruments, dancing or using props to some of the most popular music from the 1960’s and the 1970’s! 

2nd: Second graders also worked on music for their Disney performance! They are certainly working hard!

3rd: This week the 3rd graders were all tested on their recorders, letter B! Everyone did such an amazing job! Next week, we will add a new note, letter A! 


This week in PE students in some grade 1 and K are playing a game called Leprechaun traps. In the game students are trying to take a piece of gold from the leprechaun's trap without being tagged. 

In grade 1-3 we are using hockey sticks to complete a full body exercise routine. We are then playing a game called pirate hockey. In the game students protect the ball from pirates who try to “steal” it from them. If your ball is stolen you become a pirate. 


This week in the library students in grades k-2 celebrated Women’s History Month. Students listened to a video explaining why we celebrate Women’s History month. After, students researched a female of their choice  in Pebble Go and shared about their person. We learned about a lot of famous women this week!

Students in third grade continued working on their project in Scratch. Students are programming a chase game.

Thanks to everyone that supported our Book Fair last week- it was a great week!


Happy Spring!  After learning about the seasons and weather the last few weeks, we were very excited to begin this new season! We started a new language arts unit this week focusing on “The Animal Kingdom.” As we read Zooborns!, we learned about baby animals and how some animals are alike or different. In math, we continued our work with teen numbers as we did more identifying, counting, matching, and showing the teen number as a group of ten and a certain number of ‘extra’ ones. Thank you to everyone that was able to stop by for our STEM Night! It was so exciting to see all the students enjoying the activities with their friends and families.


It was another successful and busy week in first grade! In reading we focused on the essential questions, What insects do you know about? And how are they alike and different? We have read different stories on insects, both fiction and nonfiction. The students love to share their knowledge of insects with the class and enjoy reading about new insects they have not learned about before. The topic of insects ties in well with spring beginning. We have been discussing how the weather patterns will change as this season continues on. In math we have continued to work on addition problems with 3 addends, word problems and are moving toward making a 10 to subtract. Every class has been practicing hard for our upcoming Grandparents Day performance. Keep up the hard work first graders!


Happy Spring!  In 2nd grade this week we read the story “Dear Primo” and continued discussing our essential question: how are children around the world different? Our phonics pattern this week is r controlled vowels er, ir and ur.  In math we started learning different strategies for subtracting 2 digit numbers.  


Thank you to all who attended our STEM night! We had so much fun planning activities and seeing all your families. In reading, we are reading biographies and getting ready for MCAS. In math, we continue various types of measurement. If you’re in the building, check out some of our hallway work: we have flowers that exhibit random inheritance of traits from the parent plant, writing samples, and various math showing elapsed time, volume, and other types of measurement. The kids are proud of their hard work!

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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