image of a back to school sign with school supplies and text of AES updates, September 10, 2023

Hello Assawompset Families! 

What a GREAT opening week, despite the heat.  We are very excited for the year ahead and look forward to working together with you to have the best year ever!  Thank you for all your support.

The window project has moved to the second shift and have made some significant progress. 

AES Window Project 9.8.2023

AES Window Project 9.1.2023

AES Window Project 8.25.2023

AES Window Project 8.18.2023

AES Window Project 8.11.2023

AES Window Project 8.1.2023

Important Dates:

October 6th - 1st HALF day for students

October 24th - Fall Picture Day

Open House - TBD (End of October - early November)

October 15th - Constitution Day

Please have your children wear patriotic colors to celebrate the signing of our constitution.  We will begin with a school wide ceremony to educate the students.  Teachers will then engage students in various activities throughout the day!  


It’s September, which means we are celebrating INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY! Every year, all classes create a dot-related project, but the meaning of the book is much, much more. To learn more about this wonderful book and its amazing, LOCAL author, click here. Peter H. Reynolds has his own bookstore in Dedham, called the Blue Bunny. 


Welcome back everyone! This week all classes have been working hard to get back into a music routine and doing a great job! We have had fun getting to know each other with ice breakers songs and games! Looking forward to a wonderful year of making music together! 


Welcome to the library this year! This week, all classes have been learning about library routines, getting to know each other and playing a Would You Rather game centered around reading. And of course, reading some fun and interactive stories!


Welcome back I hope you and your family had a nice summer vacation :) This week in the gym we are discussing what PE is and how we will be learning about moving together this year. To get moving we  started our tag games unit, students are doing a good job playing safely. 


We had a great week welcoming you and your children to kindergarten!  We hope you enjoyed the orientation and that your children returned home from their first day of school with a big smile on their face!  We are very excited about the year ahead and working with you!  Please email your teacher with any questions!


Welcome back first grade families!! What a great week we have had. Students are learning all of their classroom routines and procedures, as well as participating in some get to know you activities with their classmates. The beginning of the year is always such an exciting time as friends reconnect from the previous year and new friendships form. Be sure to check in with your child to see what new routines and activities they have been participating in. We are so proud of their transition from kindergarten and look forward to a wonderful year ahead!!


Second graders are transitioning so well! We are SO proud of all of the students. We have been establishing our rules, routines and learning what it means to be a safe, responsible, and respectful second grader. Check in with your child about some of the expectations they’ve been learning about this week! Next week we will begin our assessments so that your child’s teacher can get to know where each student is academically. We’re looking forward to a wonderful year of learning! 


Grade 3 is all wrapped up in  the big transition from Grade 2! The kids are learning classroom rules and routines, as well as getting to know their classmates and their teacher. Next week we will start our benchmark assessments in reading and math so that we know which skills the kids have mastered.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions you might have.


Welcome Back!

Please reach out to Nurse Nancy if your child needs or takes any medication, inhalers, cough drops, OTC medications during the day.  Children can NOT transport any of the above.  Please arrange to drop off in the Main Office and provide the appropriate forms. Thank you!

Counselor’s Corner - a Note From Mrs. McKenna about the Holiday Assistance Program.

Holiday Assistance 2023

Thank you and have a great day!

Bethany Pineault, Principal