Raise the Bar

The Freetown-Lakeville Regional School District FY17 budget was voted on last week. The school committee adopted a FY17 budget of $35,967,772 which includes $515,000 of Excess and Deficiency funding and additional documented revenues. The total spending is $36,844,772. The school committee and administration are working hard to restore staffing positions, address class size numbers, and to continue initiatives in the following areas: technology, instructional materials, security, and capital projects.  This commitment must be balanced with the fiscal parameters established by both towns. The FY17 budget is a 5.86 % increase in total spending from the FY16 budget.  This translates to a 2.31 % assessment increase in Freetown and a 6.28 % assessment increase in Lakeville. We will continue to work on a fiscally responsible budget that provides staff support and the necessary resources for all our children.        

The Assawompset Elementary Facility Study Sub-Committee will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.  The next meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. in the staff development room across from the library. We continue to examine some of the proposed work from the recently released Existing Conditions Report of AES as we look toward next steps in the process.    

The FLRSD voted to remain a School Choice District for the 2016-17 school year, but did identify grades 4, 6, 9, and 10 as the only grades to accept new students with a total of 16 slots open. The district currently has 43 school choice students attending the five regional schools.  The lottery for selection of applications took place today, Friday, May 6, 2016.   Letters will be mailed out next week.   All pertinent information on this topic including all forms may be found on our website www.freelake.org    

Our next school committee meeting will be next Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at Freetown Elementary School beginning at 6:30 p.m. There are only 33 school days left in the academic year. Our last day of school is currently, Thursday, June 23, 2016.  Please take a look at the individual school calendars for opportunities to participate in your child’s end of year school experience.   I appreciate your support for all our schools and I look forward to our continued drive toward excellence.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call at 508-923-2000 ext. 1703 or e-mail me at rmedeiros@freelake.org.

“The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark” – Artist - Michelangelo 

Apponequet Regional High School
May 6, 2016

Hello Laker Nation,

Spring Athletics is well underway!  Girls Tennis is 5-0-0 and our other teams are holding their own. Please visit here for a schedule and support our teams by attending a game/meet/match.  http://www.southcoastconference.org

The 3rd Annual ARHS Art Show was a big success! Congratulations to Mrs. Erwin and Ms. Lima and all of our students.  Artwork will remain hanging in the IMC for several weeks.  Students are encouraged to stop in and view the excellent work.

Let’s hear it for ARHS’s Academic All Stars!  The following students constitute the Class of 2016’s Top 5 and, as a result, were acknowledged at an SCC luncheon in their honor this past week!  Congratulations to: Nathan Sylvia, Abigail Keith, Michaela Arguin, Megan Medeiros, and Jacquelyne Levesque.  Check out our site for a photo of this event!

Here is a great Laker story!  Brian Gleason, ARHS Class of 1982, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing.  What an honor for Brian and what a message for our students about how successful our graduates become!  While a Laker, Brian was a member of the National Honor Society and a National Merit Scholar.  He was also the captain of the Laker football and baseball teams his senior year. He went on to graduate from Bentley in 1986.  Brian is the son of Bernard and Ella Gleason, members of the ARHS Hall of Fame. Brian’s siblings - Tina, Robert, James, Stephen, Kevin and Lynn all graduated from ARHS as well. Here is an article about Brian's accomplishment.


Our 23 French Exchange ARHS students, Mr. Powers, and Mrs. Hartley arrived safely in France last week.  The group visited Normandy and Paris and reunited with their French counterparts.  Feel free to follow their journey at: http://apponequet.blogspot.com

Mr. Rosa, Mr. Pollino and our DECA National competitors have returned from Nashville. Stay tuned for their results!

Congratulations to Class of 2016’s Ryan Donovan.  Ryan signed a National Letter of Intent to play lacrosse at Assumption College for the Division 2 Greyhounds. In attendance at the signing were Ryan’s father, Patrick, and Athletic Director James Cabucio.  Best wishes to Ryan and his family on the next phase of Ryan’s academic and athletic career!

