September, 8th 2017
On Monday, September 11th at 8:46 a.m. many schools in the Commonwealth will participate in a moment of peaceful reflection. This event has become an annual tribute to not only those individuals lost on 9-11 but the many who continue to serve our communities and nation.
September, 1st 2017
Please see the 2017-18 school calendar for upcoming lists of events. With summer winding down, this is a perfect time to support leisure reading and to begin preparing your children for the “school routine”.
August, 28th 2017
Our district and schools collect data including scores on tests and assignments, report card grades, student attendance, demographics, information on special needs, graduation and remediation rates, and disciplinary actions.
August, 22nd 2017
I am excited to inform you that our entire talented, leadership team is returning along with twenty new employees to strengthen our high functioning teaching staff at all five schools. In addition to hiring staff, we have been busy this summer upgrading technology and maintaining our facilities both on the main campus and at our satellite schools.
June, 22nd 2017
The 2017-18 school calendar is on our district website for some helpful dates. With summer finally here, this is a perfect time to support leisure reading and to receive academic support in areas of growth for your children. I am excited and I look forward to preparing this summer for another successful school year in the fall.