image of a stack of books, an apple and school supplies on a wooden table with text of AES updates October 8, 2023

We had another great week here at Assawompset Elementary School and are looking forward to the long weekend to enjoy the fall weather and festivities!  This week we had Bus Evacuation Drills and students were very well behaved and safe.  We are very proud of them! 

October 9th - Columbus Day NO School

October 10th - PTO Meeting 7:00 Lakeville Library

October 18th - UNITY day - Wear Orange

October 24th - Picture Day

October 29th - Trunk or Treat at AES 3:00 - 5:00

November 7th - PD day for kids 

November 8th - AES OPEN HOUSE 5:00 - 7:00

November 10th - Veteran Day - No School

Besides October being the month of pumpkins, hayrides and apple cider, it is also

National Bullying Prevention Month focuses on clarifying bullying behaviors and emphasizing kindness and respect to all.  The term bullying is used frequently, and at times, incorrectly to describe student altercations.  The definition of bullying as stated by is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.”  While our goal is to keep all children safe, we also do not want to label children incorrectly.  It is important that children learn the difference between accidental behaviors that are rude, intentional, one time behaviors that are mean and deliberate, targeted and ongoing behaviors that are truly bullying behaviors.  Please remember that if you have any concerns regarding your child’s safety, it is important to contact your child’s teacher, counselor or principal so the school staff can assist in resolving those concerns.  

October 18, 2023 

is Unity Day, a time to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Assawompset will support this cause and is encouraging all students and staff to WEAR ORANGE.  We will begin our day with a school wide ceremony around the topic.  


 Holidays are right around the corner and can be stressful.  Take some time to relax and enjoy this  

 special time of year with your family.  Please check out the extensive fall events at below!


STEM Week is Coming:

We are super excited for our stem week coming up the week of October 16th.  Rube Goldberg will be our inspiration as we create marble runs in each classroom!  


             A note from the AES PTO Board:

We are ready to roll! The AES PTO Board is already full steam ahead in planning and organizing a year full of fun events for our community, supporting teachers, and providing enriching field trips and assemblies for the children of AES. To do so, we need your help. Contact us at for more information. 

Upcoming events: 

October PTO meeting: October 10th 7-8 pm Lakeville Public Library

Staff appreciation: first one is slated for October

Trunk or Treat- More info coming soon! 

Fun Run- November 2nd (Rain date Nov. 3rd) More info coming soon! 

Interested in the Birthday Book Club?  Check out the AES PTO BIrthday Book Club Information page on our website. 

           Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our  AES    

           PTO website  

          PTO meeting minutes: September AES PTO meeting minutes

            Upcoming events: 

October PTO meeting: October 10th 7-8 pm Lakeville Public Library

Staff appreciation: first one is slated for October. 

Trunk or Treat- October 29th - 3:00 to 5:00 

Fun Run- November 2nd (Rain date Nov. 3rd)

Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our  AES PTO website  

PTO meeting minutes: September AES PTO meeting minutes



Kindergarten students read Only One You. We made beautiful fish with different kinds of lines.

Grade one students completed their bubble hydrangea paintings.

Grade two students are completing their author/illustrator study of Bernard Most.

Grade three students finished their yarn line designs.

Check out our Instagram page, #assawompsetartroom, for pictures!


K: This week in K the students worked on playing the unpitched percussion instruments and having self-control to only play one time on a specific word. They worked super hard concentrating and exhibiting self-control! 

1st: This week we learned about the instruments of the orchestra and played a bingo game to review. 

2nd: The second graders are reviewing their rhythm patterns in preparation to begin their composition projects. 

3rd: The third graders will be performing for their families on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 @ 10:00am in the AES gymnasium. Please check to be sure that you received the notice that was sent home at the beginning of the week! 


Students in Kindergarten and first grade are learning about the parts of a book. Students are listening to songs and playing a game with the parts of a book. Students in grades 2 and 3 are learning about fiction call numbers and how the books are in order by the authors last name.

Every Friday when students come twice to the library in a week is a Maker Friday. On Maker Fridays, students are given a STEM challenge to solve with various materials. It’s a lot of fun and students really enjoy the challenges!


This week in PE students are continuing our soccer unit by practicing dribbling and trapping the ball to the beat of “The Mexican Hat Dance”. Students are practicing kicking accuracy and defense by playing a target game called snowman down. In this game students can only use feet to kick the ball and knock down another students bowling pin. 


This week in Kindergarten, we learned the letters Mm and Nn and their corresponding sounds. Students began to learn about and practice segmenting words into syllables, and are practicing reading sentences with the words I, can. We used the book Animals in the Park: An ABC Book as our anchor text to learn and discuss our essential question: What can you do? In mathematics, we are practicing counting and learned to group, count and write the number 4. Students are excited to continue on their paths with JiJi the Penguin on ST Math!


This week in Grade 1 we focused on informational texts. Students are learning that informational texts tell about real people, places, and events. In phonics we are wrapping up our review of consonant and vowel sounds and letter formation. In math, students are learning strategies of subtraction with a focus on counting on to subtract this week. We continue to learn about seasonal patterns in science and what causes the seasons to repeat each year. 


Autumn is here! The second graders are looking forward to many seasonal activities this month.  Also, the students are working hard to learn addition and subtraction strategies which will help them become confident with math facts. They have been identifying odd and even numbers, understanding fact families, and exploring making a ten. In reading the students have been discussing the essential question for the week;“How do friends depend on each other?” and comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction texts. Stem week is October 16th. The students are excited to learn about simple machines knowing they will be creating their own Rube Goldberg Machine in class. 


Third graders are working hard to begin learning their multiplication facts. We are continuing to explore the relationship between multiplication and division. ST Math has been a hit amongst the students! In reading, third graders are learning about traditions and reading about traditions that other children celebrate around the world. The third grade students have wrapped up their learning about New England, and are transitioning to learning about life cycles in science. 

Nurse’s Nook

October is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. The health office has trained staff in CPR and first aid. All FLRSD nurses are certified Basic Life Support Instructors. CPR Training will be offered to staff in the future.  AED’s are available in all school buildings.  

A good practice is to have a plan at home. No home phone line? Can your child dial 911 from your cellphone? Do they know your home address? 

Counselor’s Corner - a Note From Mrs. McKenna about the Holiday Assistance Program.

Holiday Assistance 2023

AES is currently offering assistance to our families through our Backpack Program and Gifts to Give Program.  The Backpack Program provides families non-perishable food items (pasta, snacks, tuna, etc.) each Friday throughout the school year to assist those with the high cost of groceries.  We currently have space for a few more families.  Additionally, Gifts to Give offers holiday assistance (gifts for all children in the family) for families who would benefit from that extra support.  Please email me at if you are interested in these programs.  Please note that Gifts to Give is requesting that all gift information be sent to them the first week of October.  I look forward to working with our AES families!

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal