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Happy New Year!  Welcome 2024

Please see the attached flyer as we celebrate the 80s next week!  Tuesday, January 9th - students are encouraged to dress for the 80s!  This is a fun way to celebrate our 80th day of school.  

80th Day of School


K: This week in K we worked on playing the unpitched percussion instruments to a fun song. We also used stuffed animals to keep the beat! 

1st: This week we are getting back in the swing of things and learned a fun song about a wolf and played a game. We played unpitched percussion instruments to keep the steady beat.

2nd: The second graders worked on the unpitched percussion instruments to keep the beat and played a bean bag passing game.

3rd: This week in 3rd grade we are learning how to read the notes of the Treble Clef in preparation for the recorders! More info to come!


Kinders took part in an AES art tradition: Piggie in a Blanket! We learned that you can draw anything by using shapes, letters, and numbers.

Firsties finished their monochromatic snowflakes.

Second graders are completing their Picasso guitars.

Third graders are exploring the MEANING of colors, and will create a painting based on their choices.


Happy New Year! This week in the library, all grades are learning/mastering how to use Pebble Go. Students are exploring new topics that were added to the database and will be picking a topic to research next week!

Please remember to return library books in a timely manner!


This week we are working on getting moving while also being “engineers.” In small groups students are racing to get different PE equipment in order to build a ¨snowman.¨ I have been very impressed by the creativity and teamwork students have put into creating their unique designs 

This week we are working on getting moving while also being “engineers.” In small groups students are racing to get different PE equipment in order to build a ¨snowman.¨ I have been very impressed by the creativity and teamwork students have put into creating their unique designs 


Happy New Year! The kindergarten students were very excited to return to school, see their friends, and share stories about their time with family and friends. Our essential question of the week was: What places do you go to during the week? We read “Please Take Me for a Walk!”, a cute story of a little dog who shows the reader the places and people he visits in his neighborhood. We worked on letter recognition and sound for the letters x & y and learned to read and write a new sight word: go. In math we have been working on comparing numbers within 10, using the terms greater than, less than, and equal to.


We hope all our first grade families enjoyed the holiday break and are having a great start to your New Year.  This week students made resolutions. Students discussed that a resolution is a plan that someone makes to learn something new or improve on something they already do.  Students then made individual goals for themselves. In math students are reviewing previously taught skills and focusing on number partners, double facts and double facts, plus 1. 

Students are also working on pluralization and writing words with the Suffix -s . We are also learning about proper and common nouns. 

Our Essential Question in our Wonder’s program is: How do people help out in the community?

Students read the anchor text Nell’s Books. We also learned about a school teacher named Luis Soriano who has come up with a way to bring books to some very small villages in Colombia. For over twenty years he has shared his books with children all over Colombia… and you will never guess how he delivers them… He brings books to children on donkeys. 

We hope you all have a great rest of your week. 


This week in grade two, students have been working hard at getting back into our classroom routines after the holidays. In math we continue to build large numbers and discuss the value of the digits in their different places. In reading we are preparing for a special animal research project where students will use their skills at finding facts and details in text. Happy New Year! 


In Wonders we are reading expository texts, finding the central idea and using key details that support the central idea. In writing, we are starting opinion writing. Students will be writing about whether they think humans or robots should explore space. They will read three sources and use evidence from these sources to support their opinion. In math, we are wrapping up our unit on word problems and will be starting fractions. In science, we are exploring what happens to an object when a force is applied to it. Then we are moving on to Electric and Magnetic Forces. 

A note from PTO:

Happy New Year! We are thankful for all the volunteers who have joined the efforts of the AES PTO and look forward to meeting more of you in 2024! 

Spirit wear for those that purchased items, the order is anticipated to be in for early January. 

Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our AES PTO website 

Upcoming events: 

Providence Bruins Event- January 21, 2024 3:05 game time. This is a fun night out so feel free to bring family and friends!  Click here to purchase tickets to the event. 

Next PTO meeting: January 9, 2024 7pm in the AES cafeteria

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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