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A Look at NEXT WEEK:

Kindness Spirit Week - in addition to in school activities - 

Great video:  💚💛💜Kindness Week By: Tahiya Cooper Illustrated By: Patricia Grannum #kindness

November 13 - 17 






Hats Off to Kindness

Wear your favorite hat!

Team up for Kindness

Wear your favorite sports gear.

Powered by Kindness

Dress like a superhero 

Crazy for Kindness

Crazy Hair Day  

Peace, Love and Kindness 


Another GREAT week here at AES!  We began with a Veterans Day ceremony and spent the day placing flags along the Assawompset lawn to show our support and appreciation for all Veterans!  Thank you for your service!  \

The following videos were shown to students:

Veterans Day - How it started and why we honor it - KID HISTORY

🇺🇸 F is for Flag 🇺🇸| Read Aloud for kids! | Patriotic Books for Kids!

Some classes also made cards and had Veterans read!  

Open House!

    We hope you had a GREAT time at Open House and enjoyed 

    the various activities and stations!  Thank you to everyone that 

    donated to the food drive and provided various food items.  

    This is a huge help and a great way to show support for our

    community during such a giving season!  Thank you!!!

                                                 Our special guest/author: Marc Colagiovanni was a big hit!       

                                                 Thank you to the PTO for supporting and funding the author visit!  We hope you were 

                                                 able to hear his book 

                                                 at our open house!


                                                 His new book 

                                                 comes out in March and 

                                                 we hope to have Marc pay 

                                                 us another visit!   :)                                                                                                    


              - New York Times BEST SELLER!  


OPEN HOUSE HIGH FIVE WALL - messages from parents about/to their children.  xo.

We ended the week celebrating Diwali!  The following was shown to the students:

 Diwali for Kids! | Festival of Lights | Kids Fun Learning

Thank you to all of you that donated beans as the students had a great time making Rangoli!

  A Message From PTO: AES PTO

Thank you for all your efforts in fundraising for the AES Fun Run. Final numbers are still being tallied but safe to say we far surpassed our goal of $50,000 and raised a lot of money for the AES PTO to support our AES community. Information will be coming home soon for raffle selection choices. 

Congratulations to our top earners! 

Kindergarten- Madeline Stilling

1st grade- Amelia Pusateri

2nd grade- Owen Parker

3rd grade- Lauren Limpoco 

Highest school wide total raised: Roya DeMelo

You asked and we have delivered! AES Spirit Wear is back! We have kids t-shirts, kids sweatshirts, and kids sweatpants as well as adult selections. Order forms will be sent home and posted on social media. 

Upcoming events; 

November PTO meeting: Nov 14th 7pm at AES cafeteria

December PTO meeting: Dec. 12th 7pm at AES cafeteria

Holiday Shoppe coming in December- details will be announced soon 

Interested in volunteering? We are still currently looking for help with several events. Please remember all volunteers for all events need to have a valid CORI and fingerprints done. 

Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our AES PTO website 

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


All classes are doing Diwali related projects, from elephants, to peacocks, to henna hands!!


This week all classes learned about Diwali! We learned about some of the traditional music and dance that takes place during this beautiful holiday. We all danced along with some traditional dances and learned a song of celebration. 

3rd: The third graders also have been working hard to get ready for their big performance on Wednesday, December 13 @10:00am in the AES gymnasium! 


Thanks to everyone who made a Storybook Pumpkin! Three students from each grade level were recognized and everyone that did a pumpkin received a small prize for participating.

Student in the library are learning some basic typing skills using Typetastic. It is a fun website where students enjoy playing challenging keyboard games that also help to teach them basic typing skills.


This week in PE we are continuing our Throwing and Catching unit. Classes are continuing to use a variety of balls and frisbees (in some classes) to learn how to throw accurate passes and catch the ball when it is thrown high, low, or to the sides. Additionally we are working on throwing and catching while moving and playing small sided games of keep away. 


We had a very exciting week in kindergarten!  We started off the week by learning about and understanding Veterans Day.  We attended an assembly, “planted” flags, and continued the discussion in our classrooms. In the middle of the week we had our first Open House!  We were so excited to show the families our school, our classroom, our friends, and special projects we have been working on.  We ended the week with learning about and celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights.  We had a short, but very, busy week!


 First graders were busy this week at AES!  We started the week with the Veteran’s Day assembly where we learned about how we honor and take pride in our Veterans.  We hope that local veterans will enjoy the flags that are displayed in the front of the school!  We also took pride in welcoming our families into the school for a very special Open House.  The students also enjoyed learning about different holidays around the world as we explored the holiday of Diwali.  The students enjoy learning how to locate different countries on a map as well the culture and stories that go along with various holidays.


It may have been a short week in school this week - but 2nd graders have been very busy!  We learned about Veterans Day and why it is important to thank Veterans. Some classes made thank you cards for a local military unit.  This week we also learned about the holiday of Diwali and made Ragnoli mosaics.  

In math we are continuing to work on strategies for solving word problems.  In reading we are continuing to work on long and short vowels.  We are also learning about story elements in nonfiction text. 

We enjoyed meeting families at Open House and showing off the great work that the children have been doing. 


The 3rd graders have been learning about Veterans Day this week by reading passages and listening to read alouds. Thank you to all our Veterans; we are truly grateful for your service and sacrifices. We also learned about Diwali and made some beautiful mosaics. In ELA, the children continue to learn about the process of voting and why it’s so important. They are also learning about the Wampanoag people and started to learn about the Pilgrims. Some classes even made wetus! Ask your child what those are!  In math, the children are working hard rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and regrouping with 2 and 3 digits! The children are also working hard on their multiplication facts which continue to impress us all; thank you for instilling the importance of reading and practicing math facts nightly. Also, thank you for coming to Open House on Wednesday; it’s one of our favorite nights because we get to meet all of you and the children are so excited to show off their classrooms! 

Nurse’s Nook:

November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

Counselor’s Corner:

What is Gratitude?

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that naturally creates an environment where children are focused on what they want for presents.  So, how do you remind them that the holidays are also a time to be grateful for what they have?  Teach them the skills of gratitude and what it means.  First, gratitude is feeling thankful for the good things one has; not focusing on the things one does not have.  Second, taking the time to express your appreciation to others who have made one’s life better (i.e. family, friends, teachers, peers).  Third, developing positive behaviors as a result of interacting with  those who have impacted them.  Some ideas families can use to teach gratitude to their children include: having children write thank you cards; have a gratitude jar where all family members can leave notes; tell stories to your children about your experiences; have children list positive things from their day and model or role play scenarios to practice these skills.   And of course, when your children receive those holiday presents, simply saying thank you.

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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