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WELCOME DECEMBER! - Busy Month Ahead!!!

Upcoming DECEMBER Dates - all on one page:

Happening NOW until December 15 - Holiday Book Swap (See below under Library)

December 5th - Grades Posted

DECEMBER 6th - School Committee Meeting - 6:30 - ARHS Library

DECEMBER 7th - Parent and Teacher Conferences - ½ day for students 

December 14th - 20th - Holiday Shoppe at AES for students only


Rocking the Sock-ings- DONATIONS ARE VOLUNTARY!!!!!

December 22 - ½ day - no aftercare today - start of the holiday break!

- No PTO meeting in December


December 18

December 19

December 20

December 21

December 22

Baby it’s cold outside!  Dress like a snowman, JIJI the penguin or gear up the for the cold with a fun hat or scarf!

Deck the Halls!

Wear holiday accessories!

Polar Express Day

Wear your PJS!




½ day

Ugly Winter

Sweater Day!

     And Sweats!  

RUDOLF! A family favorite at this time of year.  But…. did you know how much you could teach your children? 

A note from the AES Adjustment Counselor:

  Lessons from Rudolph 

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer is a story that is shared each year.  Within the story, there are social lessons that address bullying and empathy from which children can learn.  Ultimately Rudolph is the target of bullying because he is different from others.  Not only is he teased by the other young reindeer, but he is also shamed by his father and excluded from the reindeer games.  All of the reindeer who participate in these activities are considered bullies or aggressors, while those who laughed are considered eggers, and those who did nothing to help Rudolph and could have are considered bystanders.  It’s not until Santa recognizes that what makes Rudolph different, also makes him unique and special, that the rest of the reindeer accept and appreciate Rudolph for who he is.  Additionally, Rudolph experiences a variety of emotions throughout the story which is an opportunity for families to discuss and teach children empathy and understanding about how others may feel.  Understanding and appreciating others’ perspectives, feelings and actions are important social skills that should be taught not only through the story of Rudolph but throughout the entire year.  

AES Window and Door Project Update: 

AES Window & Door Project 12.1.23.pdf


Kindergarten students were introduced to Ms. T.’s “scrap store”. They were challenged to make monochromatic collages (pictures using only one color).

Firsties discussed how we are like snowflakes; none of us is exactly the same! We’re making snowflakes in radial designs.

Second graders learned the difference between organic and geometric shapes. Check out their project in the lobby during parent conferences!

Third graders have been challenged to make three pictures of our wooden manikins; this week we used construction paper.


K: This week we worked on a fun winter song and really focused on playing a steady beat on unpitched percussion instruments. 

1st: This week we explored high vs low voices by moving snowflakes while we practiced singing. We also learned a fun winter song and used unpitched percussion instruments.  

2nd: This week in 2nd grade we traveled to Italy and learned to dance the Tarantella! 

3rd: The 3rd graders are preparing for their performance which will be held on Wednesday, December 13th @ 10:00am in the AES gymnasium. All students should plan to wear pajamas to BOTH the dress rehearsal for the school on 12/12 as well as for their families on 12/13!! 2 days of pajamas!! 


It’s that time of year again where we are doing a Holiday Book Swap! Please send in grade level appropriate books that are in good condition for students to participate in the swap. Your family can send books to the library anytime from now until December 15th. The Holiday Book Swap will take place during their library time the week before winter vacation.

Students will be doing the Hour of Code for the next few weeks. The Hour of Code was created to get all students interested in computer programming. Students in kindergarten and first grade are learning sequencing using the Code Monkey Jr game. Students in second and third grades are also learning more advanced code while playing the Minecraft modules. In these modules, they are learning to code using Blockly.


This week the kindergarten students focused on the essential question: What kind of bugs do you know about? We read I Love Bugs, a poetry book that contained lots of rhyming words and drew pictures of bugs we have seen before. We also listened to a nonfiction text called From Caterpillar to Butterfly. This text taught us about the four stages (egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly) of a caterpillar’s life cycle. We learned to recognize the letters l, h, and k as well as their sounds. In math we worked on recognizing the numbers 8 & 9, counted groups of objects, and developed familiarity with arrangements of 8 (5 and 3, or 7 and 1) and arrangements of 9 (5 and 4 or 8 and 1). 


Grade 1 is looking ahead as we wrap up November and start to be filled with all of the Winter Wonder that December brings.  The children are discussing the changes and patterns that they can predict in Winter and starting to learn about Winter Holidays around the world.  In English Language Arts students answered the question of the week, “What jobs need to be done in a community?”.  They have been reading books about various jobs as well as discussing the equipment and tools that are used in them.  In Math, students are reviewing addition and subtraction math facts and practicing number bonds and fact families.  We look forward to the December weeks ahead! 


This week in 2nd grade our essential question is “What can animals in stories teach us?”   We read the fable “Wolf Wolf” and talked about how fables have morals. In phonics we are working hard to learn the differences between hard and soft c and g and applying those learned skills in our reading and spelling.  In math we are starting place value. 


This week in third grade we have been finishing up learning about the Puritans way of life compared to the Pilgrims. In Wonders, we are learning how to use and understand figurative language. Our essential question has been, “why do people immigrate to new places?” We read a passage called, Grandma Maria, and students then answered some comprehension questions to go along with the passage. In math we are wrapping up Unit 2, which is understanding place value. Next week we will be moving onto Unit 3, which is solving one-step word problems using multiplication and division.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Nurse’s Nook:

Please remember the school nurse's office when looking to donate gently used shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and sweatshirts.             I am in need of:

  • Boys sweatpants size 5-6-8-10. 

  • Boys underwear  all sizes

  • Girls pants size 5-6-8-10

Any clothes I do not use will be donated to Gifts to Give in Acushnet,Ma. 

Thank you!

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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