You may have seen some familiar faces at the Red Sox game on April 15th!  That is because approximately forty students, Mr. Rosa, Ms. Ross and Mr. Pollino were in attendance.  In addition to watching the game, these members of the ARHS community meet with Red Sox Business Managers and they will tour Fenway!

Class of 2016 members heading off to BCC in the Fall took a field trip to campus. Mrs. Fontaine and Mrs. Lombard escorted the students as they toured campus, made first semester schedules, and met with staff members.

As we head into AP Exams, here are some interesting facts from Mrs. Money, Guidance Department Head and AP Coordinator.  We will administer 279 exams to 174 students.  This year we will be administering9 more exams and have 20 more students testing than we did in 2015.  More significant is the fact that we have around 30 fewer students in grades 11 and 12. This means that an amazing 49% of students in grades 11 and 12 are taking one or more AP exams! In 2012, the first year that we started keeping stats, we administered 165 exams to 113 students. That’s a 68% increase in exams in five years, with fewer students!  Great work!

Class of 2016 Parents/Guardians:  An informational packet containing details and expectations for Graduation, Senior Banquet, Prom, and other year end activities was emailed via OneCallNow on March 24th and will be provided to students at a meeting on April 29th. This packet is also posted on our home page.  As always, we look forward to your assistance as we usher our current grade 12 students into their new roles as ARHS Alumni.

Free Math and Biology MCAS tutoring is available.  Students in grades 9 or 10 seeking assistance with Math MCAS preparation are welcome to attend on Mondays, from 1:53 - 2:53 pm, in Room 111.  Students in grade 9 seeking assistance with Biology MCAS preparation are welcome to attend on Thursdays, from 1:53 - 2:53 pm, in Room 132.  If you have any questions, please contact your Guidance Counselor at (508) 947-2660.  

For our athletic calendar, visit www.southcoastconference.org.  

Upcoming Events:

May 6   - Grade Update Release

May 12 - Spring Concert

May 13  - AP Exams end

May 13 - Spring Coffee House

May 20 - Grade Update Release

May 21 - Jr. Sr. Prom

May 24 - Senior Final Exams begin

May 25 - School Council Meeting

May 27 - Quarter 4 Grades Close for Grade 12

May 30 - Memorial Day - School Closed

May 31 - Senior Send Off

May 31 - Senior Awards Night

June 1  - Marching Rehearsals

June 1  - Biology MCAS Exams

June 2  - Marching Rehearsals

June 2  - Senior Banquet

June 2  - Biology MCAS Exams

June 3  - Graduation

Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Council on Aging Visitors:
The Grade 8 Friends of Rachel invited the Freetown Council on Aging members to our school for a breakfast social. The students and visitors had a great time and great conversations. Thank you to all the staff, students, and visitors who participated and joined our event!

National Junior Honor Society:

Letters went home to 33 current seventh graders who have  demonstrated academic excellence at FLMS and have been given the opportunity to be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. New inductees will meet with current 8th grade members to discuss the importance of being a member. The new members will be inducted in a ceremony held at FLMS on May 25.

Rubik's Cube Year-End Tournament:

The event will be on Saturday, June 11th right here in our district! Schools from all across New England will be coming to FLMS on the morning of June 11th to compete in three different events. There will be the 2x2 solve, the 3x3 solve, and the team solve (which consists of 8 students solving 25 cubes collectively in the shortest amount of time). Be sure to keep your ears and eyes open for event times as June is quickly approaching. This is something that you want to see to believe. You don't believe that solving a cube in under 25 seconds is possible? Come watch and see for yourself!

Connecting Art and Social Studies:

Grade 7 art students are completing an interdisciplinary lesson on Ancient Greece. Students learn about Ancient Greece in social studies, then learn to sculpt models of functional Greek vessels. We identify various types of Greek vessels used during Symposium (Awesome Greek Parties!). We use various plastic bottles, paper mache and paint. We are excited for everyone to see them.  Thank you to all who donated plastic bottles!!!

