image of a backpack and drawn math equations with text of AES updates, June 11, 2023

Hello Assawompset Families,

REMINDER:  (Reposted from Last Week)

We have some very exciting news!  Assawompset Elementary School is undergoing a major renovation this summer where all windows and doors will be replaced.  This major renovation will take place this summer with completion by the opening of school in September, 2023.  

Please note that the Assawompset Elementary School will be CLOSED during this renovation and Joanne Andrews (Administrative Assistant) and myself will be housed at the George. R. Intermediate School this summer.  Please see the attached letter outlining the project.  

Summer Project 2023

Due to this renovation, our annual Popsicles on the Playground and Kindergarten Orientation may or may not take place during the summertime.  We will still hold a Kindergarten Orientation once the school opens prior to the starting day for kindergarten students.  Please look for any email notifications this summer as I continue to update you on the project and all upcoming events!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

End of the Year Medication Pick Up

Be on the lookout for Medication Pick Up Form.  Please select a day and return the form to school for coordination of medication return.

Medications will be available for pickup at school as follows:

-June 14th during Grade 3 Wax Museum  __

-June 15 during Grade 1 Showcase  ___

-June 15 during Grade 2 Showcase  ___                     

-June 20th during Grade 2 Showcase ___             

-June 20th at dismissal   ___

-June 21th at Morning Drop Off   ___ 

OR at the Lakeville Public Library on July 13, 2023 from 11am-2pm____ 

Please reach out to Nurse Nancy Amaral to coordinate a pick up

Child’s Placement

Please note that your child’s teacher for next year will be documented on the end of year report card.  A hard copy of the report card will be sent home on June 20th.  There will not be an in school step up event this year.  Thank you!


Spirit days to celebrate the end of the year!


Neon Day










Luau Day


No School 


Tie Dye Day


Summer Day




Vacation shirts

Summer Colors

A look into our classrooms:


Please return all library books to the library as soon as possible! Students do not need to wait for their next library day to return their books. All library books have a call number on the spine and a barcode on the back cover. Please take a look around the house, car and other fun places that library books tend to hide. It’s never too late to return a library book! 😀

This week we are continuing to play Coding with Awbie by Osmo. Students are successfully completing the required skills needed to pass the first 2 levels. Great job!


This week in PE we are practicing field day events in grades K-2. In grade 3 we are playing full lacrosse games with goalies, and offensive and defensive players. Students in grade 3 have been doing an amazing job playing them games and working as a team. 


Kindergarten students began their last project, painting fish bowls.

Grade one students completed their Monet Japanese bridges.

Grade two students completed their hot and cold hand designs.

Grade three made Jackson Pollock t-shirts! Check out the superintendent’s Instagram for pictures!



K:  This week in K we worked on our steady beat using different objects such as ball-pit balls and bean bags, along with a song. We also had some time to dance! 

1st: Along with working on our habitat song, all 1st graders played a fun song on instruments.

2nd: This week the 2nd graders learned a fun song about a wolf, played unpitched percussion instruments and played a game. 

3rd: This week is the 3rd grade talent show! Thank you to all of the students and parents who helped make this fun event happen! 


This week in Kindergarten, students have been busy working on their author study projects.  Students have been hard at work researching their favorite authors they want to learn more about.  Students are having fun working in small groups to create an informational display.  In Science, our caterpillars have finally turned into butterflies and it has been so exciting to see them change through all the cycles of life.  Kindergarten students had so much fun participating in field day.  Thank you to everyone that helped make field day such a great success!! We had so much fun!!!!

Grade 1

This week in First Grade, students have been busy finishing up their Animal Research Projects.  They are beginning to create Art to go along with their writing and are looking forward to displaying their finished projects to families on June 15th.  In addition to the projects, students are answering the question of the week, “Why do we celebrate holidays?”.  They are reading stories about the Harvest, Independence Day, and recalling previously learned holidays and how they have various traditions within different communities and families.  We look forward to celebrating and recalling various activities that we have been enjoying within our school throughout the year!

Grade 2

This week in math the 2nd graders have been working on word problems with money.  In reading this week we read the biography “Brave Bessie”  and in Fundations we worked on words with ou and ow.  The children are working hard on their projects and they are looking forward to sharing them with their families on June 15 and June 20th. 

Grade 3

Grade 3 has been busy preparing for the Wax Museum showcase. Don’t miss it! It’s June 14 from 10-12, in the gym. The children are very excited!

We are also squeezing in lots of fun activities as the year winds down. Lots of extra recesses have been earned and the kids are getting lots of exercise and fresh air!


Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Students

Would you like to be an AES Pen Pal?

Each summer children move to Lakeville and need a friend when they start school.  YOU could be that friend!  As a pen pal, your responsibility will be to contact the new student through letters, phone calls, emails or even play dates during the summer.  This way the new student will have you as a friend and feel included as a part of AES when school starts in September.  You may also be lucky enough to be in the same class!

If you would like to be an AES pen pal, please have your family complete the information on this form and return it to me by Friday, June 16th.  

Pen Pal Program Sign Up

Contacts for for Summer Programs Held at GRAIS:

Extended School Year Program (ESY)

Director of Student Services     

Ashley Bouley 508.923.2000 x1711

Jumpstart Program

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Teri Fleming x1721

Kids’ Cafe’ Summer Camp 


Lisa Pacheco     x1730      

Campus Programs  


Diane Czapiga x1719

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Thank you!  Have a great weekend.  

Bethany Pineault