Raise the Bar

The Freetown-Lakeville Regional School District FY 17 Budget will be presented in a public hearing on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Apponequet Regional High School library. The school committee and administration are working hard to restore staffing positions, address class size numbers, and to continue initiatives in the following areas: technology, instructional materials, security, and capital projects.  This commitment must be balanced with the fiscal parameters established by both towns. We will continue to work on a fiscally responsible budget that provides staff support and the necessary resources for all our children.        

The Freetown-Lakeville Regional School Committee approved the 2016-17 school year calendar at their February 24, 2016 meeting.  The school year will start for staff on August 31, 2016 and for students on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.  Please review this advanced look for vacation plans for next year.   In addition, the school committee released the Assawompset Existing Conditions Report with the first meeting of the AES Facility Study Sub-Committee established for next Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Assawompset Elementary School.

The FLRSD voted to remain a School Choice District for the 2016-17 school year, but did identify grades 4, 6, 9, and 10 as the only grades to accept new students with a total of 16 slots open. The district currently has 43 school choice students attending the five regional schools.  All pertinent information on this topic including all forms may be found on our website www.freelake.org    

Our next school committee meeting will be Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at Apponequet Regional High School beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Our last day of school is currently, Wednesday, June 22, 2016, that leaves us with only 60 school days for this academic year.   I appreciate your support for all our schools and I look forward to our continued drive toward excellence.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call at 508-923-2000 ext. 1703 or e-mail me at rmedeiros@freelake.org.

“The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark” – Artist - Michelangelo      

Greetings from Laker Nation
Apponequet Regional High School

The third “Quarter 3 Grade Update” is Friday, March 18, 2016.  Quarter 3 closes on April 1, 2016 and will be posted on April 8, 2016.

ELA MCAS is upon us!  All grade 10 students will engage in the ELA MCAS on March 22-24th.  Students taking the exam will attend a pre-exam presentation on March 21st and are reminded that breakfast will be served on exam days.

At the J.A. Titan Challenge this past week, ARHS’s Cameron Patrick, Chase Rogers, and Mason Marag took second place!  As a result, each has earned a $750.00 scholarship.  Great job!

Ms. Lima and the ARHS Art Department are pleased to invite you to follow their great works on Instagram. The user name is:  arhs_arts_n_stuff

Way to go ARHS Student Council!  12 ARHS Student Council Members, as well as Mr. Powers and Mrs. Emery, attended Massachusetts Association of Student Councils Annual Conference in Hyannis.  At the Conference, ARHS’s Student Council received a Silver Council of Excellence distinction!  A special shout out to Kaiden Swainamer who ran a great campaign for State Council Secretary.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the South Shore History Day competition!  A special congratulations goes to the following students who will be advancing to the Massachusetts History Day State Finals:  First Place - Senior Group Website:  Cameron Patrick, Chase Rogers, Mason Marag and Matt Lewis,

Second Place - Senior Group Exhibit:  Leilah Johnson and Chloe Owen, and Third Place - Senior Individual Exhibit:  Elizabeth Lownds.

The Laker winter athletic season has finally come to end as the Boys’ Basketball team made an exciting run through the Division 3 South MIAA tournament. The Lakers had exciting wins over Martha's Vineyard, defending state champion Old Rochester, and this years #1 seed Rockland. Our school community of students, staff, alumni and community members displayed outstanding support and energy for our team!  Unfortunately the Lakers lost in the Division 3 South Final, but not before advancing further than any Laker Boys’ Basketball team in school history!

To quote Coach Cabucio, “It was a great day to be a Laker!”

DECA! DECA! DECA! Congratulations to all the DECA students who attended the DECA State Conference last week. Patrick Stanton earned a second place trophy.

Kelly Emerson, Abigail Keith, Sydney Abbott, Maddie Jones, Devan McNeill and  Cameron Patrick earned Top 10 finishes. Receiving Medals for top three finishes in various test categories:  Alexis Sullivan, Brittany Tainsh, Sydney Abbott, Maddie Jones, Devan McNeill, Cameron Patrick, Lexi Barboza and Patrick Stanton.  Lexi Barboza and Carley Byers received a scholarship from FIDM. Morgan Hays, Ben Kitchen and Brendan Maher received an award for finishing first in the Virtual Business Personal Finance Challenge.

The math team finished the season by placing fourth of eight in the regional playoffs. This ranked ARHS seventh of fifteen overall in the Southeastern Massachusetts Conference Math League. Senior Garrett Martin was the top scorer for Apponequet, followed closely by junior Zak Ganhadeiro. Congratulations to all math team members for a very fun and successful year!

