August 1, 2019


August 1, 2019

Dear ARHS Students and Families,

Evidence of Laker Pride is everywhere! A new banner denoting our placement among the top 100 high schools in the US will soon grace the school’s entrance, finishing touches are being placed on student schedules, plans for “Laker Pride Night” are being finalized, and a ’20 is being painted out at Griffith Field! Your return to ARHS is upon us and we are excited to welcome you back. 

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3rd. Please do the following before then:

  • Review the Student Handbook on our website under the Parents/Students tab

  • Examine your Course List (mailed on 8/1) and be aware Guidance Counselors return on August 26th

  • Complete your Summer Assignments including Girl in the Blue Coat 

Check out our Instagram: arhs_laker_nation_grams and see some great pics of your teachers and peers reading the OneBook (OBOS) selection. Students who submit an OBOS Summer Reading photo to by 8/26/19 will be entered in a raffle for the following:

Class of 2020 Winner = 1 parking spot and 1st choice

Class of 2021 Winner = 1 Homecoming ticket

Class of 2022 Winner =  1 ARHS Laker Yearbook

Class of 2023 Winner = 1 Laker Nation sweatshirt

I am pleased to announce that Monica Hesse, author of Girl in the Blue Coat, will be here to address students on September 20th.  I am also pleased to share that former NBA player, Chris Herren, will be here on October 29th to share his narrative with our student body. 

The following are pieces of information you need to know regarding the first day of school:

  • Tuesday, September 3rd is a Day 1

  • School opens at 7:00 AM (early arrivals wait in the Lecture Hall)

  • Advisory begins promptly at 7:10 AM 

  • Grid schedules will be provided in Advisory

  • Lockers will be assigned - students are to provide their own locks

  • School will conclude at 1:43 PM

  • Wednesday, September 4th is also a Day 1, dismissal is at 12:43 PM, as it is on all Wednesdays

As you review the ARHS Handbook, please be advised that our school policy regarding cell phone use remains at the discretion of administration and instructional staff.  We, as a school community, embrace the use of such technologies for academic purposes and for appropriate school sanctioned communication. We continue to seek the support of parents, guardians, and students as we adhere to established policies and encourage device and network use that does not create distractions in the learning environment. 

Additionally, please review our Handbook statements regarding Academic Integrity. It is our policy and practice to promote Achievement, Resilience, Honor, and Self-advocacy through authentic and independent learning. To that end, students and families will routinely be reminded about our academic success and will be called upon to assist us in maintaining high standards as they relate to academic and social behavior. 

We continue to use PlusPortals. Grade updates will be accessible every two weeks starting on September 20th.  A complete list of dates is available in the ARHS Handbook. 

The Fall athletic season begins with football on August 16th and all other sports on August 22nd.  Please contact Athletic Director James Cabucio at should you have any questions.

Other dates to save are as follows. To view all events visit our calendar at

August 20th “Freshman & New Student Orientation”

August 26th  “Class of 2020 Laker Pride Night”

September 5th “Fall Play Auditions”

September 16th “Student Picture Day”

November 21st “Fall Parent/Guardian Night”    

Have a safe and enjoyable remainder of your vacation. See you soon!


Barbara Starkie, Ed.D.