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Welcome AES Families!  We are excited about the month ahead as we official jump into March.  Please take a moment to take the quick survey indicating your presence at our CURRICULUM NIGHT on March 19th.  The event runs from 6:00 to 8:00 and is for all grades.  There is NO official start time, so please feel free to join us at a time that is convenient for you and your family.  The entire staff from AES will be there and will be prepared with STEM related activities and fun for all ages!  Your survey response will assist in the planning for the event.  Thank you.  

YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR STEM CURRICULUM NIGHT.  Please fill out the survey to indicate your interest in attending:

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

March 5th - NO SCHOOL 

March 6th - Spring Photos

March 11th - March 15th - AES Book Fair 

March 12 - PTO meeting

March 23 - Artapalooza 12:00 - 2:00

March 19 - Curriculum Night 6:00-8:00 PM


April 3 and 4 - ELA                                                                                      

May 8 and 9 - Math


A Note From our AES PTO:

As we gear up for a busy few months, please consider volunteering. We can't put events on without your help! All volunteers need valid CORIs with the school and fingerprints. Keep an eye out for more volunteer opportunities coming soon! 

Shop at Hannaford's? Purchase items with the BoxTops logo? Check this out to help us earn money when you grocery shop! 

Upcoming events: 

Book Fair- March 11-15 Volunteers still needed including set up on 3/8

Next PTO meeting: March 12th 7pm @AES cafeteria 


Kindergarten students learned about Haitian/Puerto Rican American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. He painted crowns to represent the importance of things he loved. We made dinosaurs with crowns!

First graders are creating sushi plates based on the illustrations of Rosemary Wells.

Second graders finished their interpretations of Arree Chung’s Mixed, a story of being accepted and learning about others’ strengths.

Third graders are beginning radial designs with a combination of printmaking and oil pastels.


K: This wee we worked on a fun song that had an opportunity for the children to try singing a solo! 

1st: Please remember to send in a clean, white, oversized t-shirt so that we can tie-dye it for our big performance on April 10, 2024!

2nd: We have been busy getting ready for the big performance. This week we learned our 2nd Disney song! 

3rd: The recorders have arrived!! The 3rd graders have been having a blast playing them in class! 


This week in PE we are beginning our Hockey unit. In grade 1 and Kindergarten students are practicing stick handling and passing in pairs. In grade 2 and 3 students are practicing stick handling and passing while moving in space. Students in grade 2 and 3 are also playing a target game called Goals and Goalies where students work on protecting their goal while also trying to knock down other students goals. 


Save the date - AES Bookfair will be March 11th to the 15th during your child’s library time. 

Please welcome Ms. White to the library - she is our student teacher! Students in Kindergarten are listening to the story Hot Dog and drawing a picture of something that makes you feel calm. Students in grades 1 and 2 are being introduced to Scratch and having the opportunity to change the background, add more sprites and do some basic coding using blockly. Students in 3rd grade are also using Scratch. They are logging into the library account and learning how to save a file in Scratch.


This week we have been learning about the four seasons.  Our Wonders book, Mama is Summer Yet?

by Nikkii McClure, showed us some signs to look for as the seasons change.  We watched a video about the seasons amd made a special craft showing the changes that a tree goes through in every season.  We continued to practice blending and segmenting words.  For the last few weeks we have been working on blends like st, sl, pl, bl, and tr.  In Math we have been solving subtraction problems within 10.  The students were invovled in a variety of activities to solve subtraction problems like playing games, completing centers, acting out subtraction stories, and solving simple word problems.


This week we learned how animals’ bodies help them.  We read several folktales including Little Rabbit which is a tale from India.  In this story we learned how a little rabbit runs from a falling forest (at least that’s what he thinks).  In addition, we read Animals Can Go Fast!   In this selection we learned interesting facts about falcons, cheetahs, and sailfish.  Moreover, the children were also introduced to vowel-consonant-e syllables.  We will be practicing reading and writing words with this pattern for the next few weeks.  Have a great weekend! 


After a wonderful February vacation, second grade learners are working extremely hard in order to get back into a routine! In mathematics this week, learners are exploring three digit addition without regrouping (utilizing an open number line, base-ten blocks and expanded form). Our math strategy “toolbox” is certainly growing!  In Wonders, learners are reading a realistic fiction story titled Grace for President. While reading and discussing, students are taking a closer look at story elements and cause/effect as they make real-life connections to Election Day. This directly connects to the story book character election that will take place at Assawompset on Monday, March 4th. During social studies, learners are continuing to discuss the voting process (from registering to vote and casting ballots). I wonder who our story book character president will be? Time will tell! 


Grade 3 has hit the ground running after vacation week! We are wrapping up our study of The American Revolution and moving back to science for animal adaptations. In reading we are learning about how our unique skills and personalities can allow us to help others, and we are learning about how characters in fiction can have different perspectives. In writing we are practicing expository essays and continuing to prepare for MCAS.

Nurse’s Nook

The Health Office has been screening students for vision and hearing the past 2 months.  Referrals may come home if there are abnormal findings. 

March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Some examples to practice now:

  • Wear a helmet while riding your bike

  • Seat Belts always

  • Safely using sidewalks and crosswalks

  • Proper equipment while playing sports


Counselor’s Corner:

Understanding Student Conflicts

While we would all like children to get along, the reality is that that does not always happen.  Learning how to identify and deal with peer conflicts is an important social skill that children begin to develop at a young age.  It is important that you help your child differentiate between behaviors that are rude, mean, bullying or a conflict.  Ask your child to explain the situation, for example, your child may say he was hit at recess but what actually happened was that your child was tagged out of the game.  Ask your child if the other student apologized and if your child needed assistance from a teacher.  Another example may be your child may tell you that he was pushed on the bus, but what actually happened is that the other student accidentally banged into him with his backpack.  It is important for children to understand that uncomfortable situations do happen, however, not all situations are a form of bullying.  Please keep the following information in mind when talking with your children about peer conflicts.

  • Rude Behaviors - When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once.

  • Mean Behaviors - When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once.

  • Bullying Behaviors - When there is unequal power between peers and someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it, even when you tell them to stop or show them that you are upset.

Peer Conflicts - Peer conflict refers to a mutual disagreement between peers or peer groups of equal power.     

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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