The ARHS Guidance Department reports that 75% of our Class of 2016 members have applied to 1 or more four year colleges.  BCC-on-the-spot admissions day, for students interested in attending a two year college, is scheduled for March 17, 2016. Please contact Mrs. Fontaine at ext. 1155 should you have any questions.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, ARHS faculty and staff held 287 conferences at our Spring Parent/Guardian Night.  Thanks to all those in attendance.  If you were unable to attend and you have questions about your student’s progress, please contact your student’s teachers via email, phone or through the Guidance Department.

Our Spring athletic season is only a few weeks away.  All student-athletes are encouraged to complete the online athletic registration prior to Friday, March 18th to ensure participation on Monday, March 21st. Access to this site is available through the ARHS site or directly through:


Free Math and Biology MCAS tutoring is available.  Students in grades 9 or 10 seeking assistance with Math MCAS preparation are welcome to attend on Mondays, from 1:53 - 2:53 pm, in Room 111.  Students in grade 9 seeking assistance with Biology MCAS preparation are welcome to attend on Thursdays, from 1:53 - 2:53 pm, in Room 132.  If you have any questions, please contact your Guidance Counselor at (508) 947-2660.  


B. Starkie, Ed.D.

Hello families, we postponed the March 15 technology/app presentation until the fall due to a few conflicts in scheduling. At this time, we have one fun event remaining.  Paint night will be held on April 12 at 6pm.  Place TBD.  All are welcome to attend. The cost is $15 per painter.  To reserve your spot please email ndeterra@hotmail.com.  This is to get a rough idea on the number of attendees and to reserve a space.

Our next meeting is April 13 at 6pm at ARHS in the library.  We look forward to meeting new faces and welcome your questions/thoughts about anything concerning special education.

Hello families, we postponed the March 15 technology/app presentation until the fall due to a few conflicts in scheduling. At this time, we have one fun event remaining.  Paint night will be held on April 12 at 6pm.  Place TBD.  All are welcome to attend. The cost is $15 per painter.  To reserve your spot please email ndeterra@hotmail.com.  This is to get a rough idea on the number of attendees and to reserve a space.

Our next meeting is April 13 at 6pm at ARHS in the library.  We look forward to meeting new faces and welcome your questions/thoughts about anything concerning special education.


Freetown-Lakeville Middle School
Reflection on Trip to Gifts to Give:

Submitted by:  The 7th Grade Friends of Rachel Leaders

The 7th grade Friends of Rachel group had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Gifts to Give on March 15th. Friends of Rachel’s mission is to spread kindness and positivity in honor of Rachel Scott. The group believed going and volunteering at Gifts to Give would be a great opportunity to spread joy not just in our school but in our community. Gifts to Give is a non-profit organization which collects a variety of items to help kids ages birth-21 who live in poverty or who need help. Our school collected items such as books, clothes, toys and games to donate. We wanted to share with you our wonderful experience, hoping you have the time to volunteer and give to our community as we did.

When arriving, we were greeted by the Gifts to Give volunteer Kathy in a very colorful, and kid-friendly environment. Our group was astonished by how many donations they receive and how well the items are organized. Guided by Kathy, we took a tour around the building, which we like to call “Wonderland” because of all the bright and bold colors that seemed to be jumping out at us. Afterwards, we split up into groups and were each given a specific task on which to work.The jobs differed from group to group. Some of the jobs included washing the donated dishes, sorting the clothes and toys, and cleaning shoes and purses.

We, the leaders of the Friends of Rachel group, believe the field trip was a heartwarming experience and one that we will treasure forever. Knowing that only three hours of our time could change someone’s life for the better, really inspired us to a.) work as hard as we could and b.) shows us that we can really make a change in someone’s life.

We thank Gifts to Give for this amazing opportunity and hope we can go back soon.

Rubik’s Cube Event:

Students from schools across New England will be coming here to do team-solves of 25 Rubik's Cubes, along with individual-solves using both the traditional 3x3 Rubik's Cube, and the smaller 2x2 Rubik's Cubes. More information about this tournament will come at a later date, but mark your calendars for June 11th!

The Yearbook Club:

We have been working very hard since October, and the 2015-2016 edition is almost complete! We are always looking for more pictures, however. Anyone wishing to submit candid photos to be considered for publication can do so by uploading them to this website: https://images.jostens.com/403013609 before April 1st.

