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Dear Assawompset School Families,

We had a great week here at AES!  Today we had our school wide ceremony around the topic of: INCLUSION.  The following book was read to students.  We then discussed ways we are already INCLUSIVE here at AES and ways we could improve to be sure Assawompset is inclusive of all students.  Enjoy!

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig


April 3 and 4 - ELA

May 8 and 9 - Math

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

No School – January 15th

Early Dismissal at 11:30 a.m. – February 2nd

February Break – 19th through the 23rd

Hello Assawompset Families:


Dear Families, 

    The health and safety of our students, families, and staff are always our top priority. 

As we head into the new year, we want to acknowledge that there have been many illnesses this season.  Families have inquired about Covid-19 testing and/or the availability of sending home test kits. In recognition of this, our district nurses have acquired Covid-19 test kits through the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

    To those that may need it, we would like to offer a Covid-19 test kit .  The kits can be sent home per parent/guardian request. There is a limited supply and will be given on an as needed basis.   Please reach out via email and I will send a kit home with your student. 

    We would like to note that there have been no current changes to practices or guidelines on Covid-19 at this time.  FLRSD continues to follow the MA guidance which can be found at:

As always please contact your school nurse with any questions.


Nancy Amaral RN,BSN and  FLRSD Nurses -


Kindergarten students discussed and created self-portraits. We agreed that our drawings should NOT be sticks anymore! We used skin-toned crayons to best represent what we actually look like. Firsties are finishing their “Hot Dogs and Cool Cats”. We also heard the “Stray Cat Strut”!

Second graders are finishing up their Jim Dine hot/cold painted hearts.

Third graders are completing their monochromatic word paintings.


K: This week we learned a fun winter song and kept a very slow beat to a new time signature! 

1st: Mark your calendars….the 1st graders will  be performing on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 @ 10:00am in the AES gymnasium! 

2nd: This week we worked on reviewing our rhythms and played another fun game! We also used popsicle sticks to practice our rhythm patterns. 

3rd: Don’t forget to send in a check for $5.50 made out to FLRSD for a recorder! 


Students in grades 1 to 3 are continuing their research projects and writing facts about the topic of their choice using Pebble Go! Kindergarten students are exploring the Science topic and learning about different topics of interest such as body systems, extreme weather, robotics and other fun things!


This week in PE we are exercising our upper and lower bodies by calling a version of the game Mario Kart. Students are moving on scooters using legs to power around the track. If students are hit by a turtle shell than they are doing overhead shoulder presses or triceps extensions to reenter the game. 


In our Wonders program this week we discussed what a neighborhood is and who lives in our neighborhood.  We read What Can You Do with a Paleta? which is a realistic fiction story by Carmen Tafolla.  We talked about the characters, the setting, (a neighborhood) and the vocabulary that were in the story. In phonics we continue to practice blending sounds together to hear words and to practice reading and writing our sight words.  In Math we have been working on addition within 5.  Students were excited to be doing addition and learning how to write number sentences and solving simple problems.  Next week we will extend it to addition within 10.


This week we started Unit 3 in our Wonders program. The Big Idea is: What can happen over time? Our Essential question is, How do we measure time? Students read the story, A Second is a Hiccup. This is a sweet story that helps students understand the concept of time.  In writing we continue to work on sentence writing, checking for capitals, punctuation, spelling and clarity.  

We have also been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Using the sentence starter, I have a dream… students came up with their own dreams. A few examples were: everyone has a friend, people treat each other how they want to be treated and it doesn’t matter how you are on the outside, it’s how you are on the inside. 


This week in grade two students are working very hard at completing the winter benchmark assessments in both reading and math. We are excited to see some nice progress with these scores! We are preparing to begin unit three in the Wonders reading program where we will study how people can help their communities. Students are also continuing their work in the area of place value and on their animal research projects. Stay warm! 


In Grade 3 we are wrapping up our Wonders weeks about space, planets and more. In science we are finishing up force, motion, and magnetism. Next we will move to social studies and begin to look at the American Revolution. In math we are learning about fractions, especially as we use them in everyday life. When you see fractions around you, be sure to point them out to your children; this helps them understand the relevance!

This week we had another visit, in our classrooms, from the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra Education Liaison. He worked with the children on the theme of motion in animals and music, in preparation for our trip to their Young People’s Concert in March. The theme fit nicely with our current science unit this year!

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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