Promotion Ceremony:

The promotion ceremony for our eighth graders will be held in our gymnasium on June 22nd from 9:15-10:45.  

Math MCAS Dates:

May 10 and 11Grade Six

May 12 and 13Grade Eight

May 16 and 17 Grade Seven

Science MCAS Dates:

May 18 and 19Grade Eight (only grade tested)

Socials Sponsored by the PTO:

June 9Grade Six

May 20Grade Seven

June 11Grade 8

George R. Austin Intermediate School
I would like to take the time to begin this week by honoring the staff of GRAIS.  This week, we celebrated “Staff Appreciation” week.  Being an educator is undoubtedly the most influential position one can hold.  Working with your children each and every day and going above and beyond to instill a love for learning is our true motivation.   Without the teachers, specialists, counselors, nurses, custodians, paraprofessionals, front office staff and school recess and lunch aides, there would be no foundation to support GRAIS.  “THEY” are the foundation that holds up the Intermediate School and makes us thrive in this community.  Together, they stand tall, with pride, commitment, dedication, passion and a sense of ownership and belonging to what they truly call HOME.  They value learning and push each and every child to do their best.  They take time to plan and celebrate victories.  They never give up and are relentless in encouraging your children to try new things and persevere. They give their time, their passion and at times even their earnings to the students here at GRAIS on a a daily basis and I think I speak for everyone when I say “thank you” making the George R. Intermediate School a home surrounded with compassion, commitment and love.  There’s not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for each and every one of you! Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Despite the rain and miserable weather, we have had a wonderful week here at GRAIS.  The students had a fabulous time here at the Luau on Friday evening and we had over 200 students attend.  Last night we held our very first parent informational night for the parents of the third grade students from both FES and AES.  Thanks for all that came and a HUGE shout out to the staff at GRAIS that attended the event on their own time.

The PTO has truly gone above and beyond in recognizing teachers this year for staff appreciation with the luncheon, chocolate sweets, book fair gift certificates and an amazing candy bar.  The words “Thank You,” are truly not enough.

The next PTO meeting will be on Monday, May 16 @ 7:00p.m. in the GRAIS cafeteria.

The dates for testing in the spring are outlined on our website and are below:

The dates for MCAS testing are:

May 10 & 11, 2016 - 5th Grade Math

May 12 & 13, 2016 - 4th Grade Math

May 17 & 18, 2016 - 5th Grade Science & Technology

4th Grade ELA & Social Studies:

Students are continuing their reading of the novel Number the Stars. We are discussing the events of World War II and discussing bravery through the main character of the book, Annemarie. Students are very interested in the topic so please feel free to discuss it at home. In Social Studies we are continuing our study of the regions of the United States and learning all about the natural resources, climate and culture that is part of these regions.

Upcoming events- Our field trip is scheduled to be on May 26th!  Be sure that you have sent in the permission slip and money so that your 4th grader can head to the Museum of Science.

4th Grade Math & Science:

4th grade math teachers and students are working hard to prepare for the MCAS test which is next Thursday and Friday.  We are still learning new skills like

adding/subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying fractions and decimal place value, and also trying to review skills from all year.

5th Grade Math:

5th grade math spent the beginning of the week classifying 2-dimensional shapes and identifying properties of 2-dimensional shapes based on the categories to which they belong. At home, use the website <studyjams.scholastic.com> to practice the songs students have learned in class for memorizing the types of triangles and quadrilaterals. We are also making sure 5th graders are ready for the 5th grade Math MCAS next Tuesday and Wednesday. Encourage your child to reflect on everything we’ve done in math this year and to think of topics or skills they’d like their teacher to help them with or to review. Remind your child that the MCAS tests are a great way to show off everything they’ve learned this year and to get recognition for all of their hard work. Students should put in their best effort and make sure they take their time and do out the work for problems.