(Note: You will have to enter a name and a grade. If there are multiple people, you can simply add one name).

Shakespeare at FLMS:

Last Thursday, our 8th graders were treated to a live performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The performance came as a culminating activity at the end of a month-long study of the play. Students enjoyed both the performance and the question-and-answer session with the actors that followed.

George R. Austin Intermediate School
Think spring!

This has been a great week here at GRAIS.  We started student class and spring pictures on Monday. It’s always so nice to see the students glowing in their spring attire.  Term 2 grades closed on Wednesday, and hard copies of report cards will be sent home on Wednesday, March 23rd for parent signatures as well as being posted to PlusPortals. We have been continuing the PBIS incentive system where a drawing is held every week during lunch time for students where they get to chose from four incentives!  The GRAIS Kid’s Cabinet met last Friday and discussed several ideas related to the following topics:

Getting community involved in school

Switching up lunches to all students to see peers they don’t usually see

After school clubs

Survivor day ideas

PBIS incentives

We will continue to meet regularly and each time a change takes place due to the Kid’s Cabinet, we will provide a brief synopsis here.  In regards to “Getting the Community Involved,” the Kid’s Cabinet will be assisting in the hosting of a Senior Breakfast to take place in the spring.  Look for more information to follow.  

Our next school council meeting will be held on Monday, March 21st at @ 2:30.

The next PTO meeting will be held Monday, March 21 at 7:00 in the GRAIS cafeteria.  We welcome any and all new participation to the meeting as we will be discussing the remainder of the events for the year.  



with Math and Literature

Fabulous K- 5 Family Fun!

Come and share stories from around the world and

play games from many regions of the globe.

Date and Time: March 31, 6:00- 7:30 PM

Location: Austin Intermediate School

Contests and Prizes!


Please RSVP by March 21st with this link:


The dates for testing in the spring are outlined on our website and are below:

The dates for MCAS testing are:

April 5 & 6, 2016 - 4th Grade ELA

April 7 & 8, 2016 - 5th Grade ELA

May 10 & 11, 2016 - 5th Grade Math

May 12 & 13, 2016 - 4th Grade Math

May 17 & 18, 2016 - 5th Grade Science & Technology


4th Grade ELA & Social Studies:

This week our 4th graders will be reading the TALL TALE, Paul Bunyan. A tall tale is a humorous story with characters who have superhuman abilities. Be sure to ask your 4th grader why the Great Lakes were formed or where "bee-squitoes" came from. Most of the students thoroughly enjoyed this classic tale.  We are also working on making generalizations and being able to identify them in a text. This is a tricky skill and often causes 4th graders some confusion. It would be helpful if you talked about generalizing when reading various texts with your 4th grader.  

Our study of our country continues in all clasrooms. We are learning about the regions and discovering the various products and natural resources that come from them, as well as the culture and climate of each.

4th Grade Math & Science:

Fourth grade math students are busy getting ready for a test on long division.  In addition, they are starting a unit on geometry, learning about lines, rays, line segments, and angles.  In science they are studying about how animals adapt to their environment.

5th Grade ELA:

This week in 5th grade ELA the students are working hard to begin structuring their opinion writing pieces.  They are gathering evidence and support for their opinions, as well as considering potential benefits so that they can formulate a well written piece.

The students have also begun considering how paleontologists can help people understand the past as they read the biography, The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley.  The focus will be on understanding the difference between fact and opinion and how they relates to our own observations.  Through the students reading and writing this week they will be identifying ways statements of opinion can be clarified and and qualified

.5th Grade Math:

Fifth grade math is continuing to work on its Operations and Algebra Unit this week. Students are learning how to graph numbers on a coordinate plane. The first number in the ordered pair (x-coordinate) tells how many to go across and the second number (y-coordinate) tells how many to go up (or down). Students can remember this because you have to move a ladder over before you climb up it. Students might graph points to create shapes that they could then name and find the perimeter or area of. Students also might graph results from equations or data from a table to help them look for patterns and answer questions.


March 16, 2016 - Grades Close


March 21, 2016 - School Council @ 2:30

March 23, 2016 - Report Cards Posted to PlusPortals and Hard Copy sent home for signature

March 25, 2016 - Good Friday - NO SCHOOL - BUILDING CLOSED

March 31, 2016 - WORLD WONDERS  6:00- 7:30 PM at GRAIS

Assawompset Elementary School
Dear Assawompset Families,

The 17th annual ARTAPALOOZA was held on Saturday, March 5.  Our theme was MEXICO!  A fun time was had by all.  Thank you to the student and parent volunteers who help this event happen  each year.


Lockdown Drill: Today students and staff will participate in one of our emergency protocol drills. So far this year we have completed all but one of our fire drills; we have completed the different versions of Shelter in Place and Evacuations. Today’s drill is a Lockdown. Teachers and staff practice securing their classroom or work area. Teachers review the this with students beforehand and conduct their own practice before the drill..

AES Facilities Committee: This new committee was created

out of a school committee initiative and will explore the current conditions of the our school based on a new report. The AES Existing Conditions Report was made public at the last school committee meeting and can be found in our Activity Files folder. The first meeting of this committee will take place at AES on March 22 at 7:00 PM and is open to the public.

Kndergarten Registration:

Completed packets should be dropped off at the AES main office March 14, 15 and 16 between the the hours of 10 a.m. - 12 p.m and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

This week’s flyers:

Senior Breakfast at AES

Math and Literacy Night

AES Existing Conditions Report (index area of the Activity Files)

Please click on the March ACTIVITY FLYERS to access this week’s flyers.

All present and past flyers can be downloaded at the bottom of the Assawompset webpage under ACTIVITY FLYERS or by using the link above.



with Math and Literature

Fabulous K- 5 Family Fun!

Come and share stories from around the world and

play games from many regions of the globe.

Date and Time: March 31, 6:00- 7:30 PM

Location: Austin Intermediate School

Contests and Prizes!


Please RSVP by March 21st with this link:


Classroom Chatter


This week our lucky little leprechauns are focusing on the letter Ll and our story, My Lucky Day by Keiko Kosza. Was it the fox’s lucky day when the pig showed up at his door or did it end up being the pig’s lucky day after all? This week we also began a four week unit of instruction in the area of teen numbers. We practiced the understanding that numbers from 11-19 are made from a group of ten and some extra ones.

Check out this catchy teen number song by Harry Kindergarten https://youtu.be/uedvwH6Ay18

Grade One:

This week we learned more about animals as they grow and change.  Our main reading selection focused on mice.  We learned that baby mice do not have fur when they are born and they also can not see.  Our phonics and spelling skill was words with the ending -es.  In addition, we enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Grade Two:

This week the second grade students celebrated St. Patrick’s day with crafts and other activities. Also, the students read an expository text titled Soil as they practiced the “Questioning” reading strategy.  They also learned that good readers ask themselves questions and look for the answers as they read.  In science, the second graders continued to explore a variety of habits.

Grade Three:

This week grade three students reviewed the skills from the third unit of Reading Street.  Students worked on various units of measurement in mathematics.  This included concepts such as time/elapsed time, liquid volume and mass.   Students will start their next science unit on electricity and magnetism next week as well!  The students are excited to do more hands on learning in science!


The Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success thanks to everyone in our school community!  Also, many thanks to all of our parent volunteers who spent countless of hours helping our students during our preview days and purchase days.  Your help is fully appreciated!  Last but not least, I’d like to thank my co-chairs Mary Abreau and Tami Frias. The love and dedication that both of you have for our students and school is unsurpassable!


Kindergarten children are continuing their study of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. Ms. Dmitruk is showing them how to use cut paper to make “Kandinsky circles” to decorate trees.

Grade one students are learning about Picasso’s cubism with help from Ms. Dmitruk and Mr. Potato Head toys. They will be making potato collages of Mr. Potato Head’s features, but rearranging them to look as if Picasso made them.

Grade 2 students have been asked to bring in a favorite stuffed animal to draw.  We are learning how to draw what we SEE.  Even though this is frustrating, the children are doing a wonderful job learning about observation.

The third graders are beginning a project they have been anticipating since their first days at AES; THEIR TILES!!!  This has been an Assawompset tradition since 2004.  Each third grader designs a tile of his/her own, and it hangs in our halls.  It represents how part of them will always be here, as hopefully our school will always be in their hearts.


K: The K children learned a fun St. Patrick’s Day song about a leprechaun! We also saved a little time to play Shamrock tic-tac-toe reviewing all of their rhythms.

1st: Congratulations to the 1st grade children! You did a stellar job on your Grandparents’ Day performance last week!!

2nd: The second grade children were introduced to the next song for their performance in April. Each class has been working on a special surprise for the show! We can’t wait to share it with all of you!

3rd: The third graders completed working in small groups, each composing a piece of music using “puffy-ball monster eyes” and performed them on un-pitched percussion instruments. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Physical  Education:

All grade levels will finish their Basketball Skills Unit this week.  

