image of a stack of books with fall leaves and a pumpkin with text of AES updates, October 22, 2023

Another great week here at AES!  We had our school wide ceremony this week on Acceptance and Tolerance.  We also discussed bullying and participated in UNITY DAY on October 18th where all students were encouraged to wear orange to show our support to ban bullying and accept all!  


October 24th - Picture Day

October 29th - Trunk or Treat at AES 3:00 - 5:00

October 31st - Harvest Parade

Harvest Festival Parade.pdf

November 7th - PD day for kids 

November 8th - AES OPEN HOUSE 5:00 - 7:00

November 10th - Veteran Day - No School

  Assawompset Elementary School

DATE:  November 8th

TIME:  5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Buses will be available for transportation at Ted Williams beginning at 4:45 p.m  Please see the information below about our 

Author Visit and Food Drive!


Open House

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Open House 11.8.23.pdf

S T E M   W E E K

Besides being “buddies” we also celebrated STEM WEEK!  We studied the work of  Rube Goldberg and created marble runs in each classroom!  Take a look!  The students were SUPER excited learning about the Engineer process and enjoying being Little Scientists!


A Message From PTO:

The fun is starting! The kindergarten students embarked on their first field trip to the Lakeville Fire Department recently and planning is underway for lots of other field trips and assemblies for the AES students. All of this and more is possible through our one big PTO fundraiser for the year, the AES Fun Run. If you haven't already, register your child for this fun event! 

Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our AES PTO website 

Upcoming events: 

Trunk or Treat- October 29th at AES 3-5pm

AES PTO Fun Run- November 2nd at AES (rain date November 3rd)

November PTO meeting: November 14th at the AES cafeteria

We are currently looking for a chairperson and committee to help plan our K/1 social event in the spring. Reach out to us at for more information. 


Dear AES Extended Programs Parents, 

I have great news!! I am happy to convey that the PM Program will return to AES beginning 10/30.  Students will be dismissed to the cafeteria at the end of the day. The staff will greet them and take attendance. The Pm Program will proceed accordingly. The Program ends at 5:30. 

The District has worked hard to ensure that the Door-Window Project remains on schedule and we are coming home! I want to thank you for your patience during this time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.


We’re back in the art room! All students did a scavenger hunt to learn where everything is. We discussed Ms. T.’s “five points” system for earning choice rewards. To earn points, classes have to do the following: come in quietly and listen to directions, keep conversations kind and respectful, raise hand/don’t call out, clean up your table area, and line up quietly.


All music classes are officially back up in the Music room this week!! Everyone was pretty excited to see the room. We had fun together preparing for our Veterans Day assembly and even worked on an instrument scavenger hunt! 


It's that time of year again for Storybook Pumpkins! Thank you so much to everyone that has participated so far and we look forward to seeing more pumpkins next week!

This week in library every class is participating in STEM week. After learning about Rube Goldberg last week, students are building Rube Goldberg machines using random materials and they are coming out fantastic! I am so proud of all of our budding engineers!


This week in PE grade 1-3 are warming up by playing a dribbling game called gates and gatekeepers. In this game select students are defending their gate and trying to prevent opponents from dribbling through the gate. If you are not a defender you are attempting to avoid defenders and make it through the gate without losing possession. 

After our warm up we are playing soccer games. We have been very impressed with the skill development in this unit and it is really showing during game play. Our focus in the games this week is playing either offense or defense. 

In Kindergarten this week we are practicing dribbling with control. We are playing soccer freeze and red light, green light. 


This week, we are discussing how baby animals move and we read the story Pouch!  We are working to make connections to our topic by discussing baby animal names and comparing how they move. We practiced reading the sight word “we” and began to read simple sentences using the words we have learned. We learned the letters Dd and Ss and are working hard to identify beginning sounds. In math, students are comparing numbers 1-5 using words like more, fewer, less, and the same. We celebrated Unity Day by wearing  orange and we attended an assembly!  We had an amazing time working on our Rube Goldberg machines!  Everyone shared ideas, collaborated, and made very creative machines!


The First Graders continue to work hard! In reading, the students are working with the essential question “What is it like where I live?”. We have been reading some great stories and writing in response to these texts. They have also been learning about the fantasy genre and the different elements that make up these stories. In math the students have begun working with word problems. This week is STEM week so the students have been learning all about Rube Goldberg and been making their own Rube Goldberg machines. There have been wonderful conversations about engineering  and problem solving. The students have also done a great job collaborating with their peers and listening to all different ideas. They have really enjoyed the hands-on task and working with their classmates!


This has been another busy week in second grade.  In ELA, the students have been reviewing the skills and concepts taught during the first unit in the Wonders program. Also, they have been applying their knowledge of genre to compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction texts. In math, the students continue to build on their fact fluency by learning a variety of strategies to help them add and subtract. The students are applying these strategies as they solve one step word problems. This is STEM week. The students are using a variety of simple machines to design and create their own machine which will perform a simple task by relying on chain reactions. 


Third graders had a blast planning, designing, and creating Rube Goldberg machines last week! We also celebrated Unity Day on Wednesday by learning about culture and acceptance. This week in math, third graders have moved on to learning their 5’s and 10’s multiplication facts. In reading, we are wrapping up Unit One in our Wonder’s program. Students have been reading argumentative texts to learn about how our country’s landmarks and monuments teach us about history. 

Nurse’s Nook:

Tis the Season! As we welcome the cooler air, coughs and colds are expected.  It is a challenge to guess if a student has  “just a little cold” or is truly sick.  Our school policy is to remain home if you have a fever (100.9F) in the last 24 hours or vomiting in the last 24 hours.   Please utilize the school nurse to help monitor a student at school if you question an illness or just a cold.   Email Nurse Nancy any time -

Counselor’s Corner:

Is It Bullying?

Differentiating between accidental/rude behaviors, mean behaviors and bullying behaviors can be difficult for students, and even for families.  That is why it is important to understand the differences.  Accidental or rude behaviors are most of the time just that: accidental.  The student did not intend to hurt someone or made an insensitive comment.  Mean behaviors are intentional and can be a result of an ongoing conflict amongst peers.  Bullying behaviors can be identified by asking the following 4 questions:

  1. Is someone harming your body or feelings?

  2. Is someone actually trying to harm you?

  3. Has it happened more than once?

  4. Is only one person or group causing the harm?

When students answer yes to these questions, it is very likely that they are being bullied and families and school staff need to intervene.  If you believe bullying has taken place, it is extremely important to talk with your child’s teacher to assess the situation to determine if bullying behaviors are happening.  Additionally, it is also important to notify the principal, counselor or the bus driver to make them aware of the situation.  

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal