Friday, April 28, 2017 ~ Day 1


The Spring online athletic registration is open and will close on Thursday, March 16th.

This site will open again on Monday, March 20th for late registrations.  

Students not registered prior to March 16th will need to watch the first day of practice.

All Spring preseason meetings can be found at: 



ARHS_Cabucio.JPGJames Cabucio  
Athletic Director
Campus Facilitator
508 947-2660  x1161

                  David Nasiff  
                  Athletic Trainer

Fall Teams

Cheerleading - Kaylee Silveira

Cross Country, Boys - Jeff Gallant  

Cross Country, Girls - Dan Rutledge

Field Hockey - Cynthia Cuthbertson

Football - Zane Fyfe

Golf - Dan Rose

Soccer, Boys - Trevor Gagnier

Soccer, Girls - Robin Ireland  

Volleyball - Jennifer Long

Winter Teams

Basketball, Boys - Jim Cabucio  

Basketball, Girls - Trevor Gagnier

Ice Hockey - Craig Correia

Swim, Boys - Thomas Ashley

Swim, Girls - Val Dors  

Track - Dan Rutledge

Spring teams

Baseball - James Cabucio

Lacrosse, Boys - Jeremy Nodelman

Lacrosse, Girls - Laura Magno

Outdoor Track, Girls - Jeff Gallant 

Outdoor Track, Boys -  Zane Fyfe

Softball - Melanie Almeida

Tennis, Boys - Nathan Eleuterio

Tennis, Girls - Kenneth Lanyon