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Q - What type of questions and answers will I find here
A - Any thing dealing with technology.  In the future as this area grows it will be put in catagories and made searchable.

Q - I have an iPad and need to connect to the FLRSD wireless access point.

  1. Open your "Settings" Icon
  2. Click on "Wi-Fi"
  3. Click on "FLRSD-Guest"
  4. Wait for it to connect.
  5. Close "Settings"
  6. Open "Safari"
  7. It should land on a screen that says "Ruckus Onboarding Portal" and show a "Guest Access and Register Device" buttons.
  8. If you are a teacher or staff member of FLRSD then push the Register Device button.  If not then push the Guest Access button.
  9. You should see "Ruckus WLAN Connection Activation" login screen.  Enter you user name and password as if you were logging into you PC but add freelake (freelake\jsmith).

Give it a minute. It will connect the device to the wireless access points in all schools.

Q.  Why is my Droid phone not getting my email from my Freelake email account.
A.  If it is not working after you go through the setup of new account check the below settings:

  1. Click on the Email Icon.     
  2. Bottom right corner there are three small dots, click on these, the "Settings" button comes up.  Click on it.
  3.  The Incoming settings are: 

           a.  User name:  your complete email address
           b.  Password:  Your email password.
           c.  IMAP Server is:
           d.  Port:  143

           e.  No other changes, leave everything as is

The Outgoing settings are:

            a.  SMTP server:
            b.  Port:  587
            c.  Security type:  None
            d.  Check box by "Require sign-in."
            e.  Authentication methog;  "LOGIN"
            f.  User name:
            b. Password: Your email password.