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Another great week here at AES!  We are pleased to announce the Buddy Bench that the AES Kid’s Cabinet worked on this week.  This bench will be placed in the AES Playground with all of the Kindness Rocks that were painted by students at Open House!  We are very excited to continue spreading kindness and inclusivity for all!  The Buddy Bench is a safe space for children to sit if they feel like meeting a new friend or trying a new activity at recess. 

Upcoming Dates:

Picture Retakes - November 30th 

Parent and Teacher Conferences - December 7th 

Thanksgiving Recess - November 22nd at 11:30 a.m - November 24th

No PTO meeting in December


K: This week the K students learned a fun Thanksgiving song called, Turkey and Dressing. We started to learn what a steady beat sounds like and played it on the unpitched percussion instruments for the first time! 

1st: This week the first graders learned a Thanksgiving song called, Oh I’m glad I’m not a turkey! We also had some time to dance and reviewed our rhythms. 

2nd: This week the first graders learned a Thanksgiving song called, Five Fat Turkeys! We played the unpitched percussion instruments introducing some new dynamics. We also had some time to play the Turkey Trot game! 

3rd: The 3rd graders are working hard preparing for their Winter performance which will be held on Wednesday, December 13 @ 10:00am in the AES gymnasium. Another reminder was sent home this week…please your child! 


This week, students are working on their typing skills!

All grade levels are using the program, Typetastic. Kindergarten and first grade are mastering the use of the mouse pad and learning how to navigate in the Frog Pond Patrol game. Students in second grade are learning where the keys are on the keyboard playing the Cupcake Patrol game while students in 3rd grade are learning about finger placement on the upper rows of the keyboard.


This week in PE we are continuing our throwing and catching unit by playing keep away. We are playing with two defenders in order to work on teamwork in preparation to play handball next week. 


This week, we are discussing shapes and we read the story Shapes all Around! We are working to make connections to our topic by discussing shapes and how we  can find shapes in our world. We practiced reading the sight word “like” and began to read simple sentences using the words we have learned. We learned the letters “Cc” and “Oo” and are beginning to blend CVC words. In math, students are working on making different combinations of the numbers 6 and 7.   We had an amazing time during “Spirit Week” and continued discussions about kindness!


First grade enjoyed celebrating Kindness Week with a Spirit Week in school.  As we prepare for Thanksgiving and taking moments for gratitude, students worked on showing kindness to one another and their families.  In Wonders this week, students answered the question “How does your body move?”.  Students also worked on bonus letter words with “ff, ll, ss” endings as well as the words “you, your, was, one, said”.  In Math, students wrapped up number bonds, fact families, and figuring out missing addends.  First graders are also reviewing telling time by the hour.  Students look forward to Thanksgiving week and the various activities and celebrations that will happen in the coming week.  


This week in 2nd grade, retired AES teacher Mrs Martin visited individual classes and talked to the children a little bit more about Veteran’s Day.  The children learned about Lakeville Veteran William Hitchcock and why our playground is named after him. Thank you Mrs. Martin for taking the time to  teach this lesson to the 2nd graders!

Getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving, the children are completing a project on the topic of gratitude.  Children are creating gratitude awards and are writing the reasons why they are grateful for that special person. They will be presenting these awards next week.  In math we are continuing to work on strategies for solving 1 and 2 step word problems.


This week in third grade, students have been reading and learning about why people migrated to new places. We read, “Sailing to America,” which discussed why immigrants would migrate to America for a better life. In math, we are working on rounding to the ten and hundred place. Students have been working with partners to work on rounding and which strategies they prefer to use. We Had a wonderful week celebrating our Spirit Week and discussing how to show kindness.  Friday we went on our field trip to the Cranberry Bog Tours and had a fabulous time. 

Nurse’s Nook:

Tis the Season! As we welcome the cooler air, coughs and colds are expected.  It is a challenge to guess if a student has  “just a little cold” or is truly sick.  Our school policy is to remain home if you have a fever (100.9F) in the last 24 hours or vomiting in the last 24 hours.   Please utilize the school nurse to help monitor a student at school if you question an illness or just a cold.   Email Nurse Nancy any time -

Counselor’s Corner: The Importance of Kindergarten Attendance

Daily attendance for all students is extremely important, however, some families think Kindergarten is “just Kindergarten”, or simply put, play time.  However, Kindergarten lays the foundation not only for academic skills such as reading and math but for social/emotional skills as well.  Studies have shown that when students miss one day of school, it can take up to three days to catch up to their class.  Additionally, chronic absenteeism (which is defined as missing 10% of the school year) in Kindergarten can cause students to become off track in their learning.  Therefore, consistent attendance during the upcoming winter months continues to be important.  Please remember that students can come to school with most mild cold symptoms but communication with the school nurse is critical in identifying symptoms that do prevent students from attending school.  Good luck and stay healthy!      

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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