This week, at the Art Show, our 6th grade students unveiled some of the extra projects they were working on this year. One, is the 5th Annual Bottle Cap Mural that is ironically called "Turtles don't like plastic". Hundreds of bottle caps were individually attached. Hanging in the lobby is another sculptural addition made with 300+ plastic bottles that were painted, cut and assembled to mimic Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Spirit Week: Please note that we will be celebrating Spirit Week next week. The Student Council has decided 5 fun themes: Monday - Sports Day ~ Tuesday - Twin Day ~ Wednesday - Pajama Day ~ Thursday - Class Colors ~ Friday - School Pride Day (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Music In Our Schools Night - March 10, 2020 Students in the 7th and 8th grade chorus and band will be joining the High School in a night of music. The band concert begins at 6:00 PM. Students should arrive at 5:45 PM. The choral concert begins at 7:00 PM. Students should arrive at 6:45 PM. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
MATH AT THE MALL - The 6th grade class took their annual field trip to the mall to apply some of the skills they have learned in math class to the real world on Thursday, February 13. The students had a great time working in small groups to solve math problems pertaining to measurement, prices, percentages, and more. A big thank you to Mr. E. and the rest of the 6th grade teachers for organizing this exceptional learning opportunity. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Every year the Friends of the Falcon Club raises money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We raise money by selling carnations and fun toys to students in the cafeteria during lunch. There are also boxes in every homeroom for donations. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has invested over $1.3 billion in blood cancer research over the past 70 years but there is still more to do. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
CUBE TEAM - On Saturday, January 25th, 8 of our fastest cubers traveled to Concord, MA to represent FLMS in The New England Rubik’s Cube Tournament. The FLMS cubers did an amazing job by earning 1st Place in both the 2x2 and 3x3 Team Competitions. Great Work, Cubers! (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
A Big Thank You to ARHS’s nurse, Mrs. Paula Mueller for her presentation on Vaping and Drug Awareness last night. We had a good showing of concerned and engaged parents interested in learning about the vaping epidemic that we are currently experiencing across the country. I would also like to thank the Superintendent, Mr. Richard Medeiros, Guidance Director Paula Money and SRO Bartholomew for being a part of this important presentation. (CLICK FOR MORE!)
Student Government met on Tuesday afternoon. Students focused on moving ahead with plans to install hydration stations at the middle school. The students have already done some fundraising for this project and have started the process of finding available grant money to fund a portion of the project. Students will be assisting in applying for these grants. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Auditions for The Lion King Jr. were this past week. We had a great turnout of over 80 students. The cast list was posted today. Unfortunately we were not able to accept all 80 students. If you were not accepted, we encourage you to help with backstage or try again next year. Our first rehearsal for all cast members is this coming Monday, January 13th from 2:30-4:00. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
6100 Acts of Kindness Challenge - Many students on team 6100 participated in the annual Acts of Kindness Challenge. The challenge is to do something nice for someone everyday for the first two weeks of December. During that time, 6100 along with the help of many other students and staff at FLMS, was able to send 162 Christmas cards to Carlos, a sick boy at a hospital in Boston. Carlos wanted the cards to decorate his hospital room since he would unfortunately be there throughout the holidays. It was so great to hear and see all the kind things that the kids did this month. Thank you to all who participated in helping spread more kindness. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Attention all Singers, Actors and Dancers! Auditions for the The Lion King are January 6th and 7th from 2:30-4:30 in the auditorium. Both days are mandatory. An information sheet can be picked up in the Main Office or with Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Blell. We can’t wait to get started!! (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Congratulations to the 8100 Team, the 6100 Team and the Library for winning the Inaugural Holiday Hallway Decorating Contest. It was a difficult decision for judges, Dr. Pat Gablinske, SRO Bartholomew, Mr. James Hallal and Ms. Ashley Bouley. (CLICK TO READ MORE AND SEE PICTURES!)