By the end of the week, students will begin their annual “Physical Fitness Testing Unit.”  This Unit is based upon the National Presidential Fitness Testing Guidelines.  Students have worked on numerous stretches, exercises, and fitness stations throughout the year, which should prepare them for this testing.

Grades 1-3: Each week, students will participate in a different fitness test. The testing I do is based upon “The National Presidential Fitness Testing” guidelines.  The six different fitness test that students will be participate in, include: 1) push-ups, 2) curl-ups, 3) shuttle run, 4) sit and reach, 5) broad jump, 6) mile run.  At the end of the six week testing, each student will be given a copy of their results to take home.  

Kindergarten:  Students will be introduced to a different fitness test each week.  Students will get a chance to try each test, however data will not be recorded.


A gentle reminder that Assawompset is a Peanut Safe school. Children may not bring in nuts or products that are made with nuts.

This includes: peanuts, all tree nuts and products like Nutella.

Products like Sunbutter are safe alternatives and are allowed at AES. If you do send a Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) product it would be helpful if you include a note in your child’s lunch stating so.


Grade 3 MCAS dates:

ELA- April 6 and 7Math-May 18 and 19

Parents please be mindful about making every effort to have students present on those days. We do have a few make up days set aside for illness but our window for administering this assessment is limited.

Greetings from Freetown Elementary!
FES Chorus: Congratulations to the FES Grade 3 Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Carissa Sugar for their fabulous performance of “Best Day of My Life” at the Providence Bruins hockey game on Sunday.

Family Math Night: Many thanks to Mrs. Jo-Ann Brierley, Mrs. Lisa Cloutier, Mrs. Kristi Falzone, Mrs. Amy Levesque and Mrs. Erin Steele for presenting an interactive experience to our third grade families! Thank you also to the Grade 3 students and parents who came out Wednesday night and participated in geometry, fractions, patterns, graphs and number sense stations.  

Spring Family Fun Day: The Apponequet Class of 2017 is sponsoring a Spring Family Fun Day on Saturday, March 19, 2017 from 9:30 - 11:30 in the ARHS Cafeteria. The cost is $5.00 per family and includes a cold breakfast, egg hunt, arts and crafts and a visit with the Easter Bunny. There will also be raffle baskets ($2.00 per ticket or $8.00 for 5 tickets). Pictures with the Easter Bunny may be taken for $1.00. Please contact vdaluz@freelake.org or jmotta@freelake.org with any questions.

World Wonders Night: World Wonders is scheduled for March 31. Please remember to RSVP through the link provided in the OneCallNow correspondence sent on March 1.

Cookie Dough and Pies: Thank you for participating in the PTO’s cookie dough and pie fundraiser. Orders can be picked up on MOnday, March 21, 2016 from 4:00 - 7:00 at the Memorial Drive entrance. Unfortunately, we are unable to send orders home with students as the delivery is not expected until 3:30 in the afternoon. FES does not have storage to keep items overnight. Please be sure to pick up your child’s order between the designated times and contact the PTO at freetownpto@gmail.com with any questions.

Report Cards: Reports cards will be distributed to students in Grades 1 - 3 on Thursday, March 24.

Spring Photos: Class and individual spring photos will be taken on Monday, March 28. Class photos must be purchased in advance. Individual photos may be purchased once received.

MCAS Testing: Grade 3 students will be taking the Reading Comprehension portion of MCAS on Wednesday and Thursday, April 6 and 7, 2016. Please be sure your child is present for each day of testing and arrives on time. It is our goal to begin the assessment following morning announcements.

Spring Fling: The FES PTO is sponsoring its annual Spring Fling on Friday, April 8, 2016 from 6:00 - 8:00. The cost is $10.00 per family.

Bingo for Books: Freetown Elementary School will be hosting a BIngo for Books event for FES families on Monday, May 2 from 6:00 - 7:00. Please mark your calendar. Details will follow soon.

Fox Festival: The second annual Freetown Fox Festival has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 21. An email was sent to all families about this event earlier in the week. Any parent interested in volunteering for this event in any capacity must have a cleared CORI and fingerprints on file with the FLRSD. There is still time to get this done if you have not done so already, but please do not wait much longer. We do not want there to be any disappointed students or parents!

Classroom and Teacher News:

Preschool: We talked about leprechauns, shamrocks and rainbows. We read some Irish folktales by Tomie dePaola, another famous author and had fun with rainbows. We completed graphing activities, a sink and float activity and made predictions. On Thursday, the leprechaun visited our classrooms and left treats for all the preschoolers.