5th Grade ELA:

​This week students are beginning their final unit in Reading where they will explore the question, "how do people and animals adapt to different situations?"  The first story is titled, Weslandia.  It's a story about a boy named Wesley who is just very different from everyone else.  Throughout the summer, Wesley creates his own civilization in his backyard that includes unknown plants and fruits. Everyone becomes interested in what Wesley is doing, and now the people who once tormented him want to help him.  Students will work on drawing conclusions and questioning as they enjoy this fictional story.


4th graders are in the middle of their clay unit. They are learning how to create a pinch pot, how to attach clay, and how to glaze.

5th grade classes are working on various collaborative artworks in preparation for our the Art & Music Show in June!





May 16th - School Council @ 2:30p.m.

May 16th - PTO Meeting @ 7:00p.m. in Cafeteria

Assawompset Elementary School
Second-Graders Celebrate National Arbor Day
By Nancy Barboza

Second-graders at AES celebrated Arbor Day on Friday, April 29th. Our community partner, The Lakeville Garden Club, provided blue spruce seedlings for all of the second-graders.  Jr. Garden Club Chair and former AES teacher, Geri Taylor, and second grade teacher and  Lakeville Garden Club Arbor Day Chair, Mrs. Barboza spread the word about the importance of trees.  Children were reminded that trees clean our air, provide food and shelter for animals and humans alike, and provide beauty for all.  

Second-graders enjoyed cooperatively acting out the parts of the tree with a Project Wild lesson.  The roots, heartwood, cambium, xylum, phloem, and bark of the tree played their parts during the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Arbor Day is always a fun day of learning at Assawompset.

Attention grade 3 parents!!

George R. Austin Intermediate School Presents:

An informational night with grade 4 teachers

When: Thursday, May 5, 2016

Where:  GRAIS Cafeteria


Parents of AES students– 5:30–6:30

Parents of FES students7:00–8:00

Grade 3 MCAS Prep:         April 5, 12, 26, May 3,11*, 17 (* Wednesday) 

Grade 3 MCAS dates: ELA- April 6 and 7Math-May 18 and 19

Parents please be mindful about making every effort to have students present on those days. We do have a few make up days set aside for illness but our window for administering this assessment is limited.

Classroom Chatter


This week in Kindergarten we read Mayday! Mayday! A Coast Guard Rescue by Chris Demarest.  Students enjoyed learning about different types of rescue transportation that can help in an emergency.  Our focus letter this week was Xx and students continued to practice high frequency words yellow, blue, and green.  In math, students had fun using scales to weigh different objects.  Students estimated how much things would weigh and used math terminology such as heavier and lighter.

Grade One:

Our big question has changed to “What do we treasure?”  This week we focused on how a surprise can be a treasure.  In our main selection, Mama’s Birthday Present we learned that some gifts come from the heart. Our phonics skill was words with ai, ay and our comprehension skill was drawing conclusions/monitor and classify.  We also worked on some special projects for moms and wish them all a very happy Mother’s Day!

Grade Two:  This week in language arts, the second graders will be reading a realistic fiction story titled Bad Dog, Dodger!  They will be looking for things that could really happen to a boy and his dog as they learn how to be responsible animal owners. The students will also begin a writing piece.  The students will be reviewing letter writing and the concept of opinion writing. Then, they will write persuasive letters.

The students are also working on a variety of projects to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Grade Three:

This week in ELA third graders will be reading a biography titled Rocks in His Head.  Some skills that third graders will work on this week in ELA include comprehension skills including inferring and determining if a statement is a fact or opinion, using possessive pronouns, and using words involving prefixes in spelling. In mathematics, students will work on geometry concepts and learning about the attributes of shapes. In S.S., third grade students are learning about the American Revolution.


Our library now has a Makerspace!  A makerspace is a dedicated space that allows students to play, explore, create, problem solve and grow using different kinds of tools, materials and technologies. I love being able to expose our students to STEAM activities at such a young age.  Incorporating the sciences, technology, engineering,  arts, and math in the library is so empowering!