A big shout-out to the 6100 and 6200 teams for their Hunger Feast Food Drive. The sheer amount of donated food was very impressive. Additionally, the Hunger Feast lessons conducted by the teams were extremely informative. It was clear that the students were engaged and interested in the concepts being discussed and displayed. Great Job! (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Congratulations to this year’s Project 351 Ambassadors. Project 351 is an independent nonprofit organization that builds a movement of youth-led service by engaging an unsung hero from each of Massachusetts' 351 cities and towns. United for a year of leadership and service, Ambassadors transform communities, elevate kindness, advance social justice, and gain the courage, compassion, and capabilities to lead change. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Congratulations to all of the candidates who gave their speeches today for Student Government. We were most impressed by their insightful ideas and poise under pressure. The election will take place on Monday, November 18th. Good luck, candidates! (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
Congratulations to the FLMS Cross Country teams. On Monday, both teams came in first place out of 8 schools at the Massasoit League Meet. The FLMS Boys and Girls Basketball teams held tryouts for this week. Coach Gallagher and Coach Mangini were very impressed by the effort that the students put forth and want to thank all who tried out. (CLICK TO READ MORE!)
The FLMS Cross Country teams continued their wining ways this week. On Monday the boys and girls teams defeated Berkley. Both teams followed that stellar performance with a dominating home win over Case Middle School on Wednesday. The FLMS Co-Ed Soccer Team completed their season with a 2-0 victory over Berkley this week. (CLICK TO READ MORE)
Calling all 7th Grade Parents and Guardians! We are starting to plan for the 8th Grade Social and need your help! Please attend the information meeting being held on Monday, October 28th at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria. The purpose of the meeting is to brainstorm theme ideas and to answer questions. CLICK TO READ MORE
The FLMS CoEd soccer team improved their record to 8-2 with a 2-0 victory versus Raynham. The team invites everyone to their home game next Tuesday versus undefeated Rehoboth. Are you a leader, a motivational speaker and a role model to your peers? Do you want to work hard to make a difference in your school and community? Would you like to plan and organize fun events? Then please consider running for Student Government! CLICK TO READ MORE!
A big thank you to the PTO! Through their generosity, we have been able to acquire new tech equipment for our Health Room and Robotics Club. As always, we have been emphasizing bus safety with our riders. Please remind your students to follow their driver's instructions and adhere to proper behavior guidelines on the bus. In order to help keep our students and drivers safe during their travels, all buses are equipped with several safety features including two security cameras. (CLICK TO READ MORE)
A big Thank You to the FLMS PTO for the delicious luncheon they provided on Monday for the faculty and staff. The entire FLMS staff would like to give a big shout out to our custodial staff Ken, Jim, David, Matt, and Almando for all of their hard work. (CLICK TO READ MORE)
Back to School Night was a Great Success! A big thank you to all the staff for their diligent efforts at this important event. Congratulations to the FLMS Soccer Team for their victories over Middleborough and Norton this week. (read more)
It was a great first week at Freetown Lakeville Middle School! The students have done an excellent job of transitioning from the lazy days of Summer to the structure and engagement of school. I have observed multiple incidents of students helping one another in the classroom, the lunchroom and on the bus lines. (click to read more)
The FLMS teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, and secretaries had a busy week getting the building and classrooms ready for the First Day of School! Like the students, we are counting down the hours until their arrival and looking forward to a productive year of learning and growing.
I extend to you my deepest appreciation for the warm welcome that I have received as the new principal of Freetown-Lakeville Middle School. I have greatly enjoyed my interactions with the staff, students and families who have met with me over the spring. I look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming months as we work together to provide the highest quality educational experiences for our students.
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer break. May your time with family and friends be joyous, fulfilling, and restful.
"Due to the constant temptation to check their smartphones, today's students are spending less time on their schoolwork, taking longer to complete assignments, and feeling more stressed in the process," says Larry Rosen (California State University/Dominguez Hills) in this Kappan article. Have we reached the saturation point?
In this Education Week Article, Hunter Gehlbach (University of California/Santa Barbara) ... suggests distilling social-emotional learning to three core competencies that are "truly fundamental" prerequisites to students' academic success and personal well-being.
