Raise the Bar

Congratulations to our ARHS Class of 2018 ! We are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best in all future endeavors. We have only 10 school days remaining for this academic year. Our last school day is Friday, June 22, 2018.

Here is the entire Class of 2018 from ARHS:

Jillian Ruth Alvilhiera

Meaghan Carol Frates

Christopher Richard Paquette

Madison Breton Amirault

Jacob Roger Gagnier

Nicole Elizabeth Paquin

Evan Damaso Andrade

Leah Bourgeois Gendron

Chase Gregory Parenteau

Maegan Marie Atkinson

Alison Lynn Girard

Cameron Daniel Patrick

Jayson Donald Atwood

Addison Patricia Graham

Zachary Robert Pavao

Eric Azevedo

Makedjah Kiva Hackshaw

Arianna Marie Pelletier

Stephanie Joy Baker

Frankie Marie Harrell

Drew Walier Perkins

Declan James Barach

Daebreon Elise Amir Henry

Lucas Andrew Pimentel

Eliana Fatima Barbosa

Emily Herron

Wyatt Elliott Pinto

Gavin Michael Baril

David Francis Hill

Brendan Antonio Pires

Sean Ford Beatty

Allison Margaret Hodgson

Hannah Lynn Potter

Samuel John Bennett

Damien Stephen Hooper

Daniel Paul Quinn

Hunter Franklyn Berg

Megan Rose Hughes

Nathan David Reed

Travis John Bissel

Kyle Evan Huston

Thomas Rego Jr.

Maggie Ellen Bodwell

Trevor William Janic

Anthony Steven Reppucci

Edward Rodrigo Botello

Lily Marie Jeswald

Ryan Patrick Richard

Michael Stephen Bourgeois

Andrew Jeffrey Johnson

Zachary E. Roberge

Nicole Karen Bouzan

Trevor James Kelliher

Jack Cadigan Roche

Brianna Lynn Boyko

Leanne Elizabeth Kendall

Chase John Rogers

Michaela Delight Brouwer

Sarah Kennedy

Nadia Samia

Amanda Kylie Bryan

Benjamin Grant Kitchen

Chad Edward Santos

Mitchell Ryan Bumpus

Zachary Anibel Klein

Emma Grace Santos

Brianna Lee Burch

Josiah Sage Knowles

Travis Joseph Santos

Jaiden Cameron Butler

Derek John Kroese

Caitlin Skye Sardelis

Benjamin Jerald Cabral

Alexandria Lynne Kyranos

Adam Joseph Schell

Okan Canaran

Abigail Judith Lauzon

Adam David Seablom

Fernando Furtado Cardoso Jr.

Brandon Trung Huy Le

James Patrick Sferrazza

Shannon Carmichael

Halle Michelle Leanues

Alexander Leonard Shani

Marielle Louise Clerc

Olivia Grey Lemieux

Jazmine Ann Marie Shea

Ronald Edward Cloutier Jr.

Matthew Richard Lewis

Madison Brooke Sheehan

Faith Alexandra Coe

Riley Nicole Lind

Julianna Elizabeth Sheridan

Richard James Condon

Noah George Liolios

Cameron Paul Silva

Maggie Regan Congdon

Katie Anne Little

Brittney Drew Simas

Margaret Louise Connolly

Brittany Paige Lopes

Hailee Ann Simmons

Lily Anna Cook

Elizabeth Louise Lownds

Scott Phillip Sisson

Jarrod Ryan Cornell

Colette Jean Macuch

Jacob Tyler Slack

Meaghan Amanda Correia

Brendan James Maher

Breanna Lynn Smith

Meredith Grace Cosgrove

Nicholas Edward Maloof

Jack Patrick Smith

Owen Patrick Cosgrove

Mason Collins Marag

Kyara Rhea Sorelle

Brandon Michael Costa

Kayla Marie Marley

Olivia Marie Sousa

Emily Victoria Couto

Sara Martins

Kaylana Lee Stempka

Allison Patricia Cravinho

Reese Jordan Marvel

Jarod Robert Stevens

Emma Nicole Croke

Laura Rose Mason

Kaiden Mark Swainamer

Evan William Dandrea

Brayden Joshua Massa

Courtney Taylor Swartz

Hannah Rose Darling

Jordyn Millie Maxim

Kaylee Tavares

Brittany Marie DeCastro

Tyler Aleksander McEvoy

Olivia Hope Thrasher

Alyssa Emma DeMoranville

Reis Max Medeiros

Tommy Quoc Huy To

Tate James DeTerra

Stephanie Medeiros

Briana Marie Velazquez

Kaylee Teresa Dollarhide

Alik Armando Medina

Zachary Thomas Vincent

Evan Daniel Donovan

Devon Lawrence Merithew

Abigail Marie Waldron

Carly Elizabeth Dow

Cameron Kevin Miller

Jessica Kimberly Walsh

Kyle Andrew Dunn

Iqra Tahir Mir

Matthew Paul Watkins

Jack Harrison Dupre

Julianne Lyn Monahan

Hannah Rae Webster

Victoria Rose Dupuis

Luke Matthew Motta

Jakob Aaron Wedge

Liam Matthew Fahey

Julia Elizabeth Moura

William Henry Wedge

Cruz Robens Faria

Cameron Donovan Murray

Tayla Jane Westgate

Marcos Andre Felipe

Brannagh Elizabeth O'Donnell

Jack Aaron Whalley

Chelsea Ferreira

Jessica Emily Olivier

Kayleigh Amber Whitehead

Samuel David Ferreira

Francis Joseph Pacheco

Max Anthony Wilensky

Haley Lane Fiaschetti

Paige Elizabeth Pacheco

Garnet Christopher-Aubrey Yeates

Ian Patrick Fickert

Jillian Michelle Page

Isaiah Edward Michael Yeates

Owen Albert Foster

Nichole Marie Pappas

Shaham Khan Zahir


Madeline Anderson Zooleck


Katelyn Majorie Francis


Matthew James Skinner

The end of the school year remains an exciting time, with many opportunities to celebrate your children’s accomplishments. Please be sure to check the individual school calendars for a detailed list of events at each school. In addition, please check the website for scheduling purposes for next school year.

I will continue to use the One-Call Communication System to provide families with  necessary school updates and important district information.  Thank you for your support at both town meetings, our recent success will only continue if we meet our monetary commitment to “Raise the Bar” in both towns. The last school committee meeting for this year will be held, Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

I look forward to our continued drive toward excellence, as we raise the bar for all students.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 508-923-2000 ext. 1703 or email me at rmedeiros@freelake.org.  

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark” - Artist - Michelangelo