Students have truly enjoyed using our new tools and technologies. The library purchased four sets of the STEAM Little Bits. Little Bits are electronic building blocks that snap together to create endless possibilities. With these, students can create anything from alarms to circuit cars. Three Blue-Bots and two mats were also purchased for the library’s Makerspace. Blue-Bots are programmable robots for students to use. They are very user friendly and help students learn sequencing, problem solving and early coding skills. The library also purchased 4 sets of Makey Makey -- Makey Makey is a tool that can turn an ordinary object like a banana into a touchpad. Anything that conducts electricity can be used from ketchup to symbols to anything that is wet. Students can also create a game using Scratch and play their game using Makey Makey -- very cool! Finally, a Lego Wall was installed for the library’s Makerspace. The Lego Wall is a great hands on activity for all students.  Students can create and build anything from a Marble Run to telling a story using the Lego Movie Maker app. Be sure to check out the library’s website in the following weeks to see pictures and videos of our students using the Makerspace.

Many thanks to Mary Abreau and our PTO that has funded and supported the library’s Makerspace!


Kindergarten children made Pete The Cats with Ms. Dmitruk!

Grade one students are learning about 80s graffiti artist, Keith Haring.  They traced pipe cleaners to make his figures.  Please allow your child to check out his site for children: www.haringkids.com.

Grade 2 students are also learning about Keith Haring. We are having discussions about his life and beliefs.  Keith was a champion for human rights groups like Amnesty International, believing that everyone deserved to be treated equally and with kindness.

The third graders are beginning to talk about PEACE.  We used contact paper and watercolors to create an analogous painting that creates a harmonious mood.  We will finish it with words that symbolize what peace means to us.

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR STUDENT TEACHER, MS. DMITRUK!  May 12 is her last day, as she will be graduating from college on the 13th.  Good luck!


K: The K children worked on perfecting their Irish Folk Dance this week.

1st: The 1st grade children learned the song Ickle Ockle this week. They played unpitched percussion instruments to  various rhythm patterns and played a passing game to the beat.

2nd: The second grade children were assessed this week and did a fantastic job with their rhythms!

3rd: The third graders were assessed on the recorder playing their final test, Hot Cross Buns. Great job!

Physical  Education:

Thank you to everyone who has decided to volunteer for Field Day this year!  We have reached the required number of volunteers that this event will need.  If you would still like to volunteer, I can add you to the backup list, in case individuals are not able to assist.  I look forward to making this a memorable event for all the children!  Thanks Again!

All grade levels will continue with their yearly fitness testing this week.   Students have worked on numerous stretches, exercises, and fitness stations throughout the year, which should prepare them for this testing. At the end of the testing, students will receive a paper with all of their fitness testing scores.

Grades 1-3: This week, students will finish Push Ups (to test upper body strength). By the end of the week, students will move onto the Mile Run (to test endurance). Please make sure students wear their sneakers so that they can take part in this test!  

Kindergarten:  Students will be introduced to a different fitness test each week. Students will get a chance to try each test, however data will not be recorded. 

A gentle reminder that Assawompset is a Peanut Safe school. Children may not bring in nuts or products that are made with nuts. 

This includes: peanuts, all tree nuts and products like Nutella.

Products like Sunbutter are safe alternatives and are allowed at AES. If you do send a Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) product it would be helpful if you include a note in your child’s lunch stating so.

                                   Clorox Wipes

Education is messy business, and we could use your help cleaning up!

If you would like to donate a container or two, please send it to your child’s teacher.

Thank you in advance!


Lifetouch Spring Pictures: Spring picture make-ups will be offered at the Lifetouch office in Lakeville on June 7th between 3-6:30 PM. Please call them for an appointment @ 508.946.0777

Lifetouch is offering us a free bicycle to raffle off if we have 100% of all students either return the pictures they are not buying or purchase all or part of the package. If we reach our goal, every students’ name will be entered into the raffle and we will draw the name on field day...but first we need you to do your part.

                    We are at 70% !!

Keep sending back your packets or placing an order, either way it helps us to meet our goal.

Grade 3 MCAS Prep:      April 5, 12, 26, May 3,11*, 17 (* Wednesday)


Grade 3 MCAS dates:  ELA- April 6 and 7Math-May 18 and 19

Parents please be mindful about making every effort to have students present on those days. We do have a few make up days set aside for illness but our window for administering this assessment is limited.



