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A look at NEXT WEEK:






Veterans Day Ceremony for all grades.

Students are encouraged to wear RED, WHITE and BLUE!





Open House  a FAMILY EVENT

 5:00 - 7:00 p.m 

*Parking is at Ted Williams and buses provided to transport.


Open House 11.8.23.pdf

FOOD DRIVE TONIGHT!  Donations welcome - 

flyer outlines recommended foods.  

Celebrating Festival of Lights - Diwali 

What’s Diwali?

*see video below.

No School

Veterans Day

***November 9th - Thursday - students will be learning about Diwali, the Festival of Lights, as students create Rangoli and learn about the traditions!  Here is a sneak peek of the video that students will watch:  Diwali for Kids! | Festival of Lights | Kids Fun Learning

DONATION needed for our Diwali Project:  We could use a few more beans for our school wide project if anyone is interested in donating some Dry Beans - all shapes, sizes, colors!   Here are some sample Rangoli Mosaics using beans: 

                                                       Marc Colagiovanni will be present at our Open House on         

                                                       November 8th.  Here is a QR code for anyone wishing to  

                                                       purchase his book and bring it to  open house for a book    

                                                       signing!  How Exciting!   

                                                  Care to purchase the book on your own? Follow this QR code to      

                                                   Amazon for purchase. 

What a busy week here at AES!  Throw Halloween into the mix and we had a very exciting (and maybe a bit exhausting) week!  From the Fun Run to the Storybook Pumpkin Contest and our annual Harvest Parade, it has been NON-STOP!  


Please look for the Fun Run update next week as we close out the donation window and calculate the final amount raised.  We did exceed our goal and are currently at about $67,000!  WOW!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Our storybook pumpkin winners have also been chosen. It was a TOUGH decision and this year we add a Principal’s Pick!  

The following are our winners:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Principal’s Pick

Nolan Hatch

Zoe Worley

Cameron Hatch

Autumn Tavares

K - Nicholas Izzo

Ella Gunn

Kaylee Kimball

Camden Knowlton

Lyla Bullock

Gr. 1 Mirabelle McIntyre

Brady Barnes

Alice Jones

Carly Yahoub

Riley McCoy

Gr. 2 - Josephine Lattuca

Gr. 3 Eliana Richard

A Message From PTO:

Wow...we asked and you answered! Thank you to all those who are volunteering over the next week for our Trunk or Treat and Fun Run. 

Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our AES PTO website 

Upcoming events: 

November PTO meeting: November 14th at the AES cafeteria

We are currently looking for a chairperson and committee to help plan our K/1 social event in the spring. Reach out to us at for more information. 


Kindergarten students are completing their dream houses from The Big Orange Splot. 

Firsties are creating the backgrounds for the kindergarten homes so that they may be displayed at Open House next week! Collaboration is awesome!

Grade two students began painting their 3D boom boxes. 

Grade three students completed their self-portraits. 


This week K-2 students had fun playing the boomwhackers to some festive Halloween songs! Everyone did a fantastic job using the instruments respectfully. We also reviewed our song for the schoolwide Veterans' Day assembly which will  be  held next week.

3rd: This week in 3rd grade we continued practicing for our Winter performance which will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 20223 @ 10:00am in the AES gymnasium. We also reviewed our song for the Veterans’ Day assembly.


Thank you so much to everyone that created a Storybook Pumpkin! The pumpkins were fantastic and demonstrated our school’s love for reading!

Students this week enjoyed learning about Aaron Reynolds and listening to his “creepy” stories!


This week in PE we started the week playing an invasion game called trick or treat and zombie tag. We are now beginning our throwing and catching unit by playing catch with a variety of balls with a partner. 


This week, we are discussing tools that we use  and we read the story The Handiest Things in the World! We are working to make connections to our topic by discussing tools and how we use them to discover the world around us. We practiced reading the sight word “a” and began to read simple sentences using the words we have learned. We learned the vowels Ii and Uu and are working hard to identify middle sounds. In math, students are working on numbers 6 and 7.   We had an amazing time at our Halloween Parade and we had so much fun working on Halloween activities!  We also got to experience our very first Fun Run!!!  We had an amazing week!


What a week it has been at AES!  The students excitedly celebrated the end of October with the school’s Harvest Parade and enjoyed the sense of community as they saw their friends and teachers of different grade levels.  The students also proudly ran in the Annual Fun Run where they raised money for school activities and materials.  Thank you to the PTO for organizing and running the event!  This week in ELA we answered the question of the week, “What do friends do together?”.  The children read stories about how friends play all over the world and also wrote about their favorite activities to do with their own friends.  In Math, students worked on Number Bonds, Fact Families and Word Problems.  Students are now looking forward to Open House on November 8th.


It was a great week in 2nd grade!  Halloween Fun on Tuesday and the Fun Run on Thursday. It’s hard to believe that it is already November!  In reading this week we started Unit 2 in Wonders and we are reading nonfiction passages to go with our essential question “How are offspring like their parents?” Our phonics strategy is long and short o.  In math we are practicing our addition and subtraction facts in word problems.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone at Open House next week!


Third graders have had an exciting week with halloween math activities on Tuesday and our Fun Run on Thursday!  In math, most classes have been wrapping up Unit One with fact families and patterns. Students are also working on their Unit 1 Assessment.  This week we have started Unit Two in our Wonders reading program. We will be reading expository texts and learning how people make our government work. We hope to see everyone at our open house next week, on Wednesday, November 8th 5-7pm. Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to turn your clocks back by one hour!

Nurse’s Nook:

      Food Allergies are serious and manageable if we all work together to keep allergens away from those affected.  Page 5 of our handbook notes Family Responsibility and School Responsibility. Classrooms can remain a safe place if all members are mindful.  Having a special treat in class makes all celebrations extra special.  Let's work together to be sure all are able to enjoy together. 

     AES has a food policy regarding special treats in class: Any and All treats brought into the classroom need a signed permission slip from the guardian allowing the student to consume.  If one student is unable or not allowed, then the whole class is not allowed.  *Being Inclusive is the Goal*

Our school is Peanut Safe.  But classrooms and snacks should be peanut/nut free, since the areas are shared, using desktops, etc. 


Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal

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