In this article in The Cut, Cari Romm writes about her "deep-seated, seemingly unshakable need to be liked" by everyone she encounters. Checking in with friends, she's found that this is a pretty common affliction. It's not very helpful to tell yourself it doesn't matter if people like you, says Romm. Better to heed advice she's gathered from psychologists:
I would like to wish a everyone a wonderful Spring break. May your time with family and friends be joyous, fulfilling, and restful.
In this article in Scientific America, Heather Butler (California State University/ Dominguez Hills) says the advantages of having a high I.Q. are undeniable: "Intelligent people are more likely to get better grades and go farther in school. They are more likely to be successful at work. And they are less likely to get into trouble (e.g., commit crimes) as adolescents." But Butler's family delights in pointing out times when she, a university professor, "makes really dumb mistakes."
In this New York Times article, author Alex Stone reports on the surprising outcomes of a study of young people's dishonesty. Researchers told children not to look at a hidden toy and them made an excuse to leave the room. Within seconds of being left alone, the vast majority of children peeked at the toy.
I would like to wish a everyone a wonderful Winter break. May your time with family and friends be joyous, fulfilling, and restful.
In this Wall Street Journal article, author Daniel Pink says that standard units of time - seconds, hours, weeks - "are really fences that our ancestors constructed to corral time. But one unit remains beyond our control: We inhabit a planet that turns on its axis at a steady speed in a regular pattern, exposing us to consistent periods of light and dark. The day is perhaps the most important way that we divide, configure, and evaluate our time."
In this New York Times article, Farhad Manjoo reports on his decision to turn off digital news notifications, disconnect from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, and get his news solely from the print editions of three newspapers. "Basically, I was trying to slow-jam the news," he says. "It has been life changing. Turning off the buzzing."
I would like to wish a everyone a wonderful Holiday break. May your time with family and friends be joyous, fulfilling, and restful. See you in 2019!
In this Cult of Pedagogy article, Jennifer Gonzalez says she never planned to teach middle school, but that was the level with job openings as she finished her training, so she dove in - and ended up falling in love with the kids' quirky characteristics.
Dear FLMS Families, I would like to wish a everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving break. May your time with family and friends be joyous, fulfilling, and restful.
In Factfulness, a book currently on The New York Times best-seller list, Hans Rosling, the late Swedish physician and statistician, describes ten ways we tend to misinterpret the world around us, and offers advice on how to do better;
In this article in Psychology Today, science writer Jena Pincott lists correctives for some common cognitive biases (inborn and acquired):
In this article in Independent School, NAIS president Donna Orem describes her own fear of failure when she visited a school and tried to complete an eighth-grade maker project involving circuit boards. “I wrestled with the soldering, something I’d never done before, and quickly became quite anxious,” she says.
“We hear that stress can lead to everything from depression to cancer,” says psychiatrist Richard Friedman (Weill Cornell Medical College) in this New York Times article. “But the right kind of stress can actually be beneficial. And it’s particularly important for young people, whose brains and bodies are uniquely sensitive to the impact of experience. Stress is really just our body’s response to a challenge. The key to good stress is that the challenge be something you can manage and even master.” ...
I hope all our FLMS families fun and safe summer! Thank you for all your support this year. We are a better school due to your involvement.
“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Confucius (c.551-479 B.C.)
“Anxiety checks learning. An overall feeling of inferiority, a temporary humiliation, a fit of depression, defiance or anger, a sense of being rejected, and many other emotional disturbances affect the learning process. The reverse is true; a feeling of well-being and being respected by others stimulates an alert mind, willingness to participate, and an attitude conducive to learning." Eda LeShan, The Conspiracy Against Childhood (1967)
“Life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it.” Charles Swindoll
Missing a lot of school throws students off track to educational success. Studies of chronic absenteeism in preK, kindergarten, and the elementary grades have consistently found links to lower achievement levels in later grades, especially for children from low-income families.
Dropped in the middle of the forest, hikers know they can’t divine their way out by looking at the ground. They use a compass.