Kindergarten: This week we read My Lucky Day and discussed our lucky adventures. We continued to work on opinion writing and teen numbers in math. We did some St. Patrick’s Day science experiments as well. The students had some excellent leprechaun traps, but unfortunately we didn’t catch the leprechaun! There’s always next year!

Grade 1: This week in first grade, we read The Class Pet and discussed how animals grow and change.  We introduced -or, -ore words, verbs ending in “es” and plural words ending in “es”.The students also learned the difference between a fact and an opinion. In math, we are learning how to add ten to any number. In writing, we are working on opinion writing. Lastly, in science, we have begun our unit on changes/life cycles.

Grade 2:  In reading this week,the theme is how changes can sometimes be difficult. In particular, the students discussed the difficulties presented by moving to a new home, new school and new country. The skills were as follows: phonics was various syllable patterns/open and closed syllables; comprehension was identifying plot and theme in a text; fluency was expression. In mathematics, we continued our discussion on methods of data collection using bar and picture graphs. In writing/social studies, we continued to work on research skills using the animals found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Grade 3: This week we will be starting our extended text “Charlotte’s Web.” We will also be taking the Reading Street Benchmark Test. In science, we will be starting our unit on Life Cycles. Mass and volume will be discussed in math. We are also continuing our informative article in Writer’s Workshop.  

Room 101: Room 101 has the exciting results of our survey about favorite flavors of ice cream. Drum roll please….  Chocolate was the overwhelming favorite with 23 votes! Coffee came in second with 11 votes. Vanilla came in third with 10 votes, and strawberry came in fourth with 9 votes. Thanks you to everyone who had the chance to vote especially the students in the READ’s program and the students in the South Coast classroom. Be on the lookout for our next question coming soon!


Music: Kindergarten students had a singing voice assessment this week to the song “Are You Happy?” They also explored some Irish tunes featuring the bagpipes. They were very happy to finally learn the song “Rattlin’ Bog” which is an Irish folk song and FES favorite! 1st Graders explored macro and micro steady beats using the instrument claves. They were excited to learn about celtic music and listen to it as we moved and played our instruments. 2nd Graders had the special treat of experiencing a bagpipe band through the power of technology! We explored the history of the bagpipe and study the other instruments that are paired with them in celtic music. We then replicated a “St. Patrick’s Day Parade” performance by keeping the macro beat on a bass drum and marching while maintaining a steady tempo. 3rd Graders after receiving the feedback for our tempo and dynamic assessment, it was evident that we needed to spend more time studying the musical terms. After a variety of activities, we are more confident in our progress toward “owning” these very important music words! The 3rd Grade Chorus made FES super proud as they performed at the Providence Bruins Game this weekend! Fun was had by all as the chorus performed “Best Day of My Life” and then enjoyed the game with dancing and cheering. Way to go FES Chorus!!

Art:  Kindergarten students created beautiful marble paintings. We discussed how using different tools to apply paint creates different effects. Grades 1-3 started their art for the school-wide Display My Art fundraiser. Grade 1 is tracing their hand and adding colorful patterns. Grade 2 looked at the work of artist Romero Britto and chose a simple subject to draw and add colorful patterns to. Grade 3 students are creating crazy hair self portraits. Look for upcoming details about this fundraiser.

Physical Education:

Student continued learning and practicing basketball skills. Second and Third graders practiced dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Kindergarten and First grade students reviewed dribbling, and learned how to shoot the basketball.

Important Dates:

Monday, March 21, 2016 - Cookie Dough and Pie Distribution from 4:00 - 7:00 Thursday, March 24, 2016 - Report Cards Distributed - Grades 1, 2 and 3

Friday, March 25, 2016 - No School - Good Friday

Monday, March 28, 2016 - Spring Portraits and Class Pictures

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - World Wonders Night at FLMS

Wednesday and Thursday, April 6 & 7, 2016 - MCAS Reading (Grade 3)

Friday, April 8, 2016 - Spring Fling from 6:00 - 8:00

Wednesday, April 12, 2016 - PTO Meeting at 7:00

Monday, May 2, 2016 - Bingo for Books at 6:00

Thursday, May 5, 2016 - Grade 3 Parent Night at GRAIS (Details coming soon)

Wednesday and Thursday, May 18 & 19, 2016  - MCAS Mathematics (Grade 3)

Friday, May 20, 2016 - Freetown Family Night at Fenway Park at 7:05