Students in grade 3 are required to have an updated physical examination form for their record.  I will be sending home a reminder to all grade three students who are in need of a current form.  

Warmer weather is on the way, please send your child with a water bottle to help them remain hydrated during the school day.  

Have a healthy week!

Freetown Elementary
Bingo for Books: This event was an incredible success! Families had a wonderful time and students were thrilled to win a book and in some cases, a bookmark to go with it! The Bingo for Books Committee did an exceptional job in planning this successful night and deserve many, many thanks for their efforts!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you to the entire staff for their hard work and dedication on behalf of the students of Freetown Elementary School. We appreciate all you do each and every day!

Classroom and Teacher News:

Preschool: This week the preschoolers worked hard on secrets and surprises for Mother’s Day.  We talked about planting and had the chance to watch our seeds start to grow into flowers. We have also been observing our caterpillars and they are getting bigger and bigger. On Tuesday, the morning classes had a special presentation by Big Ryan the Storyteller. The preschoolers had a great time with his silly stories, songs and puppet friends. The preschoolers were a great audience and were laughing and participating in Big Ryan’s stories. This program was sponsored by the PTO. We attended the book fair and the preschoolers were delighted to have a buy one, get one program. We introduced a new letter and talked about things associated with that letter.  It was a fun, busy week.

Kindergarten: This week the students focused on informational writing, correct punctuation at the end of sentences, and sight words. The students discussed ways transportation can help in emergency situations and used their amazing words in sentences. In math, the students worked on sorting, classifying and grouping objects. The students continue to observe the classroom caterpillars and Mrs. Vigers’ classroom eggs.

Grade 1: In reading, we discussed how stories can be treasures. We introduced the vowel digraph “ea” and changing the “y” to “i” and add the endings. In math, we worked on sorting, counting and graphing. In writing, we are working on Mother’s Day projects and poems. Lastly, in science, we are continued to observe and study plants and their parts.

Grade 2:  In reading this week, the students learned about how a petition can be presented at a town/city level to bring about changes in a community. The skills were as follows: phonics skill was prefixes; comprehension skill was cause and effect; fluency skills were accuracy and appropriate rate. In math, our lessons on geometry continued with Lesson 27, which is preparing the students for fractions. In writing, we worked on students formulating and discussing their own opinions on various topics to prepare them for writing/supporting an opinion on a particular topic.

Grade 3: This week we will be reading “Rocks in His Head” and reviewing the skill fact and opinion. We will be starting our geometry unit in math. The battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill will be studied this week. In writing, we will be writing from the perspective of the colonists and British soldiers.


Music:  Kindergarten studentsenjoyed meeting our musical cat, Chewy, to practice singing voice in a fun way. We also began to learn one of our favorite rhyming songs “Down By the Bay”. First Graders are beginning the process of creating their own lyrics for “Down By the Bay”, they are enjoying the process of following a general song structure to fit in their own lyrics while maintaining the song’s rhythm and pitch.  Second Graders took part in their final rhythm assessment. Their growth has been tremendous in the area of rhythm composition, dictation and identification. Third Graders began their recorder composition projects. Using their knowledge of rhythm, pitch, notation, composition and technique learned over the past four years, they are synthesizing their skills to create their own pieces of written music! The results are impressive. All final compositions will be displayed in the auditorium for the chorus concert.   

Art:   Kindergarten students finished their alphabet crayon resists. All other grades selected work for the upcoming art show!

Physical Education: Kindergarten students learned the locomotor skill of hopping and started to learn how to play hopscotch. All other students continued with the Presidential Fitness Assessment.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - PTO Meeting at 7:00

Wednesday and Thursday, May 18 & 19, 2016  - MCAS Mathematics (Grade 3)

Thursday, May 19, 2016 - Art Show from 6:30 - 7:30

Friday, May 20, 2016 - Freetown Family Night at Fenway Park at 7:05