Destination Imagination

Dear FLMS Parents/Guardians,


Below is a message from Mr. Paul Gagnon regarding Destination Imagination.


Dave Patota

Destination Imagination


Destination Imagination or DI for short is a program which challenges kids to solve problems and amaze their parents with their accomplishments. We are looking to form some teams of    3-7 children who want to challenge themselves to reach new heights. The teams pick from among 5 problems and must come up with a solution. It may require you to build a structure or design a machine. There is also a skit which is part of the solution. I would refer you, and You Tube for more information. The teams meet as often as they want, typically once a week. The children have to do all the work. Team managers are there to supervise and provide motivating statements such as my favorites “it’s not my problem” or “if they don’t say you can’t you can” The teams compete at the regional tournament which is held in March. There are 4 levels, Rising Stars, Elementary, Middle School and High School so you are competing against kids who are the same ages. If you are interested please contact me at If there is enough interest I will schedule a meeting where I can share more information. This is really an outstanding program and every year the kids amaze me with the things they are able to invent. I’ve seen the quietest kid turn into the star of the show. I swear I can see their confidence grow in front of my eyes.