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Hello Assawompset Families! 

We had a wonderful week here at Assawompset!  This morning we had our very first SCHOOL WIDE assembly and discussed “acceptance and “differences.”  The purpose was to encourage students to be themselves and stand tall and proud! 

The following 2 videos were seen by students:

The Reflection in Me HD

#BNStorytime featuring Peter H. Reynolds reading BE YOU!

We also reviewed our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility and Safety, with a focus on being RESPECTFUL.  We discussed the culture of our school and how saying “Good Morning” when coming off the bus or entering a classroom sets the tone for the day!  It is polite, acknowledging, respectful and it can truly turn a frown upside down!  We ended the presentation with a presentation on Constitution Day!  Thank you for your continued support!

Today’s Window Project Update:

AES Window Project 9.15.2023.pdf


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Important Dates:

October 6th - 1st HALF day for students

October 24th - Fall Picture Day

Open House - TBD (End of October - early November)


All classes read The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, since this week, schools all over

The world celebrate international Dot Day. 

Kindergarten students used a variety of materials, including corks, cotton balls on clothespins, q-tips, and more. They were prompted to make all kinds of dots by experimenting with different tools and materials. 

Grades one and two students worked together to make pieces of a puzzle that turned out to be a dotted pumpkin in the style of Yayoi Kusama. 

Grade three students drew pumpkins, added a a background with a variety of lines, then used pencil tops and paint to make their dots. 


All grades had a fantastic week in music class. Grades 1-3 had a great time using the parachute and working on a partner song/activity! K students all experimented with unpitched percussion instruments and even did a little dancing! Looking forward to next week! 


We had a fun week in library! We reviewed book care, played a scavenger hunt in the library to learn the different sections and checked out books for the first time this year! Students are to return their books on their next library day. If they aren’t finished, they can keep their books longer! If a book is lost or damaged, please try to replace the item with an exact title or a similar title. Thanks so much and make time to read together as much as you can! 


This week in grades 1-3 we are beginning out soccer unit. Students are practicing passing, dribbling, and trapping while avoiding obstacles and defenders. In kindergarten we are getting familiar with the routine gym and playing tag games. 


We have been having a wonderful first full week of school together! This week, we have been practicing our classroom routines and are learning more about our school rules. We were able to practice our first fire drill and enjoy our first school-wide assembly. We are so excited for next week!


We have had a successful full week of school! First graders are mastering their daily routines and procedures. They had their first fire drill this week and did a great job listening to their teachers, demonstrating safe and responsible behavior. Students worked on their iReady diagnostics this week. This information gives their teachers a baseline idea of what each child's strengths and growths are. We ended our week learning about Constitution Day, making class constitutions and reviewing classroom rules. 


The first full week of second grade is (almost) officially in the books! How amazing! This week our second graders continued to explore classroom routines, procedures and expectations. In mathematics, second graders discussed fact families – what are they? How can number flexibility help with fact families? In ELA, learners investigated story elements within narrative mentor texts (who are the characters, what is the setting, etc). As a grade-level, we are gearing up for benchmark assessments of all kinds! Here’s to continuing classroom connection and getting a feel for our wonderful second grade curriculum!


We are busily setting into our routines in third grade. We are finishing up our baseline diagnostic tests and getting ready for small group instruction and centers in the classroom. We are currently looking at history, artifacts, and maps in social studies, beginning multiplication in math, and diving into our Wonders reading series. 


September is National Preparedness Month.  As we start the school year, we practice safe travel in the hallway, cafeteria, and recess.  We had a fire drill on Thursday, practicing gathering outside the school building.

Counselor’s Corner - a Note From Mrs. McKenna about the Holiday Assistance Program.

Holiday Assistance 2023

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal