Educational Vision

The Freetown-Lakeville Regional Schools provide an enriching, supportive, safe environment in which all students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as productive, respectful, contributing members of a global society. In schools across the district all staff feel professionally responsible for working toward shared goals that are focused on high-quality teaching and learning. Teachers use agreed-upon research based practices and innovative approaches to deliver a challenging, cohesive, Pre K-12 standards-based curriculum that reflect 21st century knowledge and skills. Highly functional teams in schools across the district use multiple forms of data to question, understand, and improve students’ performance and the effectiveness of classroom and school practices. The professional culture of the district is defined by strong forms of internal accountability that drives a continuous process of improvement and contributes to high levels of individual and collective efficacy. As a high-performing district, Freetown-Lakeville is fully committed to learning for all students and recognizes that it is people and practices that make a difference.

Theory of Action

If all members of our schools develop collective expectations for teaching and assessing learning, are allowed opportunities to build their capacity to meet those expectations, are held accountable by each other for meeting those expectations, then instructional practice will improve, educators will be responsible for student learning, and student performance will increase.

District-Wide Goals

The educators of the Freetown and Lakeville Public Schools are committed to the deep implementation of these three core initiatives to achieve its mission and vision.

  1. We will foster a culture of professional responsibility, collaborative decision making and shared practice where all members are collectively committed to our shared vision of continuous improvement.

  2. Based on the use of multiple data sources which assess student learning, we will provide challenging, research-based instruction and curriculum that meets the needs of all our students as they prepare for the 21st century.

  3. All students will meet or exceed district developed learning outcomes which will build a deep conceptual understanding across the curriculum.

NCLB Report Cards 
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Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate (ALICE) training presentation by Officer Ryan Maltais