School attendance predicts college success!

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Below is some interesting information regarding the impact good school attendance has on college success.  The information is from an article in the Providence Journal (Monday, November 30, 2015) written by Lynn Arditi.  





School  attendance predicts college success!

A recent study (DataSpark) of public school students (high school graduates of 2009) in Rhode Island found that those with good high school attendance records were three times more likely to be on track to earn a college degree in four years.   The study focused on students who were identified as being chronically absent from school (18 or more absences for school year or 72 absences over four years).  Of the 408 students - identified as chronically absent, who were enrolled full time in college in the Fall of 2009 - the study found that only 12% were still enrolled full time four years later.   High school graduates in the Class of 2009 with good attendance (absences of zero to 5% a year) who had enrolled, full time, in college after graduation were three times more likely to be full time students three years later.