Mission Statement

It is the intent of Freetown Elementary School to foster and enhance the development of the whole child and potential life-long learner by creating a responsible citizen who is capable of utilizing creative, critical and problem solving skills. Our mission statement is achieved by:

  • Engaging students, teachers, parents and citizens of Freetown to work in a cooperative manner to build pride, respect and accountability for the learning of:
  • Assisting all students to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Utilizing current materials, technology, and research.
  • Encouraging all staff to attend professional development seminars, programs, workshops or courses to enhance their skill and to be aware of current educational
  • Providing for the diversity of student's learning styles.
  • Focusing on intellectual, emotional, social and physical development through the
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Aligning our curriculum to the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework standards.
  • By placing a strong emphasis on responsibility, accountability, and mutual respect, we will share a confident and contributing member of society.