image of yellow and blue socks for down syndrome day and text of AES updates, March 17, 2024

Hi!  We had another great week here at Assawompset!  A HUGE thank you to our AES PTO for organizing and running the bookfair this past week.  The students love this time of year and your support and assistance is greatly appreciated!  As always!

Report Cards:

Please be reminded that our second trimester grades will post to the portal next Monday, the 18th by the end of the school day. 

digital image of a solar eclipse with text of solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse will be visible from many parts of the US on April 8, 2024. While no location in Massachusetts will experience totality, some parts of the state will see over 95% coverage of the sun, if weather permits. The eclipse will begin shortly after 2 PM ET and we are providing the opportunity for students to view the Eclipse.  Please see the attached permission slips which outlines the event and opportunity.

Solar Eclipse - Executed TF 3.6.2024.pdf 

NO CHILD will be permitted to view the eclipse without a signed permission slip. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 



Attendance is so important for student success!

        Absenteeism is directly affecting your child's learning and comprehension, but also fellow classmates.  Teachers have to “catch the student up” while providing direction to others.  Arriving tardy is also disruptive to learning.  When your child arrives late to school, it not only disrupts your child’s learning but also the teacher’s lesson and other students’ learning. 

        The school day begins at 9:10 am (with student drop off in the cafeteria beginning at 9:00 am) and ends at 3:15 pm.  Again, the school is willing to assist your family in creating a positive educational experience for your child.  Please contact us should you or your child require assistance. 

        Please note that the AES Handbook states the following situations as excused absences:

  • Documented illness or injury -   Major religious observations

  • Documented Medical/ dental appointments -   Bereavement/family funeral  

  • Extraordinary family circumstances (excused at the discretion of the principal)

        Communication with the school nurse is vital for a continuity of care after an illness.  Please do not hesitate to include me when planning to return to school, or when recovering from an illness.  Call or email    508-947-1403 x4104 for School Nurse/ Attendance line

YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR STEM CURRICULUM NIGHT.  Please fill out the survey to indicate your interest in attending:

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

March - Women’s History Month!                          

March 16 - AES OPEN House and clothing drive

March 19th - Curriculum Night 6:00-8:00

March 21 RockYourSocks_WDSD.pdf

March 23 - Artapalooza 12:00 - 2:00                                                              

Spring MCAS DATES - GRADE 3 ONLY:  April 3 and 4 - ELA     May 8 and 9 - Math

Early Dismissal at 12:15 a.m. – April 1st

Opt-in Eclipse Viewing — April 8th

No School – April 12th

Spring Vacation –  April 15th  through the 19th

                                                                                                                 image of colorful drawn easteimage of colorful drawn eggs


        Please see the following Easter Egg Hunt Flyer 

                                                                                    by the Lakeville Lyons Club.                             

                          Flyer Here:  Hunt 2024.pdf

ASSAWOMPSET PLAYGROUND WILL BE CLOSED FOR REPAIRS BEGINNING MONDAY, MARCH 18.  We anticipate the work being complete by mid April.  We will keep you updated.  

text of spring cleaning against a yellow background

JOIN US MARCH 16th for an AES OPEN HOUSE from 10:00 - 12:00.  

The school will be open to the public for anyone wishing to see the new upgrade of windows and doors.  We are also holding a CLOTHING DRIVE:  Flier here:  AES Open House and Clothing Drive.  The AES Kid’s Cabinet No Imagine.... thousand of SouthCoast children who don't hav ethe basic things they need. Needed Children's clothes sneakers and coats, (in good condition) Who? thousand of SouthCoast children When? now! Wher? 27/7 at our drop-off 4 Slocum Street Acushnet Why? on the southcoast 80,000 children live in poverty. Over 8000 local children are homeless. The Gifts to Give Philanthropy Factory

will be assisting to sort and organize 

clothing.  We hope to see you there! 

Please see the AFTER THE BELL FLYER for the spring session:  AftertheBell-Spring24.pdf


2nd Round this week!  The class with the most ST Math puzzles goes to round 3!  

image of the March Madness Math puzzles brackets

                        PIZZA PARTY for the WINNING TEAM!  image of text March Madness and a basketball hoop


Kinders completed their Basquiat dinosaurs, and learned how to clean oil pastel off their hands correctly!

First graders watched a short video of Nashville artist, Bebo. You can see the video here. 

Second graders painted their symmetrical creatures.

Third graders KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with their radial symmetry printmaking.


This week in Music, all children in grades K-3 learned a little bit about Women’s History Month. This week we watched a short video on some of the most influential women in history such as Amelia Earhart. 

We talked about a few female musicians including Beyoncé, who is considered one of America’s greatest vocalists of all time and listened to a read aloud about how she became such a powerful, inspiring singer. Next week we'll be learning about Aretha Franklin. 


This week in PE we are continuing to sharpen our hockey skills with hockey stations. The students are practicing stick handling, defense, shooting, goaltending, passing, and aiming at the 5 different stations. 


It has been a really fun week in the library! Students shopped at the book fair during their library time and purchased some really great books! Many thanks to the PTO for a great event and also thank you to all the families that supported the book fair and foster of a love of reading!


It was another great week in Kindergarten! We enjoyed the Scholastic Book Fair and a few spring-like outdoor recesses! In Math we are working with teen numbers. Check out these catchy songs Teen Numbers Are So Much Fun! and  Numbers in the Teens They Start with a 1.We reviewed our sight words introduced so far - over 20 now!

K Sight Words Our focus in language arts/science this week was stormy weather and how you can stay safe in bad weather. We read Waiting Out the Storm and noticed details in the illustrations such as dark clouds, light rain, heavy rain, and movement  from the wind in the branches and the characters’ hair. We are looking forward to our STEM night on Tuesday - hope you can join us!


It was another great week in first grade! The students have continued learning and reading more about animals. This week they are focusing on the essential question, “How do animals survive in nature?” They have engaged in insightful conversations about this topic and are using new vocabulary terms learned in this unit. We are finishing up our unit on magic e and continue to work on grammar in all of our writing. Students are working hard in math, continuing with making a ten to add and adding 3 numbers. The winners for the first grade classes continuing in the ST Math March Madness bracket are Mrs. Day, Miss Murray and Ms. We are so lucky to have visited the book fair this week!!!


In 2nd grade this week we enjoyed our visit to the book fair. In reading this week our essential question 3was “How are children around the world different”  and we talked about how holidays are celebrated differently in different cultures.  Our phonics skill is er,ir and ur.  In math we are continuing to use different strategies to solve 3 digit addition.  We are looking forward to the start of spring next week :)

Happy St.  Patrick’s Day!


Grade 3 is working on various types of measurement for math. Telling time, elapsed time, liquid volume and linear measurement are going well, and soon we will be learning about area and perimeter.When you use any of these measurements in your daily life, point it out to your children; understanding math in the real world truly develops their abilities.  In Wonders reading, we are learning more about animal adaptations, which goes along nicely with the science unit we are wrapping up.

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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