image of a white pumpkin and orange mum on a windowsill with text of AES updates, October 1, 2023

We had a great week here at Assawompset Elementary School.  We are excited by the cooler weather and fall leaves as they begin changing colors!  Classes are spending more and more time outside and taking advantage of these beautiful fall days!  



ALL students will be participating in a bus evacuation drill on TUESDAY OCTOBER 3rd.  This will take place in the morning and will result in a delay for the morning drop off and arrival at Assawompset.  Please plan accordingly this morning.  Sneakers and proper dress is also encouraged for the drill.  

*** Students dropped off in the cafeteria will then be brought to an empty bus so that they can also participate in the evacuation drill.  

OCTOBER 6th - ½ day - Student Dismissal is at 12:15


 Assistance for AES Families

AES is currently offering assistance to our families through our Backpack Program and Gifts to Give Program.  The Backpack Program provides families non-perishable food items (pasta, snacks, tuna, etc.) each Friday throughout the school year to assist those with the high cost of groceries.  We currently have space for a few more families.  Additionally, Gifts to Give offers holiday assistance (gifts for all children in the family) for families who would benefit from that extra support.  Please email me at if you are interested in these programs.  Please note that Gifts to Give is requesting that all gift information be sent to them the first week of October.  I look forward to working with our AES families!

Please see the below flyer for the After the Bell fall workshops:


            A note from the AES PTO Board: 

As we embark on the 23-24 school year, the AES PTO Board is ready to kick off an exciting year full of fun events for our community, supporting teachers, and providing enriching field trips and assemblies for the children of AES. To do so, we need your help. Contact us at for more information. 

Upcoming events: 

October PTO meeting: October 10th 7-8 pm Lakeville Public Library

Staff appreciation: first one is slated for October. 

Trunk or Treat- October 28th  time TBD

Fun Run- November 2nd (Rain date Nov. 3rd)

Be sure to check us out at AES PTO on Facebook, @assawompsetpto on Instagram and our  AES PTO website  

PTO meeting minutes: September AES PTO meeting minutes


Important Dates:

October 6th - 1st HALF day for students

October 24th - Fall Picture Day

Open House - TBD (End of October - early November)


Kindergarten students continue to work on making lines. This week, we used a small square of cardboard to create a picture.

Grade one students got to do BUBBBLE PAINTING! We will be turning them into hydrangeas next week.

Grade two students completed their line owls in sharpie.

Grade three students used “real” glue, which was quite a challenge! They had to make an interesting line, then attach a piece of yarn. This took the whole period! FYI, Ms. T. is now looking for donations of glitter glue, so that we can practice some more. 🙂


K: This week we learned about the Instruments of the Orchestra and played Instrument Bingo! The children had fun identifying instruments and helping their friends locate the correct instruments. It was great to see such awesome sportsmanship.

1st: The 1st graders worked on keeping the steady steady with unpitched percussion instruments, played a few movement games, and danced! 

2nd: This week in 2nd grade we worked on keeping the steady beat with a ball while singing and played unpitched percussion instruments. 

3rd: The 3rd graders officially started to work on a few songs for their big Winter performance! Details to come next week! 


What a fun week! Our students are focusing on using the library and learning about call numbers. Students are also doing a great job returning their books on time. I always recommend for students keep their books in their backpacks so they always have them at school!


This week in PE we are continuing our soccer unit. This week students in grades 1-3 are practicing dribbling (with control and speed) , playing a game called soccer tag, and by completing a soccer scavenger hunt. In grade 2 and 3 we are also playing a game called line soccer. This game allows students to practice shooting on net, and to introduce more defensive concepts. 

In kindergarten students are completing a scavenger hunt as well and playing another tag game to practice winning, losing, and taking turns, while exercising. 


This week in Kindergarten, we are discussing our families! The Essential Question for this week in Wonders is: Who is in your family? We have been learning and discussing how each family is special and unique. We have learned to read the sight words: I, can. We have also learned the letters Bb and Ff and their sounds.

In Math, we are continuing to practice counting and have learned to write numbers 1, 2, and 3. We are practicing our counting together and independently and are using counting strategies to help make sure we are accurate. 

We are really getting in the groove of being at school and are excited for next week!


We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday this week! We learned he is a pioneer who introduced apples to a lot of the country, whose life story turned into a folktale for children to enjoy many years later. In reading we discussed our imagination and how we can use our minds to imagine anything we want! We read a couple of fairy tales that really helped our imaginations grow. In math we worked on the counting on strategy. We also are so excited to check our ST math progress and see how far we grow each week. We have our own JiJi’s that help us track where we are. Be sure to ask your child how they are tracking their progress in their own classroom.


What a great week in second grade! Our second grade superstars are solidifying their classroom routines and getting their feet wet with the second grade curriculum. In mathematics this week, learners are reviewing odd and even numbers alongside addition strategies to solve math facts such as making a ten to add. Learners are wrapping up their first two weeks of the Wonders reading program – this week we discussed how families can be the same, but also different around the world? During social studies, superstars continued to explore the three types of communities; how can this connect to our Wonders essential question? As a grade-level, we’re thrilled to continue working hard in our classrooms! Bring on October!


Grade three is continuing to study different cultures, what they bring to our community, and how we can all learn from cultures and traditions. In Social Studies we are wrapping up the areas of Massachusetts and also learning the New England states and their capitals. In math we are learning how multiplication and division are related. We also kicked off ST math school-wide this week; ask your children what they think of it!

Nurse’s Nook

October is Dental Health Month!  One major habit that can help keep children healthy is brushing for 2 minutes every morning and every night.  

Be on the lookout for your students handout on the DENTAL CLINIC running Nov 30, Dec 1, Dec 4th  thru the Nurses Office.

Any questions, please reach out to Cathy Grinham RDH


Counselor’s Corner - a Note From Mrs. McKenna about the Holiday Assistance Program.

Holiday Assistance 2023

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal