The Lifelong Learning Inventory

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Below is an abbreviated article about lifelong learning. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Lifelong Learning Inventory

In this Faculty Focus article, Maryellen Weimer (Penn State University) touts the Lifelong Learning Inventory, which was developed by a research group at the University of Bristol in the UK. Here are the dimensions:

Growth orientation – The growth mindset (Through effort, my mind can get bigger and stronger, just as my body can) – versus the fixed mindset.

Creative curiosity – Wanting to find things out, get at the truth, challenge assumptions, take ownership for learning – versus passive learners who believe what they’re told.

Meaning-making – Wanting to see how things fit together, watching for links with what they already know, seeing new knowledge in a larger picture – versus those who approach learning piecemeal, accumulate data, don’t make sense of it.

Dependence and fragility – Easily discouraged, go to pieces when they get stuck, are risk-averse, depend on others and external structures for self-esteem – versus those who aren’t frightened by difficulty, are not afraid to make mistakes.

Creativity – Seeing things from different perspectives, playful with ideas, imaginative, ideas bubble up – versus preferring things to be clear cut, tried-and-true, knowing how to proceed, fine with routines, don’t like ambiguity.

Relationship/interdependence – Good at managing the balance between being sociable and private, learning from others but also alone – versus learners who are dependent on others or too isolated from them.

Strategic awareness – Good at reflection and self-evaluation, mindful of how they learn, can assess tasks, determine how much time and what resources will be needed, like to plan and organize their own learning – versus those who lack self-awareness, often confusing it with self-consciousness.


“Taking a Look at the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory” by Maryellen Weimer in Faculty Focus, April 2, 2014,


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